Jonathon Porritt, a world-saving hero of mine from the time he first came into the public eye, has had an eventful eclipse week: two near fatal cycling accidents, and a career change.

Born in 1950, this has been the year of his second Saturn Return, and Pluto is coming up to an opposition with his natal Uranus.  But this particular week, as well as the eclipse, transiting Pluto has been exactly square to his North and South Nodes.

He’s a Cancerian Sun sign with a sensitive conjunction of Mars and Neptune, and so I see him as a guardian to Mother Earth.  Traditionally Virgo is associated with green, ecological and environmental issues (and he may have a Virgo ascendant – his birth time is not available).  But his approach has much of his Sun sign of Cancer about it, when focussing on environmental factors in relation to  children.  He himself is a father of two daughters.

“I didn’t really come into environmentalism through a love of nature; I came into environmentalism through looking at what happened to children whose lives were blighted by there being no nature” – he said in relation to his early career as an inner-city teacher.

Of his campaign to restrict population growth, another Cancerian-related issue, he is quoted as saying: “I am unapologetic about asking people to connect up their own responsibility for their total environmental footprint and how they decide to procreate and how many children they think are appropriate.”

This week, he stepped down as government advisor at the Sustainable Development Commission, after 9 years in the post.  He plans to continue working for Forum for the Future, and hopes to have more time for campaigning, for green issues but also for human rights.

His natal North Node (karmic mission) is at the beginning of Aries and to some degree conjunct with the caretaking Moon, depending on his time of birth.  His future plans are in line with this, and the current Pluto square to this conjunction shows a need to break away from his current position where he may have done all that is possible.  I hope that he still holds to sentiments he expressed in 2005: “We have a very strong rule about working with the positive energy in people.  If you work with the positive energy, you will see a faster process of change than if you bludgeon people into doing things.   You need to get connected.”  Next February, he has a Jupiter Return in Pisces, which may bring opportunities to fulfil some of his hopes.