There are two main themes this week.  Mars dominated the energies of last week, and will do so again this coming week.  Four things I associate with Mars (men, cars, rage and dogs) featured heavily in various permutations in the lives of those around me.  Meanwhile, with all the liveliness, no one I know got a good night’s sleep, and last night was no exception.  With the Sun opposing Chiron today I’m a bleary eyed blogger.  Tomorrow (Monday 17th) we have three aspects: Sun sextile Mars (strong and uncomplicated physical energy), Mercury conjunct Saturn (serious knuckling down to detail) and Sun opposite Neptune (escapism and free-ranging imagination).  Put those together and what do you get? – a day full of contrasts.  The second theme this week is that there are several quincunxes, aspects I don’t usually mention.  Whether or not you are on holiday, it’s a week to smell the roses.  Keep one eye on the details of life, and look out of the corner of your other eye at what you might otherwise be missing.  Then do the exercise reversing the eyes.    Quincunxes are not naturally harmonious, but show you where there are unexpected interconnections between people, places and events.  The first one, fascinatingly enough, occurs at (all the noughts) 00.00 Hrs in the U.K. on the morning of Tuesday 18th.  This midnight aspect is an interaction between Mercury and Jupiter, and may show you interesting information links.  Tuesday also has another encouraging Mars aspect (but don’t get too comfortable with it) – Mars trine Neptune.  Sensitive action can take place, such as meditation with movement, peaceful gestures or demonstrations of compassion.  Actions may flow, but only to a point because the next day (Wednesday 19th) Mars squares Uranus.  The day will be incident-prone, along the men/cars/rage/dog lines but with an added ingredient of electricity, e.g. check the electrical wiring on your car.  Herbal tranquillizers would be useful to carry, unless if you’re like me, they are prone to wipe your memory.  If so, just keep your wits about you.  More helpfully Venus sextiles Saturn, so loyalties will be established and understood.  Then follow two more quincunxes: Venus and Jupiter, and Jupiter with Saturn.  Venus and Jupiter might bring an invitation to revelry, but Jupiter with Saturn is the most important quincunx of the week.  It will reveal the current parameters of where you can move forward and where your current limitations lie.  On to Thursday 20th (it’s a busy week) and there’s a New Moon at 10.02 Hrs in the U.K., at 27 degrees Leo, and this time it’s not an eclipse, it’s just a plain old New Moon offering the uncomplicated fresh new start you might need.  And there’s another quincunx that day, between Mercury and Neptune.  Confused?  You will be.  But stick with it.  It’s all nervous preparation for the crescendo at the end of this week.  Friday (21st) and someone is bound to say something controversial, with Mercury opposite Uranus.  Something like: “How come my week never resembles your blog?”  The Grand Finale on Saturday (22nd) consists of Venus quincunx Neptune (some whimsy for the last-minute party decorations), then in the last hour while the party is in full swing Venus trines Uranus (23.32 Hrs).  This is an aspect of Soul Meetings (make sure you’re in the right place at the right time and receptive to Angel Dust).  It’s also the last hour of the Sun’s parade through its own sign of Leo, for by midnight the Sun enters Virgo and Cinderella needs to be back, sweeping her cinders at the hearth, but only if she lives in the U.K.