Andy Murray weds Kim Sears

At last a good news story to intersperse my political blogs!  You won’t find exclusive pictures in “Hello” or “O.K.” for yesterday’s wedding, all credit to Andy Murray, who has over the years firmly embedded himself in the hearts of the nation.  I have written many times about his tennis in my Wimbledon blogs, but haven’t until now devoted the luxury indulgence of a whole blog to him.

Andy Murray

Andy Murray is a stolid Taurean, and that is one of the secrets of his endurance through long 5-set matches on court.  As a Scottish personality, we are lucky to have his birth time, which provides an Ascendant of Virgo, combining with Taurus to give a very shy nature.  Extra emotional diffidence comes from a conjunction of his Moon and Saturn in the 4th House of Home, and it has taken years for the public to see the real Andy, and what they have seen they have liked. 

Moon conjunct Saturn in 4th House also shows up the protectiveness about his home town of Dumblane and the tragedy it suffered in 1996, which he himself was involved in, hiding under the headmaster’s desk during a shooting massacre.  He says of Dunblane: “I will always hold this place close to my heart”.

At the time of the massacre there was a raft of dangerous transits to his chart (Mars squaring his natal Moon, Pluto opposing his natal Mercury, and the emotional confusion of Neptune squaring his Venus), but there was also the protection of Jupiter trine his natal Ascendant.  Unsurprisingly, there’s no doubting the impact of this event on his life and mind, but some of his toughness may also be due to that.

We as the supportive viewing public went on a journey with him, through the ups and downs of tournaments and nail-biting contests.  Often he would start well, drop a serve or two, and then come back fighting.  The defining moment in relation to the British public was his defeat in the Wimbledon final of 2012, where he seemed to drop his guard and open up when interviewed, and displayed more emotion than before.  He won even more hearts, and the public felt closer to him than ever.  That may have played a part in the final shift which made him a champion, in the subsequent Olympic tournament.  But there was no doubting that he had broken decades of frustration with our tennis performance.

Kim Sears

Now his wife, Kim Sears has a very energetic chart, with 4 planets in Sagittarius, the Sun closely trine Jupiter, Uranus square the Nodal Axis, and Mars exactly conjunct Pluto. She has been an almost constant support to Andy in his tennis career.  Her own talent lies as an Artist, specializing in animal portraiture (Sagittarius).  Andy Murray’s mother Judy says Kim is the best thing that has ever happened to him, and she looked predictably stunning as a bride.

Just a word about the temper…she used the “F” word in a rant against Thomas Berdych in January, in the semi-final of the Australian Open.  Of course, that Mars-Pluto exact conjunction has got to come out sometimes.

Synastry (Comparison of Charts)

Aged 27, both Andy and Kim have their highest number of planets in Fire signs, and she has 4 Sagittarian planets, and he has 3 (which include his Moon, representing the females in his life).  There is a lovely exact trine between Andy Murray’s Jupiter and Kim’s Sun, so that increases the luck when they are together.  Andy Murray’s Saturn also exactly trines Kim’s Jupiter, and she herself has Saturn trine Jupiter, so when together they are able to make balanced decisions.  There is some spark, though, in the form of his Mars opposing her Uranus, so it might not necessarily be a calm pairing.

They could face some tough decisions or restrictions over the next couple of years, with Saturn’s sojourn through Sagittarius, and both of them facing their Saturn Return.  But the Saturn Return is often the time when people have their children, and that does change their lives considerably and restrict their freedoms.  He is reported to have said: “I think I will be more nervous about starting a family because that would be more life-changing, in a good way.”

Chart of the Day

They were married at 4.30 pm yesterday at Dunblane Cathedral.  The chart of the wedding shows up an Ascendant very close to Andy Murray’s own Ascendant, so he is likely to be very comfortable in the marriage.  Uranus transiting his Jupiter ensures that the marriage will keep him on his toes though.  For Kim, Pluto transits her natal Venus, so it is a profound time for Kim emotionally, and may change the course of her Art in some way.

There is some drama depicted in the chart, as the Moon was exactly conjunct Pluto at the time.  A last minute snow flurry erupted, and a photographer died after a fall at the scene.

Mother of the Groom

The only “A” List celebrity reported to have attended the wedding was Tim Henman, whose Henman Hill at Wimbledon turned into Murray Mound when Andy took over as the nation’s hopeful.  But Judy Murray, Andy’s mother and original coach, is now a celebrity in her own right, and has displayed a canny sense of humour we never knew she had, since appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.  On her debut, I wrote: “She has Mars square Saturn in her natal chart, which is presumably the grit with which she encouraged and cajoled her sons as they grew up  in a life of tennis.  She also has as her karmic mission North Node conjunct Mars in Libra, symbolic of her raising sons to be tennis champions, with the drive needed to do that.” Like the bride, Judy looked simply stunning!

Father of the Bride

Kim Sears’ father Nigel is a tennis coach, and apparently was responsible for introducing the couple in 2005.  He actually does have the chart of a matchmaker, believe it or not!  His Sun conjuncts Venus with Venus exactly sextile Mars – excellent credentials for a matchmaker.  Like Kim and Andy, his highest proportion of planets are in Fire signs, and he has Saturn in Sagittarius (so may need to reduce his activity a little over the next two years).

A lovely couple, providing a feelgood story!


Mars sextile Neptune kicks off the week today, though its action is anything but a kick, more a gentle nudge.  It’s a time when you can unite action with spiritual intent and aspiration.  You can start the week on that note, and let it flow.

On Tuesday (14th) Mercury enters Taurus.  While in Aries lately, the collective mindset will have been logical and straightforward.  Mercury in Taurus brings the mind to bear on more relaxing and artistic pursuits.  Gardening, painting and musicality benefit from the application of the mind.  This reinforces the present outlook of Venus in Gemini, as Venus and Mercury in this case are said to be in mutual reception, in each other’s signs.  It’s a good time to set up a cosy club.

Venus is opposed by Saturn on Wednesday (15th), which may deflate some Venus types (Taureans and Librans for instance).  Cinderella may be confined to the housework, and be unable to see her way to the ball.  At best humdrum, and at worst some release of sadness arises.

There may be a sense of flatness midweek up to Friday (17th) because Pluto is preparing to  turn from Direct to Retrograde on that day, in the early hours.  Looking at the issues behind the flatness, you may realize how deep-seated they are.  You may be able to work through this in your dreams or half-awake, before tackling the day.

Saturday (18th) is a different kettle of fish entirely.  Mars squares Jupiter, whipping up excitement, and for a few people anger.  Enthusiasm abounds for your weekend activities.  Then at teatime a New Moon at 28 degrees Aries can bring about a renewal, a new you and a new emotional focus.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today –  sensitive physicality
  • Tuesday – mental application in leisure and pleasure
  • Wednesday – letting go
  • Friday – psychological introspection
  • Saturday – bouncing back and renewing yourself