Uranus-Pluto Square – The Penultimate

5.14 a.m. (U.K.) Monday 15th December 2014

This clash of the Titans, Uranus and Pluto, has been going on since June 2012.  Strictly speaking only Uranus was mythologically one of the ancient Greek Titans, but astrologically Pluto is a Titan in a loose sense (in my book).  The series of squares between these two planets reaches its penultimate peak tomorrow, with the seventh and final square occurring next March.  Uranus represents Revolution and Pluto represents Transformation, and together in difficult aspect they can make a ruthless combination in terms of dismantling the existing order.  The current square takes place at 12 degrees of Aries (Uranus) and Capricorn (Pluto), so if you have planets or sensitive points in your chart in that degree, you will be more affected than most.

Most Recent Phase

Since the last square in April, the two world developments which most easily come to mind as representative of this square’s influence are the rise of I.S.I.S. and the new developing cold war with Russia over conflict in the Ukraine.  I.S.I.S. had long been building up its force, and Putin has been in power for many years.  Both have necessitated involvement by the U.S. and Europe and other countries.

Outside of warfare and politics, the Ebola crisis has come more into focus, and there is urgency about finding a cure, and controlling the outbreak.  Arguably,  war is a more deliberate act of choice by mankind than the eruption of a virus.

Revolution vs Evolution

Revolution, as the province of Uranus, is linked with the sign which it rules, Aquarius.  It is a sudden process, out of the blue, sometimes born of future vision.  Both Uranus and Pluto can throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, which recognizes the cycle of birth, death and rebirth.  It therefore acquiesces in the destruction of a form, in order that transformation may take place.  Plutonian action can be sudden like Uranus, but can also be a long process, involving psychological change or trauma.  It can uncover that which needs to be discarded.  A sign which resists change is Taurus, which upholds forms, believes in slower and less harsh evolution, and is ruled by Venus,  It is interesting that all three signs are Fixed signs.

Change can be disruptive (Uranus) and even destructive (Pluto), especially when change has not been planned properly, and is change for change’s sake.  An example of ill-thought-out changes are:-

Blair and Bush destroying the country of Iraq, without a thought for how to put the country back together.  Only today it has been announced that we are sending more troops to Iraq to combat the I.S.I.S threat, which is a by-product of the original 2003 war.

The dismantling of the N.H.S. by the present government when they came to power in 2010.  The implementation of Andrew Lansley’s plan to destroy the infrastructure (which was just working, waiting times were going down for instance) meant that the destruction was happening, without any simultaneous protection and rebuilding taking place.  The scheme was apparently so complex that it was not even understood by senior ministers.

The Arab Springs, arguably, too, though enthusiastic about righting the wrongs of tyranny in the Middle East, have not as yet justified the hope invested in them, if events in Egypt and Libya are to go by.  It may have loosened up some injustices by airing them, such as the treatment of women, but in some cases conditions have worsened.  Mubarak, the president of Egypt, who was despotic enough to spark the revolution, has now been pardoned.  The plight that sparked the Arab Springs was real enough, but sadly the planning was absent, and the new dynamic leaderships have not come into place.

An example, albeit on a smaller scale, of a successful project which caught my eye, was the rebuilding of the Everyman Theatre in Liverpool, which was destroyed and redeveloped, and re-opened in February, keeping to the integrity of the original (which had been in a poor state) but bringing it into the 21st century.  It is a relatively small example, but was an inspiring story in terms of the execution of positive change.

We need to think much more about how we plan, approach and execute change.

The Zodiac Signs and their Relationship to Change

You may recognize these patterns for your Sun sign or those of others.  If you are more of a Revolutionary than indicated by your Sun sign, you probably have Uranus or Pluto rising or strongly aspected with your Sun.

Aries can be an agent of change, in that it is a sign of action.  Sometimes any action is better than stagnation for an Aries.  You may recruit an Aries in the early stages of a revolution, but as they like to initiate projects they may lose interest at some stage.  They don’t always have staying power, and  may move on to other projects.

