According to at least one ephemeris Mercury makes 3 aspects today, so it’s a complex but rewarding day for Geminis and Virgos. Mercury is trine with Chiron, opposite Jupiter and square with Uranus. That’s good for finding mental solutions to problems and getting to the psychological root of health issues. Mentally there may be a tendency to be too wide-ranging and multi-tasking: take it to the limit by zooming in on your location on Google Earth and then zooming out of the planet again for a sense of perspective. Then the square with Uranus late in the day could find your head buzzing with a storm of ideas. Additionally to start the week we have a sextile between Chiron and Jupiter. Hope and trust for healing could contribute to a miracle, both personally and on a wider scale. That’s not all: today our Sun is aligned with the Pleiades, so if you are into communing with the Fixed Stars (wasn’t that Deneb celebration something else?) the Pleiades is the current venue. All that and we haven’t got past Sunday: so if you are having a lie-in or tuning in tomorrow, you’ve missed yer chance. Or those particular chances, for tomorrow (Monday 21st) the Sun enters Gemini, bringing more focus on the mind and intellect, the sensual emphasis of Taurus being left behind. Mercury also sextiles Saturn in the morning, which makes for an applied start to the working week. Head down, nose to the grindstone and all of that. Wednesday (23rd)…is anyone doing anything special that day? It takes a refined spirituality to make a success of the day with Mercury trine Neptune, but it can be done, and in such a satisfying way that brings the intellect and the spirit together. Consolidate that feeling or perception on Thursday (24th), because Neptune is Stationary on Friday (25th) prior to retrograde motion, and you may wonder at that point if it was all an illusion. It wasn’t : only you need to understand more, so Neptune is on its way to another run-in with the daddy of reality Saturn which is one of the main events for this year and is scheduled for late June. And finally, and also on Friday, a lovely trine between Venus and Uranus. That’s good for impromptu parties and synchronous meetings which make you wonder about life.