UK General Election 2015

There’s no doubt about it, the astrology is reflecting the polls at the moment!  Undistinguished leading politicians have undistinguished transits, and there is a T-square this Election week (Saturn opposite Mercury and square Neptune), depicting another hung parliament situation.

People are having to search themselves to determine what they really believe in and what are their priorities.  Are they willing to give up the nuclear deterrent, for instance? Is the N.H.S. their priority? Or is immigration the hot potato?  Should we vote against what we want to keep out, or vote for what we believe in?

Highlights of recent blogs?

I was hoping to have highlights by this time of clear bright astrological points about the politicians and parties.

I wasn’t hoping for this: The only leader who has bright transits on the day is Nigel Farage:

Nigel Farage (UKIP): [High] Jupiter trine his natal Sun (A stroke of luck).

Transiting Pluto will also be sextile his natal Chiron, also putting him in a strong position psychologically.”

Jupiter is not likely to win Farage a majority, just exceed his expectations.  Then again, Jupiter can also represent liberation, and I suspect that Nigel Farage would like to prove a point, but not necessarily want to follow through, and he might be relieved not to win his seat at Thanet.

One of his party members, not the obvious Douglas Carswell, may also do well as I wrote a few weeks ago about Mark Reckless:

“Like Nigel Farage, he has transiting Jupiter trine his natal Sun (which is in Sagittarius) at the time of the UK General Election.  So another lucky UKIP result on the cards!  His and Nigel’s natal Suns are exactly trine within a minute (13 degrees 55 minutes Sagittarius for Mark, and 13 degrees 54 minutes Aries for Nigel) giving them good working prospects together, and on election day Jupiter at 13 degrees 51 minutes Leo creates a Grand Trine with their natal Suns, magnifying the luck factor.  The stars certainly seem to smile on them that day.”

Ed Miliband’s transits for Election Day are not bad (see my blog dated 5/4/15) but may not be enough to see him rise above the parapet of the negotiating table.

Two Weeks After the Election

If as is likely, there is a hung parliament, then it seems important to look at the transits at least 2 weeks after the election (the length of time it took last time to sort out a government).

The picture here is clearer:

David Cameron at that time has a likely successful Jupiter sextile his Sun, the North Node will be on his Venus, and Saturn will be trine his Jupiter like Nick Clegg (who was born a few months later than him).  Nick Clegg chose David Cameron over Gordon Brown after the last election, and certainly Clegg and Cameron are more natural rose garden bedfellows being close in age.  The Saturn trine to their Jupiters may be another indication of a second Conservative/Lib Dem coalition.

Interestingly, the transits for Nigel Farage two weeks after the election look decisively difficult – Mars square his Uranus, and Saturn square his Saturn.  Maybe he will be liberated from his task after all and hang up his hat.  Or be marginalized as irrelevant by that point.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Greens looks directionless, with Neptune on her Mars two weeks after the election. Caroline Lucas looks disappointed with Saturn on her Mercury and Neptune on her South Node, and Pluto opposite her Mars.  She may be fighting, but with Neptune trine her natal Neptune, will be as much in touch with her integrity as ever.

On Election Day this Thursday, Mercury will be  close to squaring Neptune, ensuring uncertainty. Two weeks on for the UK chart finds Jupiter trine exactly the U.K. Sun/Mercury, and Neptune trine exactly the UK Jupiter, so the post-election situation may not drag on as long as the papers are predicting this morning.  But Neptune will be at the top of the U.K. chart, so still a lot of sorting to do in terms of finer detail.

Other Coalition Combinations

We have been warned about:


Nigel Farage’s Neptune is on David Cameron’s South Node, so he has been able to pull David Cameron off course.  His natal Mercury squares David’s Jupiter, which stretches them both mentally.  Nigel’s Mercury sextiles David’s Midheaven, so he might be an asset to David if he chose to be.  His natal Jupiter trines David’s Mars: indeed he could bring him luck, if he chose to!  And his natal Saturn trines David’s Midheaven:  He could really stabilize a Tory government, but I suspect David won’t let him.   He has told us time and again he won’t entertain Nigel.


David Cameron doesn’t waste any opportunity of warning us of the perils of a Labour/SNP combination, but again Ed tells us it is never going to happen.  Nicola Sturgeon’s Sun sextiles Ed Miliband’s Pluto, so she could be a supportive asset to him.  Her Mars squares his Jupiter, so there would be a clash of wills.  Nicola’s Neptune sextiles Ed’s Pluto, again a good supportive relationship would not be impossible.  However, the killer interaspect is Nicola’s Pluto squaring Ed Miliband’s natal Venus, reinforcing his natal pattern of difficult relationships.  I suspect that is the deciding factor.  On a personal level, it would not work.

Hung parliament

Labour under the old politics would naturally inherit the disgruntled vote, but that is being dissolved by  the Lib Dems (less popular than before though) UKIP (who have eclipsed the Lib Dems in growth), Greens (who have gained ground) and the SNP (who have been tipped to win all the Scottish seats, and are a considerable threat to Labour).

Nate Silver who correctly predicted the last U.S. Election, predicts an “incredibly messy outcome” for the U.K. in this election, and hints at a “rainbow coalition” of several parties.

