Phillip Hughes

Around the time of the Sun-Neptune square last week I heard of several people who passed at a young age in tragic circumstances.  The cricketing accident which took Australian cricketer Phillip Hughes was very much a shock in the public arena, mourned  especially by fans of the game, and his Australian compatriots, but  the death of a young life leaves almost no heart untouched.

To those of a spiritual persuasion, it would look highly likely that this is a karmic event, or in the nature of a Soul Contract.  For the bowler who sent the ball to Phillip Hughes’ very vulnerable neck area, Sean Abbott, the devastation is huge and is likely to affect his entire life.  Cricket is one of the lowest risk sports, so the chances must have been so low, and no one would have anticipated what happened.

I will look briefly at the charts of the two men, and their  synastry and transits, to see what the karmic picture may look like.

Phillip Hughes’ Chart

At the age of 25, Phillip was known as a cheeky chappie, and one who practiced an adventurous style of play.  This very much fits the description of his Sun sign of Sagittarius.  His natal Sun was exactly conjunct Mercury, making him a highly intelligent player. This conjunction was trined by Mars, adding great energy to the enthusiasm.  Mars is often strong and prominent in sports players.

He had a very difficult triple conjunction of Saturn/Uranus/Neptune, common to his peer group, but it is difficult to know how that manifests and in what area of his life, without a birth time.  The death experience may be involved with that conjunction.

His Nodal Axis squares his Sun/Mercury conjunction, and that would indicate that karma played an important role in his life, but also that he was involved with large groups of people in this interaction, such as cricket teams.

He has been described as extremely likeable, and he has a charming eexact sextile between his Venus and Neptune.  But Venus also conjuncts Pluto, and again that potent Pluto effect may have been involved in his untimely death.  Overall though his Venus (sociability) is strongly placed in his chart, being also exactly trine his natal North Node (Karmic mission) and trine his Chiron, forming a Grand Trine of talent.  His North Node in Pisces may indicate that ultimately his karma was of some sort of sacrifice, for example to bring about a greater attention to the safety of helmets.  This theme of self-sacrifice is reinforced by an exact sextile between his North Node and his natal Neptune, the planet of sacrifice.  At the age of 25, he may not have developed any conscious awareness of this principle:  the event would probably only have been known on a Soul level.

Mars, one of the planets which rules accidents, formed a T-square in his chart with an opposition between Neptune and Chiron, and this is one of the factors in his chart which shows the potentiality of a poignant accident.  His Chiron (the wounded healer) is opposite his difficult triple conjunction.

Accident and Passing

There were some strong transits to his natal chart, but I am still looking for that definitive transits linked with this tragedy.  I suspect that a major indicator of  such an accident is on one of the angles of his chart, but one would need a birth time to detect that.   Pluto was sextile his natal Pluto, so he will have been at a powerful tide in his life’s work.  Neptune was exactly trine his natal Chiron, and so fate would have it that this was a wound rather than a conventional healing, but from a spiritual perspective he would have received great help through the transition from the other side (who would have known in advance).

At the time of the injury and passing, Mercury was conjunct Saturn (sad news, indeed) and the Sun was square Neptune, which can give rise to bizarre occurrences, surrounded by confusion and mystery.

Sean Abbott

Sean Abbott was the bowler whose tragic fate it was to administer the blow to the head, and he has two interesting conjunctions in his chart.  One is a triple conjunction of Venus/Saturn/Mars which speaks of a tragic loss suffered during sporting activity.  It takes place in Aquarius, which is a context of team interaction.  The other conjunction, which is very close, is between Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn, which might in certain circumstances give rise to being a victim of the bizarre and the shocking elements of life.

There is an emphasis on Capricorn in his chart, with the Moon and the North Node also in that sign.  I have not studied the charts of bowlers, but it seems to be that the role of the bowler, like the goalie in football, carries much responsibility within the team, and the hallmark of Capricorn is responsibility.  The North Node in Capricorn represents a karmic mission which is tied in with a responsible role.  If his Soul knew before incarnation that this was to be his “responsibility”, within an “accident”, it is a huge undertaking, and will dominate his consciousness for a long time.  We do not know the history between the two Souls, and what has given rise to the possible karma – these things are often only revealed in regression, or in spiritual meditation, when the individual is ready.

