Today the Mean North Node enters Capricorn, moving backwards from the sign of Aquarius.  If you want to read more, I have a blog posted on 5 July if you can find it.  In the blog I have contrasted the placement of the North Node in Capricorn with the signs either side, saying: “The new karmic requirement as denoted by North Node in Capricorn will be that of acceptance and of working with what is, without frills and flourishes”.  It is also the Mayan New Year and “We are urged to celebrate the Day out of Time, the Day of Point Zero, a day of forgiveness and compassion.”  You may still be working out issues from last week arising out of the eclipse, but today does mark another new beginning if you can cope with another one.  We start the new working week tomorrow Monday (27th) with a trine between Venus and the triple conjunction in Aquarius (Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron).  It is a chance to bring together the harmonies of the triple conjunction, especially if you are conscious in your life of what that represents.  Later in the week, Mercury will bring an opportunity to work with the tensions (we live in a balanced Universe).  So, seizing the opportunity brought by Monday’s Venus trine Jupiter, pop open the champagne and think of something to celebrate.  It’s time to socialize and party.  Might be difficult if you are back at work, but resolve to work hard and play hard.  Do lunch with an old friend, then return to the grindstone refreshed.  Psychologies magazine gave an excellent tip last month, which I have been following.  If you have an afternoon slump at work, drink liquorice tea instead of coffee.  It works for me.  The next leg of the Venus trine is Chiron, and that is specifically concerned with the healing of relationships.  Perhaps you have been nursing wounds and will be able to talk things through.  The third leg of the Venus trine comes on Tuesday (28th) with Neptune.  Paranoias are reassured, and depending on your level of illusion this may be permanent or temporary.  You may be able to access great inspiration in music and art.  Relationships are graced with a sense of spiritual communion.  In the second half of the week, you will have a chance to analyse these sublime experiences and form conclusions about them.  But for now, later on Tuesday (in the evening in the UK) there is a turnaround of mood, a sense of detachment brought by a square of Venus to Uranus.  You may look at the events of the last two days from a different perspective.  Perhaps you wore more of your heart on your sleeve than usual, and feel embarrassed.  But it’s all good stuff and part of the hologram.  If you are the analytical type, you’ll enjoy picking everything apart mentally on Thursday (30th) when Mercury begins its opposition to the triple conjunction.  Just don’t take all the juice out of the experience, unless you are determined to be a complete rationalist.  Mercury first opposes Jupiter, so you’ll be on google finding out if it really was possible that you had a close encounter, or whatever you had.  You will want to know all about it, until you experience information overload.  Then on the same day Mercury opposes Chiron, so you may give yourself a headache with over-analysis.  If so, a spot of meditation could coalesce and reconcile all viewpoints, and bring mental healing.  That may also set you up nicely for Friday’s Mercury opposition with Neptune, which confuses and clouds travel and healing efforts.  If you are travelling to a health-related appointment, set out two hours earlier than planned to compensate for detours, and make sure you ask the right questions when you get there.  Making a list may help to anchor your consciousness.  Finally, on Saturday 1st august Venus takes the spotlight again, entering the sign of Cancer after leaving outgoing but flighty Gemini.  Your domestic cat may act as a barometer of this, having been independent of late, but now settling into becoming a cosy lap cat again.  At the very end of the day (again with UK time – please adjust) Venus opposes Pluto and someone in your circle (it may be you) is saying au revoir and moving onto pastures new.  But it has been an important week for reviewing emotional and mental experiences, especially in relation to some of the bigger things going on in your life (the triple conjunction, and Pluto in Capricorn) so don’t dismiss any important insights you have had in the rush to be so over this week.