The Labour Party

This is the 5th in my pre-Election series, and I know many of you are finding this tedious, but I have to do this!  This was an interesting week for surveying the political party leaders, with the 7-way TV debate, in which we got to see the whites of their eyes – most revealing.  They all got a shot at putting forward their case.  David Cameron and Ed Miliband emerged neck and neck in the polls, while Nicola Sturgeon of the Scottish National Party went up in the nation’s estimation, with people googling whether they could vote for her in England.

But I am looking at Ed Miliband and his team today.  I have picked out a few prominent faces in the Labour Party, but if your favourite is not here, let me know – I have been poring over quite a few charts, and narrowed the selection down.  I only hope that I can be fair and write about the same number of Tory politicians when I write about them in two weeks’ time.

Ed Miliband – Leader of the Labour Party

Ed’s profile has risen slightly since the TV interview with an ebullient Jeremy Paxman the week before last. He told him he wasn’t bothered by his geek image, but was concerned about the ordinary working man/woman.  There is no getting away from the fact that a lot of people don’t see him as a future Prime Minister.  Nicola Sturgeon was reported this week to have said that she didn’t, but she has refuted this and held out an olive branch to Ed to say she would help him, in the event of a hung parliament, establish a government.  A couple of weeks ago, he was forced, after being repeatedly pestered to do so, to categorically deny he would make a deal with the Scottish National Party.  But his position in terms of the eroded support for Labour in Scotland and the rise of the Scottish Nationalists, is such that it would be almost impossible for him to form a government without their support.

For all his lack of charisma, he does have a very good astrological chart.  Like Gordon Brown, he is an introvert, which is shown by 8 of his 10 planets being in the introverted signs.  One thinks of him as an academic, but he only has one Air planet, most of his planets are in Earth and Water signs (practicality and emotion).

His natal Capricorn Sun sextiles Jupiter (lucky enough to win the leadership contest against his brother) and trines exactly his natal Saturn (great practicality and seriousness).  He has good energy levels married with enthusiasm (Mars trine Jupiter).  He also has (believe it or not) good healing energy (Neptune trine Chiron).  On the minus side, Jupiter opposes Saturn, so he can chase his tail a bit, and Venus squares his Pluto (some relationship schisms, e.g. the brother issue).  But overall a strong and dependable chart.

At the New Year I looked at his transits for Election Day:

Ed Miliband (Labour): [Neutral] North Node transits his Uranus – A sudden change in fortunes”

To this I can add that Saturn (his ruling planet) trines his Chiron, Pluto sextiles his natal North Node, and that Mars trines his natal Pluto the next day, so there are some assertive transits going on.  He is posing these days as though he believes he could be Prime Minister, which formerly he wasn’t.

Harriet Harman – Deputy Leader

Harriet is currently the longest serving female MP in the House of Commons.  Her chart also has much to commend it.  Mercury sextiles Mars, so she is quick-thinking.  Venus is conjunct Uranus so she is skilled at networking.  Jupiter is trine Uranus, so she has the Entrepreneur Archetype.  Neptune sextiles Chiron, so like Ed she has the healing energy, and Pluto trines Chiron adding greater depth and strength (maybe the secret of her staying power in Parliament).

On polling day, she has 3 strongly beneficial transits, and one difficult one.  Neptune trines her natal Venus, so her charm should win out.  Jupiter sextiles her natal Neptune, so her faith will be rewarded.  Uranus trines her natal Pluto, so the element of the unexpected will be with her.  But Pluto squares her Neptune, so there will be a very challenging deep-seated change.  If she is called to serve in a cabinet the transition will not be easy for her.

Douglas Alexander – Shadow Foreign Secretary

Douglas Alexander’s position is difficult, as he holds a Scottish constituency, and most Labour MPs in Scotland are at risk of losing their seats.  His birthchart shows him to be a fighter (Sun in Scorpio exactly sextile Mars), with energy allied to enthusiasm (Mars trine Jupiter) and a lucky streak (Jupiter sextile the Sun).  So he may win through on his natal strength alone.

Despite the disadvantage for Scottish Labour MPs in the current situation, he could hold his seat, as on Election Day he has  Pluto sextile his natal Mercury (important news), Pluto trine his natal Venus (personal satisfaction) and Mars trine his natal Uranus (excitement, in a good way).  On the minus side, Chiron opposes his Pluto, so like Harriet Harman he could experience a culture shock.

Ed Balls – Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer

Ed Balls is another Labour politician who has failed to gain real popularity for some reason.  He is a Pisces, which can bamboozle the public perception of him.  He also has Chiron conjunct Mercury, which can lead to an odd way of thinking, but also a penchant for problem-solving.  Pluto also opposes his natal Mercury, which is challenging – he probably does advanced Sudoku in his sleepless hours!  He is an affable enough type of chap, reaching out to George Osborne on Andrew Marr’s sofa, though there are elements of shyness in his nature (Sun in Pisces, Venus conjunct Saturn).  One of the best features of his chart is an exact trine between Jupiter and Neptune (endless faith) which forms a Grand Trine with Saturn, giving him the ability to translate pie in the sky into concrete reality.

He has a good showing for Election Day, with Saturn trine his natal Venus (a good solid result) and Neptune sextile his natal North Node (spiritual exultation).  I would expect him to keep his seat.

