With the lunar eclipse in Aquarius last week, personal issues seemed to involve membership and leadership of groups.  It is a core issue in relation to who we are.  Some of the problems which came up were:

For those involved as members in a group, the issue may have been how to hold on to one’s individuality (Sun in Leo opposing the Moon) in a group, and how far one might be expected by the group or society to conform or compromise.  The journalist Julie Burchell (Venus in Leo opposing Chiron in Aquarius) just would not.

For those who may feel a stranger within their own family, seeing themselves as a black sheep perhaps, where does the problem originate (sometimes in past lives), and the solution lie?  How far can the group or family accommodate the stranger in their midst?  How expanded is their repertoire of spiritual awareness?  The emotional field of the family is usually dominated by the mother and depends on her capacity for love, wisdom and attunement.

One of the features of New Age consciousness in groups is heart-centred female leadership, the holding of the group in a safe sapace which serves the needs of the weakest as well as the strongest of its members.

This may not have been what Harriet Harman (Mercury in Leo opposing Moon in Aquarius) in her role within the Labour Party had in mind when she was moved to put in a plea for more women in the top posts of government.  For at this point in time politicians are not known for their desire to combine their skills in practicality and expediency with the spiritual component of their nature.  But hopefully, this is what the human race is evolving towards.

If you are interested in colour healing, the olive over olive bottle in the Aura- Soma range of colour healing bottles represents feminine leadership.

Olive lies on the cusp of Leo (yellow) and Virgo (green), blending the leader and the follower.  If your birthday is on this cusp, your soul resonates to this colour on an earth level, or lime green on a more spiritual and aspirational level.  You have within you the leader and the follower, and may have an innate talent for feminine-style leadership.

The group sign of Aquarius is ruled by two colours, electric blue (representing the electricity, telepathy and interconnection of the group) and magenta, representing the organizational capacity of the leader.  Turquoise is a great leveller in communication, and can unite the dual purposes of the individual, represented by Leo, and Aquarius representing the group interest.  It can bring together the interests of individual members with the group purpose, while not violating the individual expression, needs and being.

The light generated in meditation groups can lift and evolve individual members of the group on a level where differences do not matter, beyond ego and personality.  But many of the groups we need to work with on the earth plane are not spiritually centred and also involve personality differences and karmic outworking.

In conclusion, I feel we need more teaching on feminine leadership in groups, we need men to stay in touch with their inner female, we need politicians to meditate more, and if you are still working through the after-effects of the August eclipse, then breathe in the unifying colour of turquoise.