Strictly Come Dancing 2014 – Part 3

Alison Hammond did better than I predicted (I thought she would go out early) and left in the middle of the tournament, last week.  I am missing her already.  Anyone could win now except Judy Murray, who has been popular with the viewing public, and very entertaining, but Andy did say she would be rubbish at dancing, and she has been consistently told that she is wooden.   Here are four more contestants to ponder ~ maybe one of them is your favourite!

Pixie Lott

Very much a Capricorn, with Uranus, Neptune, the Sun, Saturn and the North Node in that sign.  The tendency to control (including self-discipline) is further accentuated by Saturn closely conjunct her North Node in Capricorn.  Furthermore, this close conjunction is very tightly trine her natal Mars, so she can put this discipline directly into action and movement.  She also has half her planets (5 out of 10) in Earth signs, so is very grounded, and that must help with the footwork.   Mars is currently conjunct her Neptune, so she may find it difficult to keep her composure, but at the same time may be trying to incorporate new energies and information at a higher level, which could result in some extra genius showing through.  She is doing well in the competition, and will do well, but there are no stand out transits towards the end of the competition, so I do not think she will win, though I will review that nearer the time if appropriate when the exact date of the final is announced.

with Trent Whiddon

Darcy Bussell has said her chemistry with Trent is divine and Craig thinks they make a good partnership.  He is another Earth sign, Virgo, which does give a degree of compatibility.  He is very analytical, with Mercury  conjunct his Sun in Virgo.  There is also a steamy side to him with Venus/Pluto/Moon in Scorpio.  His Mars (movement and energy) in Capricorn mixes nicely with Pixie’s Capricorn planets, particularly her Neptune, the planet of inspiration.  His Sun trines exactly his Mars, so he is himself  a master of movement.  He has an exact T-square between Mercury, Jupiter and Uranus, so can be controversial and exaggerative, sometimes in a fun way.  He may be a bit of a prankster.  Trent currently has a Mars Return exactly trine his natal Sun, so he will be especially fired up this weekend.  He also has two Neptune transits: a square to his natal Saturn, and a trine to his natal Pluto, so it is an important time for him to figure things out spiritually.  At the end of the tournament Neptune will still be trine his Pluto, an important and powerful time for him, but the Nodal Axis will be square his Mars, so  he may have some physical issues.

Frankie Bridge

Frankie Bridge from the Saturdays  has, like Pixie, done very well in the competition, and has a similar background of Capricornian planets: Uranus, Venus, Saturn, Neptune and the Sun, giving her a great solidity.  She has a lucky trine of Jupiter to her Sun, and like Pixie too a Saturnian emphasis to her North Node (karmic mission), but this time Saturn exactly sextile her North Node, which again is disciplined, but perhaps easier to deal with than Pixie’s.  Her current transits support inspired (Neptune sextile her Venus) and energetic (Mars sextile her Pluto) dancing.  The inspiration continues trhough to the end,  joined by the capacity to surprise (Uranus sextile her Mercury) and profound healing (Chiron trine her natal Pluto).  In last night’s show, Pixie had the edge, but Frankie’s transits are better in the long term of the tournament.  The healing power of dance may be important for Frankie, who has battled depression.

with Kevin Clifton

Kevin Clifton made his debut last year, and was a finalist last year with Susanna Reid.  I reported last year that he has “great natural elegance with several planets in Libra”.    There is also great dexterity, with Mercury sextile Uranus.  His chemistry with Frankie is a little more tricky than with Susanna, as her Uranus squares his Mercury, and challenges that dexterity – he has to be even more on the ball.  Her Pluto conjuncts his Jupiter, so there may be a power play between them.  His Saturn squares her Sun, pushing her self-discipline to even further extremes.  Finally, her Mars opposes his Pluto, adding to the tension.  Maybe they are thriving on it, because they are doing exceptionally well.  He has the North Node at the moment sextile his natal Mars, giving him an energetic and active karma.  Chiron trines his Jupiter, providing a type of healing for him, too, through this season.  The karmic benefits and healing hold through to the end of the tournament, so I would expect to see this couple in the final.

Simon Webbe

Simon, a singer from the boyband Blue, struggled to find his dance identity early in the competition, but in recent weeks has found his form and was top of the leaderboard last night.  He has an almost unaspected Sun in his chart, so can take time to integrate the components of a new situation.  But his chart shows great talent for songwriting, with an exact conjunction of Venus and Mercury in Aries, strongly aspected by other planets.  Mars is currently squaring his Pluto, which seems to have galvanized him rather than crushed him – he may be someone who works best under pressure or deadlines.  He does have some supportive transits at the moment as well as that challenge.  At the end of the tournament the main transit is the North Node conjuncting his Pluto in Libra, so there may be a lot of change and reorganization of his life, but that does not look like a winning transit.

