Johann Lamont

The resignation on Friday of the Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont has thrown the Labour Party into greater disarray and into an ever deepening crisis.  As if it were not enough that Ed Miliband cannot find his inner Charismatic Leader, and that UKIP are on the rise and rise, that Alan Johnson will not come back out of retirement to lead the party, the struggle to win a sizeable share of the vote in next year’s general election is intensifying.

Eclipse Crises

The Conservative Party also experienced an acute crisis on Friday, both events being close to the eclipse of Thursday evening in David Cameron’s 1st House.  The UK was faced with a bill  of nearly £2 billion from the European Union, which David Cameron responded to with outrage.  That will have intensified the stance of Eurosceptics, and also played into the hands of UKIP.  For Johann Lamont, the emotional intensity of the eclipse may have been the trigger for her decision to put a spanner into the Labour works.

Johann’s Birth Chart

It is interesting to see how the actions of one person  can have such a crucial outcome.  Johann has an interesting chart, in that apart from being born around a Full Moon (no birth time available) she has no other aspects to her Sun and Moon.  She has three children, and as such has a private life, but I often find that people without such personal aspects find their path through public service.  Added to that, the Sun and Moon do make powerful aspects to the North Node (which is not a planet, but a signifier of karma) and as such this can make her an agent of karma.    Her Sun is trine the North Node (Leadership karma) and her Moon is sextile the North Node (service to the people, but also motherhood).  Chiron is exactly square her Nodal Axis, indicating that it was her destiny to wrench her tribe (the Labour Party) through a healing crisis, exposing the wound.  These factors alone may show how she came to take her role as head of Scottish Labour (since 2011) and came to rebel at its treatment as an outpost of Westminster on Friday.  Whether deliberately or by default, Ed Miliband clearly has responsibility in the circumstances which had built up.  In addition to the eclipse, Mars was firing Johann with a trine to her natal Pluto when she resigned.  She stated: ”There is a danger of Scottish politics being between two sets of dinosaurs…, the Nationalists, who can’t accept they were rejected by the people, and some colleagues at Westminster who think nothing has changed.”  The repercussions of the Scottish referendum continue to loom large.

Ed Miliband

The very Mars transit which empowered Johann to make her stand was squaring Ed Miliband’s own Pluto, making him the victim of the act.  With their natal Plutos in semi-sextile to each other, there would always be the potential for a destructive transit between them.  Her Pluto also exactly squares Miliband’s natal Neptune showing the considerable extent of possible damage.  Johann’s relationship with the UK Labour Party is also difficult and significantly, with her Mars exactly opposing its Mars (literally standing up to it), and her Nodal Axis squaring its Mercury which is exactly conjunct her Chiron  (posing a mental challenge and debate).  Ed Miliband was also this week the subject of an attack (again, Mars square his Pluto) from Tony Blair who declared that Labour would not win next year’s election if he were still leader of the party.  Certainly without the bulk of 41 Scottish seats, Labour would be hamstrung.

In Conclusion

I don’t think I have ever known the Labour Party, let alone UK politics, to be in such a parlous state.  This week’s events have posed the intriguing possibility that Gordon Brown may be resurrected in a leading role as possible leader of the Scottish Labour Party, and meanwhile we have another by-election coming up in Rochester, in which UKIP are threatening to do very well indeed.

Gordon Brown paid tribute to the outgoing leader with the words:

“She brought determination, compassion, and a down-to-earth approach to the leadership and deserves great credit for taking on the challenge after 2011”.


Mars enters Capricorn today, emphasizing political battles, both in the public arena, and in your private life.  Perhaps you are having to challenge someone in authority, or you have a need to change some rules which infringe your liberties.  Shami Chakrabarti, the director of “Liberty” has just published a book on the subject, which is on my wishlist.

Tomorrow (Monday 27th) Venus trines Neptune, bringing compassion and artistic inspiration to the fore.  That’s a lovely start to the working week, spreading love and peace amongst co-workers…for as long as it can hold.  Beginning the week with a “Staff Sensitivity Meeting” would be ideal.

On Tuesday (28th) the mood continues, with the Sun trine Neptune.  Creative outcomes can follow on from the compassionate, sensitive and artistic start to the working week.  Tuesday’s work can become an extension of Monday’s positive and harmonious note.

On Thursday (30th) Mercury conjuncts the North Node, bringing factual and karmic information to our attention.  You may recall that retrograde Mercury was in the same  relation to the North Node last Monday, and  two long-standing karmic situations reached a point of resolution for me that day.  Perhaps if you look back at your diary, you might find something similar.

More good news at lunchtime on Saturday (1st November) with a return of Mercury sextile Jupiter (also featured last Monday).    This occurring in the middle of the day could be prime time for market sellers, budding apprentices, entrepreneurs, or travellers.  This aspect could help you make the most of your weekend.

Two aspects occur in the evening:

Venus sextiles Pluto at 23.09 Hrs forging deep links and relationships, which seem enduring.

Close to midnight, at 23.43 Hrs, Mars sextiles Neptune, which is a sublime energy for late evening activity:  whether having a good night’s sleep, or partying through the night.  Whichever you choose, you’ll be in the flow.

So we got through the week continuing the mellifluous theme from Monday, with three marvellous aspects from Neptune maintaining the dance.  Enjoy!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – political action
  • Tomorrow – mellifluousness
  • Tuesday – creative mellifluousness
  • Thursday – karmic information
  • Saturday – business boosts; deep relationships and magical energy