Mercury sextile Saturn – Work Ethic

From: Alan Oken “Complete Astrology”

 “COMMUNICATION FLOWS OR WORKS WELL WITH CONSOLIDATION.  This configuration imparts common sense and a fine head for business.  It allows one to make the most out of the least.  Those fortunate enough to have such a flowing aspect in their charts have a a way of achieving goals through careful planning and an awakened sense of existing opportunities…allows for consistent mental work and fine organizational ability.”

There is only one aspect this week, though we do have three changes of sign for planets.  This provides the space to look at the aspect in more detail, and look at the possibilities for the week.  Because Mercury is now direct, and was retrograde, we came upon this aspect twice recently.   On its last outing (Thursday 5th February), I summarized it as denoting “work ethic” and said that this week would offer the chance to complete things or pick up where you left off.  Which is where I find myself, enlarging more fully on this aspect.

I thought I would look at a few famous examples of those born with this aspect, to show the qualities, achievements and potential of what we have to work with this week.  Mercury represents the mind, and often a person has more than one aspect to their Mercury, so there is more complexity.  And equally,  the Mercury picture is not the only description of a person’s mental outlook in a chart.  Also, the mental outlook needs to be put into context within the whole make up of the character. I will highlight those features which show us what we are capable of this week with Mercury sextile Saturn, to show what is most relevant.

Famous Examples

Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy is an author and activist, who wrote the Man Booker Prize winning “The God of Small Things” in 1997.  Her activism comes from Sun conjunct Mars in Sagittarius, and her literary skill is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus (The Writer Archetype) in Scorpio.  Mercury also squares her Nodal Axis, giving her an awareness of the difficulties of karma.  Otherwise, the aspects to Mercury are not too complicated, and  Mercury sextile Staurn is clearly shown in the premise of her beatifully titled book “The God of Small Things”.  Wikipedia describes  the book as “A description of how the small things in life affect people’s behaviour and their lives.” The significance of the small details in life is therefore something you can become aware of this week.  We can all benefit by becoming more Virgoan. Mercury sextile Saturn encourages mental precision and organization, such as through list making and efficient filing.

Brian Aldiss

89-year old Brian Aldiss, O.B.E. is a prolific author of science fiction novels, and a vice president of the international H.G. Wells society.  The creativity and fantasy of his writing come from Sun conjunction Neptune in Leo. But in order to be convincing, he needs to utilize the scientific and logical qualities of his Mercury-Saturn sextile, which he has done successfully.  Mental vigour is shown by his Mercury conjunct Mars, but the Mercury-Saturn sextile conveys mental stamina, and hard-working perseverance.  If you are engaged in writing projects, this week may be the week to persevere, knuckle down and be productive in such a project.

Eric Cantona

At first glance you might not have the maverick Eric Cantona, footballer, philosopher and actor, down as a Mercury-sextile-Saturn type.   But there is a mental hardness and steeliness about him, the upside of which is mental resilience and fortitude.  The application for you, for this week, is to Keep Going!  A working project may seem arduous, or even dull at times, but don’t give up.  Alex Ferguson used to hold  him up as an example to other players, as he would stay overtime for practice long after the others would leave.  I  quote you two of his aphrisms, not because they particularly reflect the Mercury-Saturn sextile, but because they show his philosophical side (Mercury-sextile-Saturn can be very logical, an aspect of the philosophical mind):

Eric Cantona:

“The noblest revenge is to forgive”

“I am searching for abstract ways of expressing reality, abstract forms that will enlighten my own mystery.”

Like Brian Aldiss he has Mars conjunct his Mercury (mental vigour) and like Arundhati Roy he has Sun conjunct Mars (Warrior Archetype).  His maverick, rebellious quality comes from his exact conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo.

