At the risk of a boycott, I find myself writing about Fifa and Sepp Blatter this morning!  This subject has dominated the headlines since Wednesday, and I cannot ignore it.  On Wednesday 14 Fifa officials were arrested on charges of corruption, and the Swiss opened investigations on the awarding of the World Cup franchise to Russia and Qatar for the 2018 and 2022 tournaments.  The U.S. Attorney General Lorretta Lynch pointed the finger at officials within the organization who had accepted millions in bribes, laying out 47 corruption charges.  Rumours and innuendo had been circulating for years, but this was the moment to bring the officials to book, as they gathered for a conference in Zurich.

Sepp Blatter

Wednesday was also two days from Sepp Blatter’s predictable re-election as Chairman of Fifa, following 16 years of unchallenged rule.  Would his position wobble in the face of the allegations?  On Friday, he failed to get the required number of votes in relation to his opponent Prince Ali bin al-Hussein of Jordan, but before a second vote could take place, Ali Hussein conceded defeat, and seamlessly Sepp Blatter stepped back into the helm which he had never left, without missing a heartbeat or blinking an eyelid, batting off any suggestion that he was implicated or responsible for any of the despicable practices.

In his chart, Sepp Blatter has the Sun in Pisces (possibly deceptive) opposite Neptune (double deception) trine loosely Pluto (powerful).  He has Mercury conjunct Venus (smooth talker) and Venus sextile Jupiter (social skills).  The North Node is in Capricorn (karmic mission as an Administrator, interested in political status).  He has the notorious Uranus square Pluto (destructive tendencies if unchecked), plus an up close and personal Moon opposite Mars (fiery emotions).  There is also Saturn opposite Neptune (some tendency to depression)

The transits to his chart this week were interesting:  Chiron was on his Sun – (the exposure of a wound), Pluto was square to his Moon – (emotional exposure), but the triumph factor was Pluto trine his Neptune – he was prepared for the exposure, and is still in a strong state psychologically.


Pisces can be the most beautiful, talented, intelligent and compassionate sign.  But like all signs, it has its positive and negative attributes.  It seems that Sepp Blatter has adopted (with his own free will) the classically negative tendencies and weaknesses of the sign: deception, intrigue, mystery, self-delusion and scandal.  This may have been the line of least resistance for him as ruling planet Neptune opposes his natal Sun in Pisces.  But there are many perfectly decent Pisceans out there, even with harsh aspects to their Sun.

Neptune of course rules the Sea, and the Observer today has printed a list of Sepp Blatter’s sea metaphors, of which here is a hand picked selection of 3 (I would have liked to use them all):

‘2011: Faced with more allegation, Blatter admits: “We are on a ship and the ship is moving through troubled, rocky waters”…

2013: Job done.  He tells congress in Mauritius: “As your captain I am happy to say that Fifa has weathered the storm.  We have emerged from troubled waters stronger and into hopefully as beautiful, calm and transparent sea as the sea around us in Mauritius.”…

Yesterday’s final flourish: “We will take our boat back into calmer water and take the Fifa ship into tranquility and happiness.” ‘


Fifa (the Fédération Internationale de Football Association) was founded on 21st May 1904, with a conjunction of Sun and Mars, most suitable for a Football Association, but also apt to stir the passions and appeal to the male of the species!  There is also a communicative Mercury-Venus conjunction (which is shared by Sepp Blatter).  It has a square between the Moon and Venus, which is not very female friendly.  Pluto exactly sextile Jupiter makes it a successful power machine, backed up with a close trine between Saturn and Pluto (an enduring structure), with Jupiter sitting in the middle of the trine.  The Sun exactly trines Chiron, so ostensibly it was set up at the time to heal something, which may have got lost in translation, or may not yet have emerged (Chiron was only discovered in 1977).  Mars trines Chiron, so there is a full bloodied healing energy latent, but if Fifa is boycotted and literally dies, that potential may never come to fruition.

At the time of the arrests, the Moon was conjunct its Virgo North Node – an examination of its purity.  Uranus (shock) was transiting its Jupiter in Aries (capacity of getting away without censure).


The relationship of Fifa and Sepp Blatter to the African nations is an interesting one.  It illustrates tortuously well the subversion of the best qualities of Pisces, as benefactor and compassionate dealer.  There has been debate since Blatter’s re-election whether the African nations voted him back in through fear, or through gratitude.  The fact is that the African developing nations have been propped up or boosted through the re-distribution of wealth through Fifa.  So the Pisces-Neptune qualities acting in a beneficent and charitable way (apparently) have been part of the corruption, while looking glamorously kind (and in some ways having genuinely helped).  How very Neptune, smoke and mirrors!