Taurus is the sign most resistant to change.  It is a sign which tends to pursue a course of action, and help support things as they are, which is why it has been labeled as most likely to get into a rut.  We rely on Taureans to be a rock, so it is hardly surprising that they often don’t know when to stop being a rock, and may not notice at what point there needs to be a different course of action.

Geminis are dilettantes of change.  They like variety, and so they like small change.  Geminian Comedian Russell Brand has recently written a book entitled “Revolution”, but he would probably run a mile if he was forced to knuckle down and implement big change (witness his reaction when asked if he would actually enter politics).  Geminis may like the idea of change intellectually, but not always the reality of huge change.  Russell has Uranus (Revolution) at the top of his chart, so his book should do well!

Cancerians like their home comforts too much to be enamoured of change.  Again, if they have a strong Uranus or Pluto in their make-up, they may toy with the idea more seriously.  Some Cancerians can even become agoraphobic, and reluctant to leave the cosiness of home, so they are not likely to be strong contenders for Revolutionary of the Year.

Leos don’t mind being the change they want to see in the world, but would have trouble subscribing to someone else’s vision or project of Change.  That famous Leo Napoleon started out as a revolutionary, but soon made it his own, and established himself as a Despot.  Leo is the fourth arm of the Fixed Cross, and so involved with Power and Change with its Fixed fellows.

Virgos would not tend to initiate change, liking to serve quietly.  They could if you twisted their arm and invited them to play a role for the service of their community, be persuaded to work for the cause.  But they are too health and safety conscious to risk upsetting the status quo and then having to put Humpty Dumpty back together again.  Virgos are often found as the mainstay of the N.H.S. and know that revolution can get in the way of doing their job properly in the short term.

Libra likes equilibrium, and harmony, and peace, so not readily attuned to change and revolution.  Often though you find a combination of Aries and Libra in a chart, such as that of John Lennon, and such individuals find that their desire for peace is a spur to activism and the urge for social justice.

Scorpio is a sign which understands the need for real change.  To them it is obvious that energy is recycled, and therefore certain forms must die.  Often they recognize that you can’t put old wine in new bottles, and so you just do away with the current situation, and start anew.

Sagittarians are optimistic, and may think that while there is life there is hope, so there may not be a need for revolution.  But if they are interested, they can be enthusiastic recruits for say the Foreign Legion.  They might go happily to the ends of the earth for adventure and excitement.

Capricorn is the arch reactionary of the Zodiac, the upholder of existing Institutions.  Currently, with Pluto being in their sign, they may be stirred up and ripe for change, and so out of their usual character.  They understand the need for structure, and also understand that slow processes are often the wisest and most sacred.

Aquarians are most in tune with Revolution for its own sake.  Change is their middle name!  A change is as good as a rest for them (as it is in a more micro fashion for Geminis).  It can be their Future Vision pushing them on to pursue the changes of society, when in positive mode.  However, some more negative types can make harsh changes without considering the consequences.  What Aquarius and Scorpio have in common is the tendency to say “Enough is Enough!” when enough is enough.

Pisces would not tend to effect change, but change can be water off a duck’s back for them, or conversely deeply disturbing.  They understand the currents of the zeitgeist and the collective unconscious, so could probably explain to you the complexities of  why the changes are taking place, even if they themselves are suffering from cutbacks.

My Personal Story

No doubt you or someone close has a long running saga which may be attributed to the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, and which hopefully will be resolved by the last square in March.

Uranus is in my natal 12th House, which among other things governs deeper states of heatlh, and has been conjunct my North Node this year.  So the square has caught up with me.  I usually get through life, and health issues, on meditation alone.  But now it seems to have come down to the physical level, and I am in a process of reconstruction which has to proceed inn divine right order.

The dentist would like to take out two teeth and replace it with a little denture.

He can’t proceed with that until my cataracts are removed.