Sean Abbott’s Transits

Mars was sextile Sean Abbot’s natal Pluto at the time of the accident.  This indicates that he was in a phase of strength and power, and symbolically this is played out in the type of bowling action known as the “bouncer”, which took place.  Forcefulness was a hand played by the Universe particularly at that time to Sean Abbott, but not in a destructive way, and it was a routine type of play.  This implies that Sean Abbott himself was “played” by the Universe for greater reasons than just a freak accident.  Again, at this time we do not know those reasons; often we need divine permission or timing for information to be revealed.  In time, in his process, Sean Abbott may himself come to understand why this tortuous event happened on his watch.  Another coercive factor was Jupiter exactly squaring his natal Pluto, which can in terms of power mean overplaying your hand.  Again, there was no likely conscious knowledge of that in his mind, but again it is symbolic of what happened.

Karmic Connections

When we come to look at the karma between the two men, the indications are very strong that they interacted in previous lives.  Their Venuses were exactly sextile, and they may have been brothers in a past life.  Sean Abbott’s Saturn (responsibility) was exactly sextile Phillip Hughes’s Venus.  He may have been an older brother, with responsibility for a younger sibling.  In this incarnation, Phillip Hughes was the older, Sean Abbott being merely 22 years of age – very young to be responsible for an accidental death.  They have a number of personal connections.  But the most telling karmic connection is that of Sean Abbott’s Sun exactly conjunct Phillip Hughes’s North Node (karmic mission).   This indicates an inescapable and unavoidable meeting of karma, which can often be a favourable link, but the pre-birth Soul Contract will indicate what has to be played out.

The outpouring of emotion, particularly from Hughes’ team mates, has been understandable given the level of shock and tragedy of the event.  Family and friends will be inconsolable, and will need a great deal of support.  On the other side of the veil, he will be given the utmost care to deal with the shock of his transition, I believe from my years of experience of regression and inter-incarnational work.  Let us hope too that the young bowler Sean Abbot is also able to receive the specialized care needed for someone in his situation.


Mercury squares Neptune in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Monday 1st).  Many of us are starting new ventures, or have resolutions regarding the organization of the month ahead.  As it happens, we are having an overhaul of our heating system at home, including new radiators and a new boiler, because our system is entirely antiquated and not functioning properly.  I normally associate Mercury square Neptune with leaky radiators, so I am hoping that this will merely be describing the problem, rather than the solution which is sought.  If you are starting a new venture, you may have some nervousness about how it will work out, but that nervousness may help you work out how to approach the venture, and show you ways to circumvent possible problems.

Later in the day, towards evening, Mars will be sextile Saturn, and the picture may look much more solid.  You may be already able to see some of the results of your work, which has manifested in practical results.

In the early evening of Thursday (4th December), there may be cause for celebration, with Venus trine Jupiter.   Perhaps the work of early in the week has been completed to your satisfaction.  However, the benefits are more likely to be on the social scene, or even on the romantic front.  Engagements and declarations of love could be on the cards.  A party or soiree is likely to go with a sparkle, perhaps an early work Christmas do.  Oh how I remember those from my pre-retirement days…awkward, but full of anticipation, with the promise of getting to know workmates better (or their alcohol-fuelled personae).

The Sun trines Uranus later in the evening.  Of course, these gatherings  sometimes used to get out of hand, but not this one.  It will pleasantly surprise you, but stop short of embarrassment.

Later still, three minutes before midnight to be precise, Mars enters Aquarius, and the responsible authoritarian types may let down their hair.

The Sun squares Chiron on Friday (5th).  Again I have mismanaged my astrological diary, because I have scheduled a dental appointment for that day, and the picture does not look good.  Healing matters could be tricky, and I imagine some painful conversation between myself and my dentist.  All I can advise is to choose your words carefully in advance.  It won’t alter the facts of the matter, but I take comfort in the fact that you cannot suffer more than your karma dictates.

The early hours of Saturday (6th) brings some rebalancing in fhe form of Mercury trine Uranus.  You may have some bright ideas about your own healing, or about communication or paperwork.

Later in the morning, Mercury squares Chiron, so some of the ideas you try out may not work, but keep looking out for ideas and inspiration, something may eventually click for you.

By lunchtime, the Moon at 14 degrees Gemini  draws to a Full, opposing the Sun.  Heightened emotion will centre around communication issues, such as travel, or sharing information.  Communication will succeed better where both parties are engaged in both heart and mind.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – information or other leaks; more solidity later
  • Thursday –  congratulations and jubilations
  • Friday – health matters
  • Saturday – solutions, problems, and emotions