Yvette Cooper – Shadow Home Secretary

Yvette is married to Ed Balls, and has been touted as a possible future leader of the Labour Party.  She has an outstanding chart, with great leadership and healing skills (Chiron conjunct the North Node – a healing karmic mission, and Neptune trine her North Node).  She can be mentally combative and possibly irritable, with Mercury square Mars.  Like her husband she has a diffident but loyal conjunction of Venus and Saturn.  But Jupiter is exactly conjunct Uranus (the Inner Entrepreneur) and works well with groups.  Her Pisces Sun trines its ruling planet Neptune, so somewhere she is tuned in with the Cosmos, though it is up to her to cultivate that quality – she may not even be aware of it.

Despite all this potential, she has a square of Neptune to her natal Mars on Polling Day, so she may feel uncertain or hamstrung in some ways from actions she would like to pursue.  Her self-confidence may be dented, e.g. a reduced majority.

Chuka Ummuna – Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills

Chuka Ummuna has been up and coming for a few years, a really good speaker on the Question Time circuit, answering clearly and knowledgeably.  His Mercury square Jupiter gives him a breadth of learning.  His Mars conjunct Uranus can give him a scientific bent, and a sparky personality.

Is this his time to come forward?  He has mixed aspects for Polling Day, with Pluto sextile his natal Uranus which could propel him forward, but at the same time Neptune opposing his Saturn, which could give him a headache or a hangover of some sort to deal with.

The Labour Party

The chart of the Labour Party has an idealistic and ideological Sun/Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, also conjunct Mars in Aquarius (fighting for the underdog).  It also has the Chiron/North Node karmic mission of Healing, but opposing the natal Ascendant/Pluto/Neptune, which is not easy to manage.

The chart of the Labour Party is actually reasonably well-aspected at the time of the Election, so may be a force to be reckoned with, in a Coalition at least.  Uranus will be sextile its Sun (Change), Chiron will be transiting its Venus (a time to get its act together), Jupiter opposing its Mars (energy and enthusiasm), but buoyantly North Node sextile its Jupiter (karmic reward) and Jupiter sextile its Pluto (Power).  That is a good set of prospects, surprisingly enough – it is possible then that a good proportion of the votes of the disaffected, disillusioned and impoverished will go to them, although undoubtedly many will vote SNP, UKIP and Green.


The first half of the week could bring further challenges (if you found the Lunar Eclipse difficult at the weekend), but the second half is much more plain-sailing.

Mercury conjuncts the South Node today, and some karmic information could come your way, which may be useful.  Relationships with siblings and neighbours may be under the karmic microscope.

The Sun squares Pluto in the afternoon, a cloud or downpour, only softened by the knowledge that we are past the worst of the Uranus-Pluto square and its disruptive powers.  So a situation may return or reverberate, but hopefully only an echo of its former upset.  Some may have solved a long term problem by the last Uranus-Pluto square (I had one of my two cataracts removed; a friend managed to make a long-sought house move) but if you are still working to solve your Uranus-Pluto problem(s), this may be an opportunity to look at it and tackle it again.

Tomorrow (Monday, 6th) you may be able to see the light shining through the clouds or a parting at the end of the tunnel, with an upbeat trine between Mercury and Jupiter.  Helpful news or information may come to light, and there is an opportunity to broaden your mind and horizons, or make travel or holiday plans.

The Sun also conjuncts Uranus, which could be favourably dynamic if it were not for the fact that Uranus is still linked with Pluto in a square, albeit moving away from the situation.  You may be able to see how to make changes, but may be locked in a dependency with others for the working out of that change.  That may make desired changes frustratingly complicated or delayed.  All change at this time has to be sensitively handled.

On Wednesday (8th) Mercury tackles the waning Uranus-Pluto square head on, squaring Pluto and then conjuncting Uranus all in one day.  You may feel compelled to pursue certain communications, although they may be difficult, sensing that the time is now or never, and despite the exhortation of more cautious types that this is not the time for a battle.  Geminis and Virgos may be the most affected.  Remember that words, once said, cannot often be unsaid.  But there will be a fast and furious energy to communication, and words will come out of the mouths of babes.  After this aspect, you may be able to move on for the rest of the week with more harmony.

Mid-afternoon Jupiter goes stationary prior to turning direct, and you may see this as the turning point of the week, a green light for a more positive outlook and a sign of hope even.

Friday (10th) brings a conjunction of the Sun and Mercury at 20 degrees Aries, shining a focus of light on Authenticity.  Be yourself, and be unafraid to be yourself!

Venus enters Gemini on Saturday (11th) staying in that sign until 8th May, and artistic matters will take a more cerebral turn.  I have signed up for a local watercolour pencil course which starts this month, which is very fitting to give more shape to my artistic work, now that I can actually see my way to putting pen to paper again [by the way apologies to all who have received garbled messages and endless typos in the last 9 months].  Venus in Gemini is also an opportunity for the social butterfly to flit from engagement to engagement, lunch date to soiree, new best friend to new best friend!

And finally (sigh – it’s so nice to end on a happy aspect) later that afternoon Mars sextiles Neptune and we should all be able to handle ourselves and others with sensitivity, finesse and spiritual attunement.  What a lovely way to spend a Saturday afternoon…

[Wednesday – just discovered that the Mars-Neptune sextile actually occurs on Sunday, sorry folks!  But the energy of it will be available to you on Saturday, so tune in, in advance.  Will write about it again next week]

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – karmic information, then storm clouds
  • Tomorrow – Expanded mental horizons and business prospects, then too much excitement
  • Wednesday – mental friction, then a clearing of the clouds
  • Friday – clarity and authenticity
  • Saturday – new artistic lines