The cataracts can’t it seems be removed until my diabetes is under control.  This was revealed on 10th November, since when I kicked my lifelong sugar addiction.  I have ordered a copy of “Sugar Blues” by William Dufty, which I meant to read decades ago.

Well, it is my birthday tomorrow, and I usually like to spend it in spiritual retreat (at home).  There was a report this week that you are more likely to get into mischief at home, because so many Health and Safety measures have been implemented into our society…!

After the Square is Over

Now that we have almost reached the light at the end of this tunnel, we might be able to afford a look at how things might be at the end of this Square.  Some situations may resolve themselves by the middle of March, or after the last crescendo.  If yours has followed the twists and turns, especially in the chronology of this square, then maybe you will see a peaceful end to that struggle in the spring.  I expect that in many cases it will be merely an end to the intensity of pressure.  Where conflict and revolutions and dismantlings have been destructive or not sufficiently thought through, there may be a long recovery period.


The Sun trines Jupiter today – make the most of this!  Foster your optimism and positive thinking (I know, positive thinking has become a dirty word in some circles, but it often has its place).  Be adventurous, philosophical, and even sporty if you are inclined!

Venus sextiles Neptune, so foster the Arts and spiritual relationships in your life.  Tease out those exquisite nuances which make life so interesting.  Be inspired in your Creativity!

In the early hours of tomorrow morning (Monday 15th) Uranus squares Pluto, so tread cautiously, and pray for the state of the world.  If you witness conflict, step outside it mentally and ask for guidance from the inner planes about ways to help.

On Wednesday (17th) Mercury enters Capricorn, and thoughts will turn to serious matters or ways of thinking, and practical solutions.

Saturday (20th) starts well, with Mercury sextile Neptune.  You will be in tune with your spirituality, and in the flow, so do what you can during the day.  Later Venus will get entangled in the Uranus-Pluto square, firstly in a square to Uranus.  You may inadvertently upset someone’s feelings.  A complicated situation may be such that as a balancing act it is difficult not to upset someone.

There may be a domino affect, because later Venus conjuncts Pluto, and Chinese whispers may mean that your delicate negotiations are scuppered and the game is up.  You may end up pleasing no one, least of all yourself.  Events from Monday’s Uranus-Pluto square may give you the prior food for thought that you need to understand the situation and what you might do about it, in advance, before things get too out of hand.

Finally, and I can’t not write about this, it is the Final of Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday evening.  I predicted that Jake and Frankie would do well, and that Pixie may not endure.  I wrote three blogs with four contestants apiece, and never got round to blogging about Caroline Flack.  Now Caroline has been at the top of the leaderboard for the last two weeks!  So I cannot complete this blog without a look at her chart and that of her partner.  Caroline is a gutsy Scorpio (ruled by Pluto) with Uranus conujunct her Sun (a true Revolutionary and agent of change).  She may take this contest by stealth, having come up from the margins at this late stage of the game.  She has Mercury conjunct Venus in Sagittarius, which takes shape in her career in broadcasting, but she could also be a writer in the making.  Her Jupiter is conjunct her North Node, which can give her karmic luck a boost at strategic points in her life.  So is this one of those times?  At the Final, Neptune (the planet of dance) is positioned exactly on her South Node, so she will be honing her dance skills to the max…but these skills she is bringing through now may actually be part of her past-life skill set, so is that cheating?!  Others have been criticized for prior knowledge of dancing, but usually in this lifetime.  Her partner Pasha Kovalev is an intelligent Sun/Mercury Capricornian,  Her Mars sparks his Uranian inventiveness in a square, so they are using this tension in its most positive potential.  He has Jupiter trine his Neptune (dance) at the moment, which accounts for some of their current success, but on their transits for the final, I would give the trophy to another of the contestants.  I would like Jake to win, but astrologically Frankie Bridge stands the best chance.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – exciting potential
  • Tomorrow – major challenge
  • Wednesday – serious thinking
  • Saturday – starts out fine, then encounters turbulence