One correspondent has already reported a casualty of this morning’s Sun square Neptune under the guise of missing e-mails…and can we also attribute the bizarre results of the Eurovision Song Contest to that? I think we need to keep our feet squarely on the ground today, with Mars squaring Pluto this afternoon. That is a combustible combination so lots of health and safety checks, meditation and rescue remedy are required. Energy is heightened at the moment, not just because of the aftermath of the Deneb celebrations, but because Mars is preparing to return to its home battleground Aries on Tuesday (15th). It will give us a chance to align with our authentic energy before the focus of the New Moon on Wednesday (16th), which takes place in the sign of Taurus. If you are working on manifestation and creativity it’s a good New Moon to take that crucial step forward, and then build on that for the rest of the week. Mars energy rules this week, not least because Rufus Wainwright has just made an impact on our screens with his captivating triple conjunction of Mars/Chiron/Moon in Aries singing it like it is, and the soul expression of his Venus in Leo…is it just me or can you actually fall for a triple conjunction?