Green Party

It is now three months until the U.K. General Election, and time to start a series of blogs on that theme, though you will be pleased to know the series will be punctured by blogs on other subjects.  The pundits seem perplexed as to the likely outcome of the election, although everyone is prepared for the likelihood of another coalition of some sort.  Because the outlook is so uncertain, the minor parties will possibly have more say, and already David Cameron paid the Greens a compliment of declining to take part in the TV debates unless they were included!  I have been waiting for two years for signs  that the UKIP bubble is bursting, and polls suggest that might be happening.

I am starting the Election astro-analyses with the Greens, who are literally gaining ground, and are the only party who take seriously the issue of Climate Change, arguably of the utmost importance.  I think their recent rise is interesting in terms of the fact that we are nearing the end of the Uranus-Pluto series of squares, and it may indicate that we are prioritizing our values in the wake of the damage it has caused.

It is easier to vote for the smaller parties mid-term, but many people lose their nerve during a General Election, and go with the traditional parties, anxious not to waste a vote.   But if you are living in a constituency which is governed by die-hard opposition to what you believe in, then you may not have much to lose, and may be able to afford the luxury of voting, say, for the planet.

The U.K. Green Party  were encouraged recently by the victory of the Syriza party in Greece, on at least two counts: one that it was a victory for a small party in Europe, and two that it was Anti-Austerity.

Astrology of the Green Party

What’s not to like about Green policies?

  • They look after our Home planet
  • They are anti-Austerity
  • They are against funding nuclear weapons
  • A liveable minimum wage
  • Keeping the NHS in public, not private hands
  • Scrapping University tuition fees
  • Bringing the railways back into public ownership

The jury may be out for some people on one of their other policies:

  • They are republican; anti-Monarchy

That may lose them some votes, but they may also gain a few.

A letter in the Observer this morning attacks the record of the Green local council in Brighton, but the writer may be biased in some way.

The history of the Green Party goes back to 1972, but in 1990 it split into 3 parties, the largest of which is the Green Party of England and Wales.  I cannot find a precise date for this event, so have to look at the broad planetary themes of that year.   Heavyweight planets Saturn, Uranus and Neptune were in the earthy practical sign of Capricorn, digging up the problems which beset our Earth, while opposing Jupiter and Chiron in Cancer, helping to find solutions for making our Home planet more hospitable.  The purpose of the Green Party was in response to finding solutions for the ever widening problems, which then were more focused on the plundering of our resources such as oil, and the ever widening hole in the ozone layer.  Current focus is more on Climate Change, weather patterns and  preventing further damage (e.g. through the threats posed by fracking).  I will continue to search for precise dates for both the original founding in 1972 and the 1990 reorganization, and if I find them they’ll be included in future posts.  If I do find them, I will be in a position to look at how the Green Party will do as a whole on May 7th.

Caroline Lucas

Caroline Lucas was previously Leader of the Greens, and yielded that title to Natalie Bennett when she became M.P. for Brighton and Hove, so that she could concentrate on her new role.  Her profile has gained ground over the last year, and she was voted Politician of the Year in 2014.  She was hands-on in the battle against fracking, even being arrested during a demonstration.

I wrote on 9th May 2010, after the last General Election:

“The Earth is the Esoteric Ruler of Sagittarius (her Sun Sign) in the Esoteric Astrology of Alice Bailey.  Caroline’s astrological chart shows  a fine exact powerful trine of Jupiter and Pluto, balanced by a spiritual sextile of Neptune between the two.  She will serve with dignity and integrity, and though her influence is not wide, it will be powerful  by example.  And if you look at her Human Design chart, you find that she has all her centres filled in, which is the first chart of its kind I have seen since I started to look. “

In my New Year blog this year I looked at her personal transits for 7th May:

“Caroline Lucas (Greens): [Low]  Saturn conjunct her natal Mercury (mentally dispiriting).  Sadly, though the Greens have increasing popularity now, often this does not translate into success at the time of a General Election.”

Knowledge of the Green Party chart may brighten this picture, if you’ll pardon the pun.  And birthtimes for Caroline Lucas and Natalie Bennett might also improve the perspective.

Natalie Bennett

Australian-born Natalie Bennett is currently the leader of the Green Party, and I wonder if her origins have encouraged the anti-monarchy stance.  When she took over as leader I analyzed her chart:

“[Caroline’s] replacement Natalie Bennett, Australian born with a scientific background, has a very strong chart, and not an entirely easy one, but presumably that has made her stronger.  Her easier path comes from two good trines:  Sun exactly trine Jupiter (immense good will) and Venus in Capricorn (lover of the Earth) trine her North Node (karmic mission).  She has notable squares too, but the other dominating feature of her chart is a double opposition between Pluto/Uranus (exact conjunction) in Virgo (the Rebel on behalf of the Earth) and Saturn/Chiron in Pisces (a sensitivity to suffering).  This double opposition, composed itself of challenging planets, will have forged her character under difficult circumstances.  Her political coming of age may be due to a recent Nodal reversal by transit, highlighting her South Node in Sagittarius (esoterically ruled by the Earth).”

