2015The Year of Relief

“These are days you’ll remember.
Never before and never since, I promise, will the whole world be warm as this.
And as you feel it, you’ll know it’s true that you are blessed and lucky.
It’s true that you are touched by something that will grow and bloom in you.”

~ Natalie Marchant, 10,000 Maniacs

The calendar new year is a cultural construct, unlike the equinoxes and solstices, which have astronomical significance. Nevertheless, the in-breath of the new year, after the out-breath of the old year, carries the energy of hope. This applies in the collective unconscious, and at least on the astral plane, if not the joy of the eternal now.

The coming year has at least one major blessing to look forward to: the relief from the pressure of the Uranus-Pluto square, which completes its mission in March.

A major challenge in your life which began around June 2012 should resolve or ease. If not, you should be in a position to let it go, put it behind you, and move on.

Concurrent to this 7-pronged assault (the number of times the two planets have clashed) has been the transit of Saturn through Scorpio, a pretty depressing position for Saturn.  Saturn entered Scorpio on 5/10/12 and left on 23/12/14. This has kept our mood set to a bass line of “realistic” for most of the period of action of the square.  Hopelessness and despair have been hard to counteract.

The aftermath of the Uranus-Pluto finale, as I wrote for the penultimate square in mid-December:

After the Square is Over

Now that we have almost reached the light at the end of this tunnel, we might be able to afford a look at how things might be at the end of this Square.  Some situations may resolve themselves by the middle of March, or after the last crescendo.  If yours has followed the twists and turns, especially in the chronology of this square, then maybe you will see a peaceful end to that struggle in the spring.  I expect that in many cases it will be merely an end to the intensity of pressure.  Where conflict and revolutions and dismantlings have been destructive or not sufficiently thought through, there may be a long recovery period.

The shape of things to come – Highs and Lows of 2015

(For your diary, or not)



Tuesday 3rd:  (High) Jupiter trine Uranus – Enterprising and Successful

Tuesday 17th: (Low) last Uranus Pluto square – The denouement of the stressful challenges of the last two and a half years.  May be followed with an easing of pressure.

Friday 20th : (turning point) New Moon and Eclipse in Pisces – Spiritual turning point


Saturday 4th: (turning point) Full Moon and Eclipse in Libra – Conflict of interest


Thursday 7th: (Neutral) Possible date of U.K. General Election – Mercury trine the North Node – some karmic restoration

Transits of the Party Leaders:

David Cameron (Conservatives):[Low] Pluto square his Sun, Chiron opposite his Uranus

Ed Miliband (Labour): [Neutral] North Node transits his Uranus – A sudden change in fortunes

Nick Clegg (LibDems): [Mixed]  Saturn conjunct his Moon (emotionally dispiriting) but Neptune sextile his natal Mercury [the opportunity for some sensitive communication]

Nigel Farage (UKIP): [High] Jupiter trine his natal Sun (A stroke of luck).  Well, at the last election he survived a plane crash.  I am hoping the UKIP bubble will burst before the election, but he could get a seat.

Caroline Lucas (Greens): [Low]  Saturn conjunct her natal Mercury (mentally dispiriting).  Sadly, though the Greens have increasing popularity now, often this does not translate into success at the time of a General Election.

Will take a more in-depth look nearer the time.


Monday 15th: (Neutral) Saturn retrogrades back to Scorpio – revisiting some old angst

Monday 22nd: (High) Jupiter trine Uranus – Enterprising and Successful


Monday 3rd: (Low) Jupiter square Saturn – Stuckness, which may necessitate compromise

Tuesday 11th: 11.11am (U.K.) [Neutral] Jupiter enters Virgo – A revival of the work ethic. Good for the job market.  Also good for those interested in the numerology of the Master number 11, and planetary shifts.


Sunday 13th: (turning point) New Moon and Eclipse in Virgo – More industrial revival

Thursday 17th: (Low) Jupiter opposite Neptune – Religious fanaticism and confused moral perspectives

Friday 18th: (Neutral) Saturn re-enters Sagittarius – Change of focus, a little more hope perhaps

Monday 28th: (turning point) Full Moon and Eclipse in Aries – Conflict of interest


Sunday 11th: (High) Jupiter trine Pluto – A powerful day for positive change.  Perhaps the best aspect of the Year!


Thursday 26th: (Low) Saturn square Neptune – a sense of un-ease, in some ways difficult to pinpoint, but it is not a good time for diseases and epidemics, such as Ebola.

If I had to label this year overall I would dub it, in hope and expectation, the “Year of Relief”.


This afternoon Venus sextiles Saturn – and it is a good, sober time, to evaluate your New Year’s resolutions, if you have not already ditched them.  It is a good time for devising strategies to ensure you keep on track.

Tomorrow (Monday 5th) promises to be eventful on the aspect front.  First, Mercury enters Aquarius (hard on the heels of Venus).  They can work together to stimulate ideas and conversation, and literary and artistic projects.  If these are part of your resolution list, you will be supported in getting them under way now.

There’s a Full Moon in Cancer at 14 degrees, bringing out emotion and nostalgia.

The Sun squares the Nodal Axis, so power play will necessitate a balancing act.

In the evening Mercury sextiles Saturn, which can enable the balance you seek, at least on a mental level.  It is also good for formulating plans on a mental level, and having serious conversations.

Thursday (8th) finds the Mercury-Venus conjunction in semi-sextile relationship to Neptune.  Conversation and artistic projects will still be going on, but may run into complications, or need extreme refinement. Earlier in the day, the focus will be on the artistic content, and later in the day communication will be needing clarity.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – solid relationship
  • Tomorrow – mixed influences, high emotion and power play, then balance
  • Thursday – clarifications needed