The Nobel Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize is probably the greatest of all the Nobel Prizes.    It encompasses a wide variety of achievements, and in the past some prizes have been contentious.  This year, and this week, it was awarded jointly to Malala Yousafzai and  Kailash Satyarthi.  Malala had been tipped to win last year, but this is her time.  Are there any astrological signatures for this accolade?

Malala Yousafzai

Each time I see Malala speaking on television, my heart opens more to her incredible maturity, and the essence she gives of the divine feminine, and her inner mother.  Her amazing courage in writing a blog initially in defence of the education of girls, then being shot, then surviving the shooting, then speaking out with even more determination for the cause of female education in countries where it is undervalued and discouraged, is all truly amazing.

I first wrote about Malala when she addressed the U.N. in July 2013.  Here were some thoughts:

“Malala is a Cancerian, and though many Cancerians shun the limelight, others become ambassadors for women’s rights, deliberately or unwittingly.

She has the Part of Fortune in 3rd House of communication (a passion for Education), and wrote a blog for the BBC under a pseudonym, about female life under the Taliban with a focus on education for females (3rd House), from age 11.

We do not have a birth time, but it is likely that she has Moon conjunct Mars, warriorship for the female cause, in Libra the sign of Peace.  Mars also trines Uranus, showing immense bravery, in shocking circumstances.

The Sun sextiles the North Node in her chart, giving a karmic mission of the theme of Leadership.  Mercury trines Pluto, making her a deep thinker who looks the truth in the face. Mercury also opposes Uranus exactly, which is controversy in communication, not being afraid to tell the truth no matter what it costs.  With these two aspects to Mercury, she is very strong-minded indeed.  Pluto sextiles Uranus, giving a strong matrix for working in the world.  Jupiter also sextiles Saturn exactly – good balanced judgement: the combination of optimism and realism.

The Moon sextiles Venus – underneath it all, a very loving and gentle person.  At heart, she is working for Peace.  She has been recognized within her own country as holder of the first Youth Peace Prize.  By the time of her attack, she already was a high profile activist for her cause.”

The Award of the Nobel Peace Prize is shown currently in her chart by Jupiter (Awards) transiting exactly by conjunction her natal Venus (Peace).  Her current transits show that it is not an easy time for her right now, though, so the award is a bright spot and recognition for past achievemen, strength of character and her blossoming role in the world.

Kailash Satyarthi

A joint prize implies equal billing, and equal standing, and the achievements of this joint winner are breathtaking.  Kailash Satyarthi is a 60 year old from Delhi, who has sought to remedy the problem of child trafficking and slavery in India throughout his life.

He is quoted in the Observer this morning as saying:

“I am not the most peaceful person and I am angry because of how people can treat children like that.  How they can rob the freedom of human beings and particularly children.”  He goes on to say “There is something wrong in the mindset of people, and we have to change it, sometimes through legal course of action but sometimes through consciousness-raising.”

He is a responsible Sun Sign Capricorn, with a very unusually tight cluster of planets in Capricorn.  Within 8 degrees of that sign, he has Venus, Mercury, the Sun, Chiron and the North Node.  This intensity is all galvanized by an opposition with the humanitarian activist planet of Uranus. He is a Healer, with Chiron as a key planet being closely conjunct his Sun, and his North Node (karmic mission).  I don’t see any obvious comparisons with Malala’s chart.

Uranus is another key planet in his chart (whatever his Ascendant may be – we do not have a birth time) because at this time of the Nobel Peace prize award being announced, transiting  Saturn exactly trines his natal Uranus, which represents his activism and humanitarianism.


Mercury Retrograde

Just a reminder that Mercury Retrograde is still ongoing, and liable to cause misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and Chinese whispers going awry.

I had a case in point last week within a chain of people, whereby information was relayed back to me which was point by point erroneous.  One of the people in the chain was an English teacher from abroad, another was an 86 year old who was hard of hearing.  I myself contributed to the situation by omitting to comment on something.  Fortunately, the fourth person in the chain, an enlightened soul who was aware of Mercury Retrograde, had the presence of mind to contact me and enquire: “Que?!  Are you sure?” and I was able to refute all the points fairly quickly.


This is a week of pleasant aspects.  Today the Sun is still conjunct the North Node, so as I previously said:

“…with the Sun conjunct the North Node in Libra, there may be a sense of karmic fairness, either karmic rewards or just desserts. If you are involved in such a scenario, ask yourself what you have contributed. ”

On Tuesday morning (14th) Venus sextiles Jupiter, which is an aspect of celebration.   If for instance, you are celebrating an anniversary, it could be extra specially romantic.  Love and social benefits are due all along the spectrum, from meeting someone special, to blossoming relationships,  engagements, weddings and anniversaries, plus general party throwing and attending.

On Wednesday (15th) Venus conjuncts the North Node, so there is a recognition of the parts people play for each other in assisting their karmic missions.  Think about the incredible roles some people play in your life, and how you couldn’t have got this far without them!  Something may automatically draw attention to this, but if the cues are too subtle, you may want to thank others in an Oscar-style speech.

The Sun sextiles Mars that morning, and if you are hoping for resolution over problems with cars, men and dogs, there is some positive activity in relation to them on this day.  The wheels may be set in motion on any stuck energy generally.

On the evening of Thursday (16th) the Sun conjuncts Mercury, and there may be time to catch up with your paperwork and documentation (bearing in mind Mercury is still retrograde, so it may not be all plain sailing).  However, it may go deeper than that, because once you have gone through the dry factual work exercise, you may go through to a deeper spiritual insight and experience, and produce some creativity in art or music, with the conjunction being in Libra.  Do the maths, then let yourself relax and go with the creative flow, and you may land up with a more encompassing body of work; music or art to accompany your words, for instance.

In the early hours of Friday (17th) Mercury is sextile Mars, and again the wheels are turning: cars may be going again, bicycles are especially favoured, all motion is zippy.  Minds are alert (that may mean insomnia for some), brain cogs whirring.  Action is also rationalized.

Then on Friday afternoon, Mercury conjuncts Venus, the ideal conjunction for writers, and those who practise café culture.  Time for a trip to your favourite coffee house with a chatty man or woman.  Order your favourite beverage, and set the world to rights.

Not a bad set of aspects, I hope you’ll agree!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – karmic considerations, in a good way
  • Tuesday – celebrations and jubilations
  • Wednesday – romantic possibilities, and free-flowing energy
  • Thursday – concentration
  • Friday – wheels keep on turning, and catch up on conversation