Benjamin Crème

Benjamin Creme has been presenting information about the gradual emergence  of Maitreya, the World Teacher since 1975 and, humanity’s response to Maitreya’s teachings has been such that Benjamin Crème has recently reported that Maitreya’s declaration of himself openly as the World Teacher could be in about  18 months’ time.  The organization he founded –  Share International – was set up to present information on the emergence of Maitreya  and his message of hope for the future.  It also promotes the values of justice and sharing, a prominent value of the coming Aquarian age.  (For more information, see

He uses telepathy to communicate with  Maitreya and his own Master.  Obviously he would require  efficient mental equipment for all this!  He has a slightly more complex mental picture than the other examples. What he has are 3 major aspects to his Mercury.  You would expect to find Uranus square his Mercury, for the telepathy and controversialism of speech – and he has this.  He has Mercury exactly trine Chiron, which promotes healing and problem-solving through the mind.  He has no earth planets, so the mental grounding and patience of his third Mercury aspect, the sextile with Saturn, is very much needed.  Mercury sextile Saturn also gives him a sense of gravitas and responsibility in his communication, and his message has been consistent over the years.  Be aware this week of the weight and responsibility of your words, and the karma of thought. 

Mercury sextile Saturn may not be the most exciting aspect for us to live with this week, but it does present a great opportunity.

Babies born this week

Babies born this week will have the full qualities of this natal aspect:  A steady mind, capable of concentrated methodical systematic work.  He or she will be able to work in a detailed way, e.g. if in a career in Medicine,  she or he would be able to perform detailed and precise surgery.  If  engaged in sport, he or she would have good control and co-ordination.


The Mercury-Saturn sextile can apply all week, so you can get cracking today on your week’s project or catch-up exercise with regard to your documentation.

There is a New Moon at the very end of Aquarius on Wednesday (18th).  Coming at the end of Aquarius as it does, it represents the very highest ideals of this highly idealistic sign.  Put into practice your most humanitarian wishes.

The Sun enters Pisces late that day, so humanitarian ideals will turn to compassion.  You may be all fired up mentally about an issue, then suddenly turn soft and emotional over the same issue.

At lunchtime on Thursday (19th) the sharp focus of Mercury sextile Saturn comes into play (see above).  If you haven’t started a mental project, you can set the foundations for it now.  Whatever you are engaged in, should be a constructive enterprise.

In the early hours of Friday (20th) Mars enters Aries, its home territory.  You may either be very wakeful and feeling restless, or having dropped off to sleep may wake suddenly bolt upright with ideas for active projects and things you feel you must do, perhaps sparked by a florid dream.  When you are in the heat of the day, you may have a strong push to get things done, or scriptwrite a play in which you are the central or the only  character!

In the early evening of the same day, Venus also enters Aries.  She gets dragged into the play even though not in her comfort zone on the battlefield of Aries.  Someone has to play the feminine lead, though, and she is there to temper the excesses of the male lead who may be rampaging across the stage set otherwise.  There will be passion in this play, undoubtedly.

Good News Story of the Week

(A real Valentine’s Tale)

Ashley McIntyre of Louisville, Kentucky in the U.S.A. donated her kidney to Danny Robinson, and is now set to marry him!  They are also expecting a baby in June.

The story began on the day before her birthday last year, when she overheard her mother talking about a local lad who needed a kidney.  We have her birthchart therefore for this story!  Ashley has natal Venus conjunct Saturn, usually an indication of responsibility in relationship, and here it may symbolize her gift of her kidney.  At the time she decided on the generous gesture, Jupiter the planet of beneficence was trine her natal Sun.  It certainly was an act of unconditional love.  At the time of the donation of the kidney, Neptune (planet of sacrifice) was exactly conjunct by transit to Ashley’s North Node (karma).  They began dating a few weeks later, when romantic Venus was exactly trine Ashley’s natal Venus.  He popped the question on Christmas Day 2014, when Uranus (surprise) was exactly sextile Ashley’s Mercury (a question asked).

Danny’s mother, Denise Stutzenburger, was sure her son would marry Ashley.

“I told her, ‘You are going to be my daughter-in-law, you just don’t know it yet.’”

Ashley, when interviewed, gave the credit to the Creator:

“It’s crazy how it all worked.  It was all planned out by God.”

The week in bullet points:

  • ·         Wednesday – new beginnings; compassion
  • ·         Thursday – work ethic
  • ·         Friday – fire and passion