Caroline and Natalie have undoubtedly worked well together, especially building up the party since Caroline relinquished the title of leader and entrusted it to her political sister.  They have some solid interconnections in their charts, such as Saturn sextile Saturn, and Natalie’s Pluto trine exactly Caroline’s Saturn.  But the sharing of power is also a theme between them, with Natalie’s Pluto square Caroline’s Sun, and Caroline’s Pluto opposing Natalie’s Mars: they may have at times hotly debated issues of policy and power.  But on a personal level, their Venuses are warmly exactly conjunct at the end of Capricorn, so they are very much at one in their love of the Earth, their approach to such matters and their approach to relationships.

Does Natalie fare any better on May 7th than Caroline?

Yes, I would say the transits register quite positively.    Firstly, Chiron trines her natal Neptune, so she will experience a healing sigh of relief at hard work paying off, in terms of all her spiritual input being rewarded.  That is a powerful thumbs up from the Universe.  However some of her expectations may prove unrealistic, in terms of Chiron squaring her Jupiter: she may well experience a sense of exhaustion through anti-climax.  And Neptune will be transiting her Mars, so there may be uncertainty as to how she proceeds.  This may be through a period of establishing a new coalition, where her opinions and loyalties may be sought by one of the main parties.  Mercury itself squares Neptune on Polling Day, and so that would point to uncertainty, such as we had on the last General Election day.

So if that all sounds unpromising if you are a Green supporter, then you will have to personally make up the astrological shortfall and the political stranglehold of the main parties before the Election!  I will continue to keep my eye on this space, and look out for any more constructive prospects.


Venus is sextile Pluto today, so it is a good day for psychological analysis, intimacy and human relations.  For instance, if you were making a social tour of a room at a party, you could make a few really deep contacts in a short length of time.   Other connections between Venus and Pluto are love and money, so artistic interpretations will have more depth than the diamond-studded skull of Damien Hirst or the abandoned bed of Tracy Emin.  In finance, you may be able to bring together all the dimensions of your inner and outer riches, the ingredients you may need for a more abundant life.

Tomorrow (Monday 9th), Venus is conjunct with Chiron.  Today’s Venus-Pluto sextile may have encouraged your to open up to long-buried emotional wounds in order to assist their clearance. You may become aware of artistic wounds, such as feeling vulnerable when expressing the Arts. Even Hilary Mantel, author of the Tudor classic Wolf Hall which is currently gracing our TV screens, admits to finding writing painful in her autobiography “Giving up the Ghost”. But paradoxically this aspect can make your artistic or musical creations healing for yourself and others.  The singer Adele has Venus conjunct Chiron in her birthchart and was able to produce two best-selling albums from the creativity inspired by the pain of Love and a relationship which touched her deeply.

Wednesday (11th) brings freedom from Mercury Retrograde, and a green light for communications, documentation, travel and transport.  If a process has been held up for the last three weeks, such as being on a hospital waiting list, you may find progress is made now.  You could spend the rest of the week writing the final chapters of your book, or deciding who to send your Valentine’s greeting to, and whether or not to send it anonymously.

There isn’t a major aspect for Saturday (14th),  so you may want to look for Valentine’s inspiration to the next astrological event, which is a New Moon in Aquarius next week.  In terms of male-female relations, Aquarius is neutral or androgynous, encouraging us to balance our own inner male and female, and being clear about ourselves before interacting with others.  This theme is reflected in and supported by this week’s Fixed Star, which is Sadalsud in the constellation of Aquarius

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld says of Sadalsud:

“This star can create peacefulness in the interaction amongst all women and men by increasing the female part of their understanding.  The male mind can open to its female aspects and in this way relate better to women.  Women are able to better express and share the very nature of what it means to be a woman.  This star may eventually be able to work with these energies in large groups; for now it is simply in small groups or in one to one relationships.”

That may not have the romance of Libra, but does progress the evolution of relationships, and you may be able to turn it into a whacky home-made card!

Skype Regression

I am now in a position to offer Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression by Skype!  Up to now, I have only been able to work in this way in person, so now I am not limited geographically, and can work with you wherever you are in the world.  I live in Norfolk, England, but for several years have travelled once a year to the Watford area for sessions.  I am planning, hopefully, such a trip in the Spring this year.  Working with Skype is effective, and Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression are powerful tools, which can help you to find information and experiences about yourself that are a revelation in the quest for self-knowledge.  The process itself can also be very relaxing.  The astrology of this sea-change for me was a Nodal Reversal in my chart, conjuncted by Uranus, the planet of Technology, signaling a new phase of working with Karma.  For more information please view the Past Life and Future Life pages of my website.  Please email me if you are interested, from the link at the top of my Contact page.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – harmony and understanding
  • Tomorrow – sympathy and trust abounding
  • Wednesday – no more communication illusions
  • Saturday – Love might steer the stars