Uranus conjunct the South Node In Aries

We are currently in the middle of the application of the Uranus-Pluto square to the Nodal Axis  Last week, Pluto squared the Nodes, and this week Uranus will conjunct the True  South Node.  At the end of the month Uranus will conjunct the Mean North Node, which may have a slightly more practical application, but both are karmic and you may see their influence at any time during the second half of the month.

There may be some gains to be made by the appearance of Uranus conjunct the South Node in our charts, despite the ongoing square with Pluto.  Uranus itself can be neutral: it represents the surprise factor, which can manifest as shock, but can be a positive force.  The South Node represents past life karma, or past karma in this lifetime. That too can be a positive force, and not necessarily a difficult experience.  Together they could bring a new way of doing things or looking at things.  Solutions, breakthroughs and innovations could be found through necessity.

Two of the ways that you can bring out the best in this conjunction are 1) through the use of your intuition, and 2) through accessing far memory (e.g. through past life regression) or even future vision to cut through to the causes of problems.

 The Complication

Uranus conjunct the South Node is rare, and may be an opportunity.

The complication is its square with Pluto.  Cast your mind back a few days, to last Thursday, which was a difficult day for many.  Burnings and shootings were taking place around the world, some as reverberations from the Charlie Ebdo massacre.

Working with Uranus conjunct South Node you will also need to work with the square of Pluto to the Nodal Axis which occurred on Thursday.  Here was the account I gave:

Later in the day the tough theme continues, as Pluto squares the Nodal Axis, so some karmic reckoning is likely to be in the air.  This may well be a group situation, and you need to identify and take responsibility for your role within it, however insignificant a part you feel it may be.  Each person has responsibility, however small, in the whole picture.

 Perhaps you were caught up in a disagreement between two or more parties which is still not quite resolved.  Or perhaps you were grappling with a larger theme which has characterized the Uranus-Pluto square for you for the last two years or so.  There is a chance to make things right.

But first I need you to do a little mental gymnastics.  Cast your mind back again to Thursday, and note that earlier in the day you may have been experiencing frustrations in being blocked from actions you intended to make.  You need to mentally extricate that influence from the picture in order to isolate the effect of Pluto square the Nodal Axis.  Mars  square Saturn was causing those glitches, as reported last week:

Thursday (15th) brings a square between Mars and Saturn, and another layer of the onion needs to be peeled.  There is further work to do, the next problem or stumbling block is revealed to be dealt with.

If you felt you were taking two steps backwards on Thursday morning, that will have been the effect.  Subtract that from the day’s memory, and what you have left is the ongoing situation you are helping to work out this week.

Uranus conjunct South Node in your chart

If you know your Ascendant, you may be able to work out which of these  sets of readings apply to you.  First is the possibility for now, and second is the type of memory which may surface:  The conjunction of Uranus to the True and Mean South Nodes for the rest of this month take place at 12 and 13 degrees of Aries.  If your Ascendant falls near those degrees, you may need to ask your nearest Astrologer for the exact position of the conjunction.

1st House

 (Ascendant   in early Aries or late Pisces)

Experience:  You may discover a dynamic new side to your personality. A talent may re-surface, which you developed in a past life.

Memory: You may link with a lifetime in Germany, in a technical occupation, perhaps during the industrial revolution or earlier working with print. You find a greater efficiency.
2nd House

 (Ascendant in early Pisces or late Aquarius)

Experience:  A crisis may force a new  idea about earning money through your own talents. You may want to streamline your material life, perhaps in a whirlwind of decluttering.

Memory: You see yourself in ancient Mesopotamia, presiding over a bartering scheme or in an ancient market place, trading in materials or jewellery.

3rd House

 (Ascendant in early Aquarius or late Capricorn)

Experience: You experience an amazing mental connection with someone, meet a vibrant stranger on a journey, or download a whole article from your guides at one sitting!

Memory: You see yourself as a teacher in Ancient Rome, speaking fluent Latin! This shows you that public speaking may be something you can confidently accomplish in the near future.

4th House

 (Ascendant in early Capricorn or late Sa\gittarius)

Experience:  There may be a new appliance in the home, such as a juicer, which makes a dynamic impact, but also may require some sort of adjustment to your lifestyle. Health and safety in the home may need checking.

Memory:  You may recall a lifetime where you led your tribe in a local rebellion or protection of your interests. The element of fire may have been important in that existence.

5th House

(Ascendant in early Sagittarius or late Scorpio)

Experience:  You may re-discover Astrology as a hobby. Perhaps as a pursuit it has become jaded for you lately, and enthusiasm is suddenly renewed. You find new angles of application.

Memory:  You tap into a lifetime in which the Inventor Archetype was strong in you. Perhaps you invented the wheel, or its equivalent for the times!  What could you invent now to enhance your life and those of others?

6th House

 (Ascendant in early Scorpio or late Libra)

Experience: You identify change which needs to happen at work, and in the working environment. You have been observing the needs of your fellow employees, and the practical conditions, and come up with the perfect vision of what could work all round.

