At the time of today’s Sun trine Pluto, there was also a conjunction between the Part of Fortune and Uranus.  This gives an opportunity for a new way of looking at things.  If you are leaving one situation and entering another, try to ensure a smooth transition, bearing mind that most people find change difficult.  In drawing up a fresh canvas, make sure you have cleared up the painting equipment from your last one.  For the third week running Mars takes a prominent role in proceedings (I had plenty of men/car/dog stories reported for the last two weeks).  On Tuesday (25) Mars does at least change mood, moving into Cancer.  That is, slightly less pace and nervous energy than that displayed during his stay in Gemini.  He may be more of a homebody, a pipe and slippers man, but in no way has he been tamed for this week he enters into a T-square, a three-way contretemps.  The aggro may transfer from the street to the home arena and family issues.  It could be the kind of week when the hoover, the washing machine and the telly all play up.  The same day Mercury moves out of Virgo and into Libra, which would be more equable if Mercury were not also involved in the T-square, taking its position in verbally fighting the corner for justice.   Tiptoeing around eggshells will no longer work, and a way will have to be found to clear the air.  Decamp to neutral ground, such as your favourite coffee shop, assembling the significant characters or protagonists, such as the young adult demanding an increase in pocket money and the elderly relative insisting on rulership of the remote control.  Have them all sipping nice frothy cappuccinos in advance of the T-square.  Wednesday (26th) is the day the True North Node finally enters Capricorn (see my blog on the subject posted 5 July), and we are required to make some shift in terms of how we perceive and fulfil karma.  At the same time, Venus is positioned at the South Node, showing that love and forgiveness towards our past is a key component to the process.  If we can let ourselves and others off the hook to some extent, with Venus also entering the generous sign of Leo, it will be easier to forge ahead with the life purpose and karmic mission indicated by the North Node.  Bear in mind that this represents a collective issue, and we have our own personal nodal missions that we are working on too.  As a human species, we are being asked to move on.  Circumstances may dictate this on Wednesday, for the T-square arranges itself that day, with first Mars squaring Mercury (the sharp end), Mercury then squaring Pluto (psychological issues coming to the surface) and then Mars opposing Pluto (that’ll be the third thing, so make sure all the insurance policies are up to date).  But in the realms of psychological well-being, truths will be told over neat expresso coffee (no sugar), and some people may feel better for that, especially for those who comfortably and habitually drink their coffee that way.  For those of us who prefer the gentle mochas and lattes, things will have calmed down a little by Friday (28) when Mercury sextiles Venus.  Refer back to your engagement diary of 8 August when this aspect last graced our lives.   The coffee shop will now have transformed into a veritable salon of literary discussion…there may be congenial talk of restoring peace moves, and reviving earlier artistic projects.