With Kristina Rihanoff

With the Sun at the very end of Virgo, Kristina is an exquisite perfectionist.  She has the dexterity aspect of Mercury sextile Uranus, like Kevin Clifton.  She also has the ability to get the best out of her partners, with her Jupiter exactly sextile her Chiron.  Strangely enough, she may also hold the key to Simon being able to negotiate the adverse aspect of Mars squaring his Pluto, as she has Mars square Pluto in her natal chart.  And even more strangely, she has the North Node conjunct Pluto in her chart, so she may be able to help him with that last hurdle of a transit too, towards the end of the competition.  There is no doubt she has been skilled in turning round his fortunes so far.  Her Saturn (discipline) trines exactly his Mercury-Venus conjunction, helping his co-ordination, and possibly supporting his songwriting perhaps when the dancing is over.  She has superb concentration at the moment, with Pluto trine her natal Mercury, but a risk-taking Uranus square her Mars is also around, plus Uranus opposite her Pluto adding more tension and risk.  They both seem to be thriving on tension and risk…!  They certainly, between them, seem to be learning to manage certain difficult aspects, which will stand them in good stead.   By the end of the tournament Kristina will have a lot on her plate psychologically, with Pluto squaring her Pluto, which may refer to her private life, but is not supportive of a win.

Mark Wright

Eager beaver Mark Wright hails from TOWIE (The Only Way is Essex) and also won the title of King of the Jungle in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.  With his Sun Capricorn-side of the Aquarian cusp, he is the third out of today’s sample of four to be Capricorn.  What is more, he has Saturn in aspect to his North Node like the other two, in this case trine his North Node.    So again, a Master of control.  In exact aspect to his North Node (karmic mission) he has a sextile to  Chiron, so problem-solving  in order to achieve the mountain heights is his speciality.  At this time he has Uranus trine his Venus (ingenuity in artforms) and the North Node sextile his Saturn (steady progress).  The artistic ingenuity remains until the end of the tournament, so he will do well, but I don’t think he will take the prize.

With Karen Hauer

Venezuelan Karen Hauer may give Mark an exotic edge in the Latin section, but astrologically she is a no-nonsense Taurus Sun sign.  She has an extremely feminine conjunction of the Moon and Venus in Pisces, the sign of dance, so can transport the viewer to a world of fantasy (I am sure Bruno would say it better!).  The Moon/Venus conjunction trines her North Node (karmic mission) so she has truly found her métier.  She has Mars exactly sextile Uranus, so perhaps can perform tricky contortions, too.    The chemistry between her and Mark is mixed, but with some notable strong sextiles helping along their performance together.  At this stage of the tournament she may not be reaching her potential, with the North Node transiting her Saturn, and Chiron on her Venus, plus some minor help from Mars: she has yet to work certain things out.  She may still be in this process when the tournament ends, but they may continue to work together to iron things out.  They may have something yet to achieve.


After a roller coaster last week, this one looks like a more normal mixed bag, without too much drama.

Today Neptune is stationary, prior to turning direct.  It may have been causing confusion in the House area of your chart it is currently working through, but progress may be made soon in long standing spiritual tasks which the Universe has set for you.

Mercury is sextile Pluto around lunchtime, which again enables progress to be made, in this case around mental blocks to deep understandings.

Venus enters Sagittarius in the early evening, and romantic dreams take on a rosy hue, more open and trusting and less suspicious than the period of Venus transiting Scorpio.  Remember though that rose coloured spectacles do not have an indefinite shelf life.  It is a good time to generally enjoy life though, which is good practice.

Tomorrow (Monday 17th) Mercury is trine Chiron which favours bringing together conventional and alternative medicine and working out an optimum plan to incorporate them both into your lifestyle if necessary.  The mind turns to healing in a constructive way.  Our Light Pod healing group meets tomorrow, and it would seem to be a good day to meditate on healing and transmit healing energy.

On Tuesday (18th) the morning brings a conjunction of the Sun and Saturn, time to focus on serious issues, and possibly make long term plans.

On Thursday (20th) Mars squares the Nodal Axis, so the news may be fraught with stories of warrior karma, from the Middle East or Ukraine.  There may be some group tension below the surface in your own circle, which may be defused by looking at it from a karmic angle.

Venus then squares Neptune, making negotiations tenuous with mistrust (despite Venus being in Sagittarius).  When combined with the karmic angle from Mars, situations could look complex, but some meditation may uncover the spiritual causes and perspective.

There is recovery and greater balance by Friday (21st) when Mars sextiles Mercury around late lunchtime.  Experiences may be digested, and actions taken to move forward.

The Sun enters Sagittarius on Saturday (22nd), boosting the mood of optimism and progress, followed by a New Moon at Noon (-ish) at 0 degrees Sagittarius.  You might see more smiley faces as you go about your business, and people will feel there is more to look forward to, whether it is Christmas preparation or other future activities.  Hope springs eternal on Saturday!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – spiritual progress; mental progress; psychological progress; rose tinted specs on
  • Tomorrow – healing
  • Tuesday – seriousness
  • Thursday – karmic complications and entanglements
  • Friday – pick yourself up, dust yourself down
  • Saturday – hope springs eternal