Memory:  You return to a life which was in some ways linked with the medieval art of Alchemy. Perhaps an experiment turned into an explosion, and you feel a great need at this time in this life to get the relation between matter and spirit right, and ensure health and safety.

7th House

 (Ascendant in early Libra or late Virgo)

Experience:  Electric relationships come into your life: unusual people, with unconventional ideas, perhaps a group you knew in a past life. The nature of relationship is changing as we move into the age of Aquarius. You or someone close to you is in the vanguard of this fresh outlook and healthier relationship spaces.

Memory: You may hark back to a lifetime where separation in a close relationship took place through circumstances such as one partner going off to fight in the Crusades.  This may have tested the relationship to the core, but also made you aware of other levels of relating. In between lives, you may have learned more clarity around this.
8th House

(Ascendant in early Virgo or late Leo)

Experience:  You may come up with an unusual money-making scheme which may have a co-operative element to it. In meditation, you may currently be travelling to other dimensions.

Memory: You may recall a lifetime where you may have died through a false accusation, such as a witch.  You are able to re-affirm that your soul has lived through many incarnations, and its strength is everlasting.

9th House

 (Ascendant in early Leo or late Cancer)

Experience:  You may be suddenly whisked off for a short break to a country you and your companion once experienced incarnation.  There may be a resonance between events that happened to you then, and now.  Or less dramatically, you may be contacted by someone in a foreign land out of the blue.

Memory:  You may experience a lifetime in a climate and culture very different from where you live now, such as a land of Icelandic volcanoes and the spectacular sights of the Northern Lights.

10th House

 (Ascendant in early Cancer or late Gemini)

Experience: A sudden change in life direction or career.  It may be the end of a long phase of your life, but you recognize that change is important in terms of the work you need to do in the world.

Memory:  You may be looking at a lifetime where you were expressing your highest potential for the time (your highest potential is now!).  You may have taken on great responsibility in a hierarchy or type of administration.  You may, or may not, be surprised to see what you are capable of.

11th House

(Ascendant in early Gemini or late Taurus)

Experience : A friend produces a fresh insight into your life and character, which turns your thinking around 180 degrees.  This may be a direct karmic reward, in that you may have done the same for them in a past life.

Memory: You were perhaps part of a healing group in Atlantis, some members of that group being known to you today. The relationships between you were detached but very much connected on a higher level. You may be able to draw on the power of a group now for strength and healing.

12th House

(Ascendant in early Taurus or late Aries)

Experience: Meditations, dreams and reflections may bring something startling out from your subconscious mind.  Your best ideas come from solitude, and could revolutionize and enrich all levels of your existence.

Memory:  You feel the sacred nature of certain lifetimes and ways of life where you were really connected with the deeper levels of your psyche, perhaps in a religious or spiritual lifetime.

Hopefully, you will find the golden nugget this week among the chaos of our times.


Tomorrow (Monday 19th) could bring inappropriate laughter.  You may be in a serious setting, and have a fit of the giggles, for instance.  If so, you can blame an opposition between Venus and Jupiter.

On Tuesday (20th) Mars conjuncts Neptune, and you may be experiencing confused energies.  Perhaps you go to the gym intent on weight lifting and end up on a rowing machine.  Whatever you plan to do physically may get erased and replaced by something out of your comfort zone.  It could be a good learning experience.  Beware of that gym instructor though, who may be distracting you.

The conjunction of Uranus and the South Node follows, so there is a chance to re-establish triumph over your fate.  You need to outwit Uranus with your intuition or deeper knowledge!  Events in the world may take a bizarre turn.  Look out for the unusual, and find its application above..

The Sun also enters Aquarius, so a real chance to get positive change established in your life.  If you have been feeling bogged down lately, you may feel re-energized, awake and aware.

A positive mindset will take you far today, because there is also a New Moon at 0 degrees Aquarius.  It is a mini-dawning of the Age of Aquarius.  You may be able to galvanize those kindred spirits, the brothers and sisters of spirit, to work towards  common causes.

A note to complete paperwork and other types of communication early in the week as Wednesday (21st) brings that popular (!) spanner in the works – Mercury retrograde.  If you are one who counts the days with this regular phenomenon you may want to note that Mercury turns direct again on 12th February.  Some choose to put all their documentation on hold for the retrograde period.  Just be extra vigilant about communications going awry, and you can avoid some of the mayhem.

Towards the end of the week, on Friday (23rd) there is an easier aspect to work with in the shape of the Sun sextile Saturn.  You feel more certain of your ground, and more able to plan ahead.  The Uranus-South Node conjunction is still keeping you on  your toes, but you may by now have acquired the  appropriate footwear, for say your trip to Iceland.  Calmness for Friday is the order of the day. And sensible shoes.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – inappropriate laughter
  • Tuesday – some trickiness, some sparkiness, a lively day with new beginnings
  • Wednesday – communications gummed up
  • Friday – a leveling out of mood where solid plans can be laid