Switzerland, a country associated with Pisces’ opposite sign Virgo (watchmakers, precision, cleanliness, attention to detail) is the perfect country to bring Sepp Blatter to book!  Switzerland has the Sun perfectly aligned with its karmic mission (Sun/North Node conjunction in Virgo) as independent arbiter of purity, with Mercury conjunct Mars (the Critic Archetype) and Moon conjunct the I.C. in Pisces (a self-contained sense of security).

Transits at the time of the arrests show the hand of Chiron (the Inner Healer) at work: Chiron trines the Ascendant of Switzerland (a chance to heal a longstanding sore) but also conjuncts the Swiss Saturn (“it hurts me as much as it hurts you to do this”) – an unpleasant but necessary duty.

Loretta Lynch

Like Fifa, Loretta Lynch (US Attorney General) was born on 21st May – maybe this gives her a karmic link into the probity of the organization, as if she can see personally what the correct blueprint should be, and won’t rest until integrity is honoured.  With Mars trine Jupiter, she has the enthusiasm to fight the good fight.  With Mercury square Uranus, she is not afraid of controversy.  Saturn closely sextile Neptune gives her a grasp of subtlety and the firmness not to allow slippery eels to escape through her legal fingers.  According to yesterday’s Guardian Obama has said “Loretta might be the only lawyer in Amerca who battles mobsters and drug lords and terrorists, and still has the reputation for being a charming people person”.  I look forward to seeing more of Loretta Lynch’s career on the world stage, confronting corruption.  Her North Node (karmic mission) is of course in the legal sign of fairness, Libra.

Transitwise, she has taken on a huge cause (“as big as they come” according to the Guardian) as shown by a transiting square of Saturn to her Pluto.  But the great challenger in the sky Pluto is currently trine her natal Mercury, illuminating her mental skills.

People have begged me not to blog about this subject today.  I hope I come to feel it was worth it!


With Neptune squaring Mercury in recent days, spotlighting scandal and deception, today the Sun squares Neptune, prolonging the uncertainty and questioning.  You could wish the fog away, but it is still lingering.

And there is a vague feeling of unease operating until the break of mood after the Full Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius on Tuesday (2nd).  There may be a sense of suspicion and a question of “will they or won’t they?” around communications for this Full Moon.  If you see someone eyeing you up and down in the street on Tuesday, you’ll know why.  Trust will be the commodity that people will be looking for in their hearts, truth will be the prize.  We cannot blame Fifa and Sepp Blatter for casting a shadow on our faith in human nature, but the planets are not helping at the moment, other than focusing our minds on the blur.

So it is a week of searched consciences, reaching a peak Tuesday afternoon, then slowly settling down.  Venus will still be in Cancer, so we may be examining our personal emotions for a few days, before Venus enters Leo on Friday.

The feeling tone then changes on Friday (5th) when Venus enters Leo, and a holiday mood takes over.  You may feel you want to express yourself more, through the Arts or Drama.  My art teacher this week announced that she would be imminently joining the local Amateur Dramatics group and having a 2 week holiday from tutoring us in watercolour pencil.  That is just the vibe which is supported by Venus in Leo.  Take a break, and express your Inner Artist, especially through performance (Leo).  Venus stays in Leo until 18th July, so this is enough time to establish a new artistic regime or skill, or enjoy a holiday out of the School holiday period.  Thereafter Venus pays a short visit to Virgo, before returning to Leo for a long stay.

Take steps on Friday to take your passion and make it happen, for by the evening Mars in Gemini (mental activity) sextiles Jupiter in Leo (hedonism), and you’ll be on fire!  It is the best evening of the week for a shindig, a ceilidh, a dinner party or a soiree.  It will be especially favourable for sports enthusiasts, meeting to firm up their schedules.

And there’s more good news on Saturday (6th), when Venus trines Saturn.  It is a good solid aspect, a much more sober benefit than Friday’s prospect, but nevertheless a bird in the hand.  It is a good day for mercy, commitment and loyalty, and finding the trust that you might have lost earlier in the week.  It is safe to open your heart.  If you never lost trust, and you kept your heart open, then the divine healing of the Universe can continue to flow through you unhindered!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – more uncertainty
  • Tuesday – emotions at a peak
  • Friday – creative expression, and joyful energy
  • Saturday – quiet celebration of relationship