The old straightforward ruling Party versus strong Opposition model may be on its last legs, and the era of the Coalition may be a more permanent feature of politics.

New economy

The Observer Business Leader this morning advises:
“Last week’s GDP figures, showing the growth rate halving to 0.3% in the first three months of 2015, suggests the upturn of which the Tories are so proud may already be starting to fade”.

I for one do not believe in the successful economy, which the Conservatives boast about.  With European and World economies looking so delicate right now, it just doesn’t ring true.  And I don’t think you can call “successful” a society where the poor are being more and more crushed by an indifferent government.

Paul Krugman writing in the Guardian on 29/5/15 states:
“Cameron is campaigning largely on a spurious claim to have ‘rescued’ the British economy – and promising, if he stays in power to continue making substantial cuts in the year ahead”

Other economists, such as American Robert Wiedemer (author of “Aftershock: Protect yourself and profit in the next global financial meltdown”) warn there could still be a complete collapse of the world economy.

There definitely needs to be a re-evaluation of how we think about finance, and there are people working on that theme.  Caroline Lucas, in her book “Honourable Friends?” writes:

“If we can free ourselves from illusions such as seeing economic growth and consumerism as the root of human happiness, then we can reshape our society so that it becomes more nurturing, more supportive, and more sharing: and where our wealth is seen in what we share, in friendships, in freedom and in opportunity; and where our own success does not have to be seen in terms of the failure of others.”

The Yachtswoman Ellen MacArthur, while sailing round the world, thought deeply about sustainability, and has initiated a system which she calls “a circular economy” to use resources differently.


My Spiritual Voting Gauge

Greens 100% Spiritual – Putting the Planet first

Labour 75% Spiritual – The party of Social Fairness

Liberal Democrat Party 50% Spiritual – The party of Balance

Conservative Party 25% Spiritual – The party of Austerity

UKIP 0% Spiritual  – The politics of Fear


I will be voting Labour, because I cannot bear the Tory government’s actions and attitudes towards the poor and the NHS.



The aspects for this Election week are not very inspiring, so you may have to work hard to wring out every ounce of meaning and enjoyment, and screen out the minor irritations from what is going on around you.

The first leg of a dampening T-square occurs today, on a rainy morning here in Norfolk certainly, with Saturn opposing Mercury.  The line of least resistance to day would be defeatism.  Perhaps some dispiriting news drags you down.  To turn this to a positive you might need to actually take note of what is happening, take it seriously, and contemplate whether there might be a hidden gift in the situation.  You may have to let go of something, or leave something behind.

There may be added tension rising during the course of the day, because a Full Moon in Scorpio occurs in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Bank Holiday Monday 4th).  Perhaps you have not been able to draw an emotional line under events of the previous day, and the situation has invaded your dreamtime.  You may be able to change the energy round 3.42 a.m. tomorrow morning with a cup of camomile tea and a rice cake, and a fresh look at things.  Then draw a line, and get back to sleep!

In the morning the Sun squares Jupiter: this may feel much more buoyant, but may almost swing to the opposite extreme: overconfidence, arrogance, brashness.  Give the inner Clown or Hedonist some space for expression – it will be a relief!  It is not a good day for gambling or speculation, as you could overshoot the mark through overconfidence, but say yes to exuberance.

Wednesday (6th) is the best day, with a trine between the Sun and Pluto which is very constructive for activities or ideas with a psychological theme or programme.  Creativity and Drama thrive, because the depth of Pluto gives meaning to the creativity, and the Sun adds creativity to the drama of Pluto.  An ideal day for putting on a Shakespearean tragedy, if you are involved in a theatre company.  If you are alone, try a grand soliloquy!  You may be on call that day though to be a listening ear for someone, but this could be cathartic.  The Force is with you (and everyone else) today.

Venus enters Cancer on Thursday (7th) which is a neutral change (neither good nor bad), and the change may be as good as a rest.  Coming up to Election Day, your feelings may have been under a lot of analytical scrutiny while Venus was in Gemini, and they will be entering more emotionally expressive waters while Venus is in Cancer.  Perhaps you can meditate on eating a Cornetto while riding in a gondola in Venice, in order to get into the mood.  Or life may hand you a spontaneous signal that Venus has entered Cancer, and you will just feel the switch.  As the event occurs late evening, make the most of the last minute analysis and insights of Venus in Gemini which covers the actual polling period.

Saturday (9th) brings the challenge of Mercury squaring Neptune.  Perhaps you have complicated things to discuss with someone close, or you have a complicated journey to undertake, or the weather is not conducive to what you had planned.  Something is obscuring your perception and what you want to do.  You may set out to do one thing, and get distracted and waylaid and end up with a different programme.  This is the second leg of the T-square of the week, and it occurs in the afternoon.  By the evening though, you may be feeling that you have cleared a hurdle this week.

For some light relief, read my blog about the new Royal Baby, below

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – under a cloud
  • Tomorrow – emotional tension, then a pick-me-up
  • Wednesday – profound progress
  • Thursday – a different feeling
  • Saturday – confusion