I don’t swear myself, except when I am quoting someone, so was suitably shocked when David Cameron tried to rough up his Libran reputation this week by using the word “twat” in relation to Twitter.  His exact words were (and I am only quoting) “The trouble with Twitter, the instantness of it – too many twits might make a twat.”  It is not yet known what effect this will have on his political career, but he was later forced to apologise.  He is under heavy pressure at the moment, with Pluto squaring his Ascendant and transiting Saturn conjunct his Pluto.  But these are more long-term transits and the short-term trigger may have been the Sun transiting his Moon, unleashing his true feelings about Twitter.  The opposition of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron to Mercury last week may have prompted him to be a little more adventurous in his use of language.  In his own relationship with Twitter, you find Twitter’s Saturn irksomely squaring exactly his Mercury.  Is Twitter bothered?  Well Twitter is in a bit of bother at the moment as Pluto is exactly squaring its Sun and Uranus exactly squaring its Pluto, but the skirmish with David Cameron is more likely a symptom rather than a cause of its current discomfort.  Today, Mercury moves into Virgo, one of its own signs.  This happens at 23.07 Hrs in the U.K., tea-time in the U.S., and Monday morning breakfast in Australia.  It is a good time to take stock in matters of health and working conditions, and to examine small print.  Before you sleep tonight in the U.K. would be a good time to do your Louise L. Hay affirmation.  Power thought number 213 in her book of 365 Daily Affirmations is: “I listen with love to my body’s messages.  My body is the picture of total health.”   In the U.S. choose organic healthy ingredients for your tea or supper.  I know it has been “proved” this week that organic foods are no healthier than toxic pesticide-ridden foods, but cognitive dissonance tells me to keep choosing organic.  And the same goes for Australian breakfasts, keep spreading the organic Vegemite.  All this setting of standards at the beginning of the week is important, and your efforts will be rewarded tomorrow (Monday 3rd, the same day for Aussies) when Mercury trines Pluto.  You will receive some validation of your instincts around the subject of food and diet, or some important information.  On to the eclipse of Thursday (6th), the third of this summer’s series of eclipses.  My attention was first alerted to the importance of eclipses in 1992 when the eclipses featured strongly in the charts of Prince Charles and the Princess of Wales, and they separated.  The following year Judy Hall published “Astrology of a Prophet?” which is entirely about the effects of eclipses in the rise and fall of David Icke up to that time.  Whilst I am an enemy of superstition, and in my heart subscribe to the idea of eclipses being outmoded and harmless, two of the eclipses of the last year have been momentous within my family horoscope: in health matters, and in bringing about a change of lifestyle, and both necessitating a surrender to what is.  In fact, there is an air of Super Nanny Universe Knows Best about the events they bring.  So I have a healthy respect for eclipses, while trying to maintain calm and equanimity!  Thursday’s Penumbral Lunar Eclipse takes place at 00.55 Hrs in the U.K. at 13 degrees Aquarius.  The effect is felt most strongly if you have a planet or angle of your chart close to that point or in aspect to it.  So moving on to the completion of the week on Saturday (8th) we have a nice sedate Mercury sextile Venus, good for creative writing and tete-a-tetes, twittering if you will…Play it again, David?