Princess Charlotte

born 2nd May 2015, at 8.34 am

All eyes are on the young royal family at the moment, with a baby girl being born to Prince William and his wife Kate yesterday morning.  They have recently been given a house on the Sandringham Estate, which is in our county of Norfolk, to enable William to pursue his new job as a pilot in the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

I am pleased to report that with a Cancerian Ascendant, she continues the Cancerian astrological lineage, with Diana as her grandmother and William as father.  Parenting is likely to be a priority for her, as it has been for Diana and William.

She will be a solid support within the family group, as a Sunsign Taurus, with Mars also in that sign.  With Sun, Mars and Mercury in the 11th House of Friendships and Groups, she is likely to be involved in charity work and keen to work with the power of large associations.

Her overall life direction and career may have its difficulties, as the Mercury-Saturn opposition forms a T-square with her Midheaven, and her Neptune also forms a T-square with the opposition, possibly creating difficulties around education.  Strictly speaking the Midheaven and Neptune are just wide of a conjunction.

She has a lovely, equable Moon in Libra trine her natal Venus, indicating that she may smooth over difficulties between women in the family, which could prove important.

The silver spoon is shown up by Jupiter in royal Leo in 2nd House of wealth.

There is an emphasis on the family, with the Moon in 4th House and Cancer rising, but also karma is an important factor in the family she has been born into, with the North Node early in the 4th House, and the Nodal Axis squaring the Ascendant/Descendant axis.  Though fourth in line, she is not likely to clear the field and become Queen, with South Node in 10th House giving her a deferential role in the firm.

Relationships with the Family

Her Venus is exactly trine Prince William’s Pluto, so she will be a deep love of his life.  Mentally their communication may not be as good, with her Mercury opposite his Uranus and her Neptune square his Mercury.  Her Pluto also squares his Saturn, so she may provide some pressures on him.  But the loveliest interaspect between them is her Ascendant exactly conjunct his Moon, so she will embody a female Archetype for him, and in some way link him with his mother.

Astrologically, mother Kate Middleton (Duchess of Cambridge) is under more pressure at the moment than her smiley face on the steps of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s Paddington showed yesterday.  The birth seems to have been short enough, but some of her astrological transits will take a while to play out, and may reflect in some ways her relationship with her daughter. I refer to Saturn transiting her natal Uranus (restricting her freedom), and Uranus squaring her natal Midheaven.  If Kate had pursued a conventional career, she would have found it severely disrupted at the moment.  As it is, the birth and childcare will disrupt her lifestyle, and maybe point her to a different direction in life.  As many mums know, it isn’t easy looking after two young children, in terms of emotional stretch (the finances will be a doddle).   Kate will find this new phase of life demanding, but it will also be creative and empowering (what to dress the baby in, etc.).  She may feel an urge to make sure that the new baby is able to express herself fully.

But the baby’s relationship with Prince George is key, and with Pluto in the 7th House she could be symbolically the power behind the throne.  The siblings will make a dynamic duo, with George’s Uranus exactly trine Jupiter.  They may cook up schemes outside the royal rules, regulations and guidelines, moving great grandmother’s furniture when they visit for instance, while no one is looking.  George’s Mars/Jupiter conjunction in Cancer is exactly conjunct her Ascendant, so there could be battles, but also great joy in their sibling relationship.  Prince William will be able to join in with that special bond, as his Moon is conjunct this combination.  George’s top dog exact trine of Saturn and Neptune also form an exact Grand Trine with her Ascendant.  He definitely has a more powerful chart, but her relationship with him is powerful.

There are minor points of tension between her chart and her great grandmother the Queen’s chart.  Queen Elizabeth’s Moon squares her Sun, so she may challenge some of the Queen’s habits.  The Queen’s Jupiter squares her Mars, so she may find herself overruled by the Queen!  But the Queen’s Mars trines her Moon so she may bring out some warmth from the Queen.