Last week belonged to the Moon.  With a dearth of aspects early in the week, she established her power from the beginning, culminating in Friday’s Full Moon.  A visual friend of mine looked up at that Moon, and saw a beautiful fish.  She didn’t know it was the Pisces Full Moon, and hadn’t read my blog.  Just goes to show the special role our Moon plays for us on this planet (and I have a talent for stating the obvious).   The new Japanese first lady is reported to have ridden a triangular shaped U.F.O. to Venus and found it to be beautiful and very green.  You may not need to go that far for your magic.  Meanwhile, we have until 4.44 a.m. tomorrow Monday 7th (in the U.K.) to write our letters, back up our computer files, visit long-lost relatives to say what we need to say, and pre-empt postal and rail strikes, before the next Mercury retrograde comes into operation.   So today’s the day for communication!  That said, when the retrograde period comes into force (it lasts until 29 September) don’t panic.  You’ve done all you could (written to Aunty Mary, put in your Income Tax Self-Assessment form, registered on the Electoral Roll – haven’t you?).  It isn’t the end of the world.  There is nothing more important in Astrology, and to some extent life, than timing.  The timing of events can sometimes be breathtaking in their perfection, and can turn on such little things as a spider crawling across a floor, or an autumn leaf falling on your head.  I am always drawing up charts for such things.  And we often don’t realize the reasons for delays until much later.  Sometimes it depends on the karma of others and their progress towards an event, or spiritual growth (yours or others).  How often have we said about an event “I wouldn’t have been ready, if it had happened earlier”?   So if we are left, during this retrograde period, sitting waiting by the phone, or poised at the letterbox, or pressing send and receive endlessly on our email inbox, take a moment to think about the impeccable timing of the Universe thus far in your life.  I know, you are tempted to ding the Customer Service desk to say “What about the time that so and so arrived too late?”  But the Universe always has reasons, and it is better for us to fall in with the rhythms of nature and the planets and our soul groups where the wider picture lies, than to be focussed on a smaller picture where there is only the drumming of our fingers on our computer desks and wondering where our next wheat-free sandwich is going to come from.  The next aspect occurs on Friday (11th) and is an opposition between Venus and Jupiter.  This highlights uneasy or inappropriate social interactions, such as between artists’ models and poets or vicars (sorry I’ve been over-reading on the Pre-Raphaelites).  There may be enjoyment to be had within the framework of acceptable social roles, too.  But if you are famous and falling out of a taxi in the early hours showing cellulite and cosmetic surgery scars, there will be more than usual exposure in the press.  Seriously though, something more important is happening later on in the day: Pluto is stationary, and beginning to move forward again. Pluto in Capricorn is the bottom line of our reality over the next 14 years or so, and it represents reality.   The triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron will only be with us until early next year, heavenly though it has been.  Use the gift of inspiration it has given you and the creations it has engendered wisely to see you through.  Pluto moving forward means that in one sense you have gone as far as you can go in re-hashing the past, and will need to decide, before you board your space ship to the future, what you want to do with past baggage, before you move forward.  This applies also to governments, and I am sure that President Obama is deciding right now what to do with his baggage.  Saturn and Neptune make a quincunx on Saturday (12th) which is a staging post for our consciousness, to take stock of how far we have sorted out the reality wheat of Saturn from the illusion chaff of Neptune.  But Neptune also holds inspiration, dreams and hopes, and those are not to be thrown out.  Just be sensible.  It’s good timing, because next week belongs to the Saturn-Uranus opposition.