Last minute gift ideas for the Zodiac signs

Physical: something to unwrap

Emotional: a gift from the heart

Mental: mind to mind

Spiritual: a transmission from the Soul


Physical: A football
Emotional: A Hug
Mental – Banter
Spiritual – Brotherhood


Physical: A paint palette
Emotional: A kiss
Mental: An invitation
Spiritual: Forgiveness


Physical: Newspaper subscription
Emotional: Space
Mental: A puzzle
Spiritual: Mental companionship


Physical: Kitchen tool
Emotional: Heart
Mental: Sympathy
Spiritual: Connectivity


Physical: A lamp
Emotional: Attention
Mental: Creativity
Spiritual: Mirroring


Physical: An organizer
Emotional: Privacy
Mental: Detail
Spiritual: An opportunity for service


Physical: Music CD

Emotional: Romance
Mental: Harmony
Spiritual: Unity


Phusical: Crime fiction
Emotional: Intensity
Mental: Challenge
Spiritual: Acceptance


Physical: A book token
Emotional: Joy
Mental: A good joke
Spiritual: Universalism


Physical: Tights

Emotional: Warmth
Mental: Respect
Spiritual: Kindness


Physical: Computer software
Emotional: Freedom
Mental: Telepathy
Spiritual: Futurism


Physical: A seascape painting
Emotional: Infinite permission
Mental: Letting go
Spiritual: Surrender, to the universe


Late evening today, Uranus is stationary, prior to turning direct.  That is good news if you have been trying to get into the flow, trying to surf a wave, or trying to skip in rhythm – all of which are much more achievable when Uranus goes direct.  You might have been trying to get into the spirit of Christmas, or just to catch up with yourself, either way you may suddenly feel it is all doable.

It all happens at the eleventh hour tonight, as the Winter Solstice follows shortly after, at 23.03 Hours.  It’s the beginning of the end of the dark nights, and that sense of ennui or fatigue which overtakes many at this time of the year.  The Sun enters Capricorn, and  the surface glamour of office parties largely over, it is time to get down to the serious business of Christmas: the attention to detail which will ensure it all goes smoothly, and contemplating the real and profound messages of the season.  Earth healing is also a focus for this point in the year.

Tomorrow early morning (Monday, 22nd) brings a New Moon at 0 degrees Capricorn, a bright start to the day and the week.  It favours aspirational ideas about the organization of our society and ethical politics.  Perhaps, while doing your Christmas food shop in your local supermarket, you might suddenly be struck by a yen to run for your local council in the next elections, or how you might bring out your work into the world next year.  It is a day when you can put a first foot forward on this theme.

Venus squares the North Node on Tuesday 23rd, as we edge nearer Christmas.  We may contemplate the karma we have with our nearest and dearest, and how we might negotiate that over the Christmas period.  We may contemplate group relations in general, and past life group situations: pow wows on the plains of North America, tribal negotiations on the cold windy steppes of Mongolia, staging the production of Greek tragedy in amphitheatres.  There are people you have travelled with century after century, and you may be about to reunite with them.

Saturn in Sagittarius

In the afternoon, a major development takes place: Saturn leaves Scorpio, which has been heavy going, and enters Sagittarius, which Astrologers generally are welcoming (except for Sagittarian Astrologers of a certain age, who remember the entry of Saturn into Sagittarius 29 Years ago).  But, a change is as good as a rest, and you may have been battling heavy issues for the two and a half years of Saturn’s sojourn in Scorpio, which may look more refreshing under Saturn in Sagittarius.  There certainly seemed to be an increase in violence in society and around the world during Saturn’s trip through Scorpio.  Saturn may lighten up in Sagittarius, and see the lighter side of life.  There may be an attitude of “Why not laugh about your problems?”.  For Sagittarians though, and depending on where their Sun is placed in that sign, they may feel pinned down to a sense of reality which is not natural to their make-up.  Rose-tinted glasses, for instance, may have to be swapped for crystal clear lenses.

Christmas Day’s aspects are not easy – I wish I could say otherwise.  Mercury gets tangled up in the Uranus-Pluto square early on.  In the early hours, when Santa is trying to deliver the presents, hampered by the monopolizing activities of Amazon, Mercury squares Uranus.  Perhaps the grandson staying with you decides to go on an exploratory tour at the strategic moment you are putting the toys in a stocking.  It is a mentally strung out square, so maybe people have been trying too hard to prepare for Christmas, and find they are too overwrought to sleep.

Later on, around dawn, Mercury conjuncts Pluto, and the mental intensity deepens.  Don’t tell me you forgot to take the turkey out of the freezer!  How could you?  If you are a vegetarian like me, it might be a Freudian slip…And this year has been rife with tales of how poultry contains campylobacter and such like.  Honestly, you can’t take chances when you are hosting meat eaters.  The nut roast will be fine, though.

With all that mental tension, and the surfacing of the dysfunctional in order to arrive at the more functional family atmosphere, here is the game for large gatherings:


(related to Psychodrama and Family Constellation therapy)

Divide up into groups of three, and each member of the group takes on the role of either Mercury (the Messenger), Uranus (the Rebel) and Pluto (the Transformer).

Each group then puts on an improvised Mike Leigh style short play, and the group who produces the best play, wins.

If you are having a solitary Christmas, you can feel relieved not to need to expend energy on group efforts, and can hopefully attend to your personal needs and tastes, and any inner tensions or  difficult memories.

But there is scope later on in the day for healing and having a good time, in the form of a sextile between Mercury and Chiron.  With all the accent on Mercury, you may find that Geminis and Virgos will somehow find themselves in the centre of the action on Christmas Day.  Later on, they may play a central role in the healing, and bringing everyone together after earlier irritability.  However, they need to relax themselves, as they could overstrain their nervous system or tolerance to alcohol, which may result in a Boxing Day hangover.

Geminis and Virgos, you can’t afford to get a hangover, for on Boxing Day you may again find yourselves at the centre of a rabble, with Mercury squaring the Nodal Axis.  Petty squabbles and disputes, or a sense of anti-climax may threaten to spoil what could be a civilized day with excellent conversation and more sensible eating.  Each person plays their part in winding up the Christmas season successfully, so don’t leave it all to the Mercury types.  In other words, don’t shoot the messenger, Mrs. Peacock, with the revolver in the library.

On Saturday 27th the revelries may officially be over, and the early hours (in the U.K.) may bring a sense of peace, with a sextile between the Sun and Neptune.  There may have been dramas, but there may also have been resolution.  A sense of spirituality reigns, perhaps after some tension held sway part of the time.  Perfect peace, and the sense of taking part in a group meditation may be the lingering impression of Christmas.

All that remains is for me to wish you, my dear readers, a very Merry Christmas!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – a favourable surprise twist, and the celebration of the return of the light
  • Tomorrow – new beginnings
  • Tuesday – relationships under the karmic microscope; a new perspective on old problems
  • Xmas Day – much mental communication, some of it exhausting, culminating in healing
  • Boxing Day – karmic interaction
  • Saturday – serenity