So…all the pundits were wrong, and we did not get a hung parliament.  Between them, the Conservatives and the Scottish National Party carved up the political map of the U.K.  There are a lot of people out there deeply disappointed and worried about the future of our country, and my feeling is that the shock will galvanize each person to ask what they can personally be responsible for in making a difference.  Whether it is writing more letters, getting involved in conservation projects, helping at food banks, there is more each person can do to take a step towards a world they want to see.   I feel that I have complacently walked into a situation whereby many more vulnerable people are going to be suffering, and I should have done more.  In our household, hubby and I have decided (at 65) to become more politically active – we’re united in this, and intend to seize the day!  Our youngest daughter who lives in London, meanwhile, is enquiring about when the next march is going to take place.  I hope that Nicola Sturgeon’s passion for helping the poor somehow highlights the inequalities of Conservative policies in parliament, and that might result in  softening the blow for those on the breadline and below.  Do they say you should never blog about religion and politics…?  Enough said.

And now for something completely different…

How you can spot a Zodiac sign from a mile off

Physical features tend to show up more in the Ascendant sign, but are often spotted in the Sun Sign.  If you have a planet rising, the sign which it rules will have sway, e.g. Neptune rising (ruler of Pisces) will increase the water retention in your body.  Have fun with this.  As this is not an illustrated blog, you will need your visual imagination.  Third eye to the ready!


Distinguishing features: Prominent chins, short stature, reddish hair, balding (hopefully men-only), glasses, large heads.

Famous Examples: Elton John, Jeremy Clarkson, Adrian Chiles, Alan Sugar, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Chris Evans, David Frost, Debbie Reynolds, Doris Day (Sun Signs)


Distinguishing features: Short stature, tendency to overweight, snub nose, prominent neck.

Famous Examples: Adele, Renee Zellweger (Sun Sign)


Distinguishing features: Thin, with plenty of nervous energy, a two-pronged nose (!), an open mouth, darting eyes.

Famous examples: Colin Farrell, Johnny Depp (Sun Sign)


Distinguishing features: A generous chest, spindly legs, short stature, tendency to fluid retention, sensitive skin, sidelong glance, moon face.

Famous examples: Hilary Mantel, Ricky Gervais, Ringo Starr (Sun Sign)

George Michael (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Tall stature, thick mane of hair, proud bearing, commanding appearance, blond hair

Famous examples: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Madonna, Robert Redford (Sun Sign)

Richard Branson, Stephen Fry (Ascendant)

Alfred Hitchcock, (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Short stature, slim, porcelain skin, neat or fine features, delicate bones

Famous examples: Ashley Roberts, Nigel Slater, Twiggy (Sun Sign)

Woody Allen (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Beautiful people, tall and slender, even features, elegant.

Famous examples: Brigitte Bardot, Catherine Zeta Jones, Margaret Thatcher, Davina McCall, Gwyneth Paltrow, Roger Moore, Chuka Ummuna (Sun Sign)

John F. Kennedy, Rock Hudson (Ascendant)

Martin Kemp (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Short stature, wiry build, deep set eyes, neat pointed nose, piercing gaze, auburn hair, gravel-voiced.

Famous examples: Billie Jean King, Boris Becker, Conchita Wurst, Sally Field, Julia Roberts, Neil Young, Richard Burton (Sun Sign)

Jane Asher (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Tall, large nose, a gap between the two front teeth, portly round the middle, open face, bushy eyebrows (hopefully just the men), chunky hips and thighs.

Famous examples: Alistair Darling, Bette Midler, Billy Connolly, Christopher Biggins, Marco Pierre White, Martin Clunes, Miranda Hart, Richard Osman (Sun Sign)

Ronald Reagan (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Tall, dark hair, slim, olive complexion

Famous examples: Joan Baez, Angus Deayton, Ed Miliband, Kate Middleton, Rowan Atkinson (Sun Sign)

Colin Farrell, Victoria Beckham (Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Very tall, very slim, very long arms, live wire electrical energy, distinguishing features (nothing ordinary about the appearance).

Famous examples: Alice Cooper, Eddie Izzard, John McEnroe, Vanessa Redgrave, Peter Crouch (Sun Sign)

David Bowie  (Ascendant)

Alan Cumming (Sun Sign and Ascendant)


Distinguishing features: Prominent feet, water retention, dreamy eyes.

Famous examples: Elizabeth Taylor, Vanessa Feltz (Sun Sign)

Ringo Starr, Barry Humphries (Ascendant)

Do these descriptions fit anyone you know?


Tomorrow (Monday 11th) offers the best prospect for healing, with the Sun sextile Chiron.  If you have a medical appointment, Chiron (the Healer) should afford you decent care today.  If you are self-treating with herbs or consciousness, your path too should be eased.  If you are merely trying to Heal your Life, you should be comfortably on track.

On Tuesday (12th) you will be fighting different battles.  Mars leaves Taurus, where the Inner Warrior has been determined and focussed, and enters the debating chambers of Gemini, where the fight is on the mental plane.  Wars of words, banter and repartee characterize its stay here, which lasts until 24th June.  Gemini is a more adaptable sign, so dodging verbal bullets and hedging bets is the way the battle is fought in this territory.  Those who are clever with words may have the edge.  Time to take a course on linguistics.

On Friday (15th) Mars opposes Saturn, perhaps the first battle which Mars initiates in this sign.  Opposing Saturn, it may be a battle against intransigeance.  It may be an internal battle against an area where you lack self-confidence or self-belief.  Conversely, you may be taking a stand (the Saturn position) against another who is seeking to impose their will, or asserting themselves.  You may be the last bastion of an Institution dedicated to preserve the status quo.  Or you may be a pacifist seeking to demonstrate that fighting is not the answer.  In the exchange though, lessons will be learned and information supplied.  Questions may be answered, too, through confronting issues.

Venus squares the Nodal Axis on Saturday (16th), and relationships come under the karmic microscope.  Who are we in relation to each other, and perhaps who were we in past lives in relation to each other, plus how will we be going forward, and how will we be in relation to each other in the future?  Some might just prefer the approach of the Now, but the whole tapestry can be very interesting.

By tea-time (in the U.K.) you may have some answers to those questions, supplied by Venus in a trine with Neptune.  You may have needed the questioning, in order to arrive at the sense of peace, or the potential of spiritual bliss of this aspect.  The Arts receive a special grace from this aspect, a world away from political wrangling.  It’s a night at the ballet, or nearest equivalent!

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – healing
  • Tuesday – a different battle strategy
  • Friday – tackling stuck energy
  • Saturday – karmic relationships and artistic inspiration