Wimbledon 2015 – Week 1

Here we go again!  This is the fortnight where I try to keep up with the spectacle that is Wimbledon, sometimes hitting the mark and sometimes missing.  But it’s great fun (for me).  I am starting, as usual, with the top four men’s and women’s seeds, and thereafter will update on comments, and in further blogs.

Men’s Seeds

No. 1 – Novak Djokovic

As with most of these, I have written a great deal about Novak Djokovic over the last few years.  But last year, I acquired his birthtime and Ascendant, which refined the picture astrologically.  The most fascinating thing about his chart is a very mentally focussed triple conjunction of the Part of Fortune, Mercury and Chiron in Gemini on the cusp of his 11th House.  There is more to Novak Djokovic than just a top tennis player: he is interested in promoting peace in his native Balkan area, and he is also interested in healthy lifestyles such as veganism.  The triple conjunction translates in his tennis as a super concentration, and joy in using that faculty.  Outside the tennis court, there is a talent and inspiration (Part of Fortune) for combining conventional medicine (Mercury) with alternative medicine (Chiron), and applying that in groups and associations (11th House).  As Wimbledon begins, Saturn is exactly trine his natal Moon, a steadying influence especially emotionally.  By the end of Wimbledon, that is still operational, but added to that is Mercury sextile his natal Midheaven (mental faculties applied in career), and Uranus sextile his natal Chiron (surprise healing).  So it does look as though he will start slow and steady, and be capable of a flourish at the end.  The very constructive trine of Saturn to his natal Moon peaks on Friday 10th July around the semi-finals, which should secure him a place in the final at least.

No. 2 – Roger Federer

Roger Federer has had a much better year this year, arriving as No. 2 seed (he was placed fourth last year).  It is good to see that this record breaking champion has not lost his appetite for the game.  What is the secret of his outstanding success from his birthchart?  I believe it is his close conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn (6 degrees 13 mins and 7 degrees 19 mins) in his first house trine his Midheaven (Career Trajectory) at 6 degrees 9 mins Gemini in 9th House of International Success!  Not everybody with Saturn conjunct Jupiter is able to balance it, but when it is balanced it is a formidable force of wisdom and fine judgement, and working together so precisely with his career and life direction, that astrological structure constitutes a fine instrument.  His footwork has been compared to that of a ballet dancer, “the very picture of floating, effortless menace” (reported in the Guardian).  That style may be a combination of his Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Libra (gracefulness) and Part of Fortune conjunct Neptune in Sagittarius (free floating!).  When Wimbledon begins he has some difficult aspects (such as Pluto still dogging his Mars in opposition) but Jupiter sextiles his Pluto, which is a pretty supportive provision by the Universe.  That aspect peaks this week around 2nd/3rd July (Thursday/Friday), so expect some exceptional play from him this week.   He is said to feel relaxed from a good break since the French Open, and has brought his two sets of twins to Wimbledon.  The twins are intriguing astrologically, but they do show up as a conjunction to Jupiter of his 5th House (Children) ruler Saturn.  He is on good form, but there is no extra astrological help around the time of the final.  That may not stop him, as he is one of those players, like Serena Williams, who has proved himself beyond astrological influence time and time again!  However, the Pluto opposition to his Mars becomes exact around 19th July, after Wimbledon, and he may need extra rest at that time.  Note that the Pluto opposition has not hampered him too much over the last year.

No. 3 – Andy Murray

Andy Murray has not stood still this year, physically or psychologically!  He has had a good year tenniswise (fresh from winning Queen’s) and personally (marriage has not done his tennis any harm).  He has reportedly started working with a Psychiatrist to enhance his understanding of his own processes, and as well as his female tennis coach Amelie Mouresmo he has hired an extra assistant for back up as she is pregnant and due to give birth in August.  Some doubted his choice of coach after Ivan Lendl, but the partnership is proving successful.  It may be a clever move to embrace the feminine side of his brain and create a more all-encompassing and holographic consciousness.  Certainly with Amelie Mouresmo’s Mercury conjunct Jupiter at the top of her chart, she is capable of helping that process.  Her reputation starts on a high at the beginning of Wimbledon, with Uranus trine her Midheaven (Careerpoint), but she has one or two antagonistic transits as the Wimbledon period goes on.  But it is Andy we are really interested in, and at the start of Wimbledon he has three good trines: Jupiter trine his natal Moon, Uranus trine his natal Saturn and (most profound of the three) Pluto trine his Ascendant.  The latter peaks two days after Wimbledon, which is close to the final, and speaks of a height of personal power.  I feel this is an encouraging sign for his prospects of winning, though in the draw he is up against Nadal (seeded 10) and Federer en route to a possible final with Djokovic.

No. 4 – Stan Wawrinka

It was a thrill to watch Stan Wawrinka win the French Open against Djokovic just a few weeks ago [Jupiter was trine his Mercury/Venus and Uranus and Saturn opposite Djokovic’s Sun], and to get to know this player a little more.  Last year I did not have a birth time for him, but a birthtime has appeared on Astrotheme, which provides more of an insight into his chart.

I wrote last year:

“With Mercury exactly conjunct Venus and the pair trine exactly Uranus in his natal chart, Wawrinka would have considerable talent for writing and broadcasting, maybe later in life.  Mercury trine exactly Uranus makes him fleet of mind and foot.  He also has Mars exactly square Jupiter, which gives him a great deal of energy and enthusiasm, a strong ‘bounce’.”

We now have a Cancerian Ascendant for him, and the Sun on his Midheaven in Aries in 9th House (international sporting achievement).  What really stands out in this fine-tuned chart is his energy: Sun in Aries, and Mars exactly (to one minute) sextile his natal Ascendant on the cusp of his 11th House, as well as the aforementioned exact square of Mars and Jupiter.  He certainly found that extra energy against Djokovic in France this year, and there is an intriguing possibility of an all-Swiss final with his fellow countryman Federer this Wimbledon.  At the start of Wimbledon Pluto trines his natal Mars (strength) the Nodal Axis squares his Jupiter (over-confidence) and Neptune sextiles his natal Mars (spiritual strength).  By the end of Wimbledon, the Moon trines his natal Jupiter (peaking Thursday 9th July), his Saturn Return approaches, and Neptune trines his Ascendant (peaking Wednesday 15th, after Wimbledon).  That is not a bad line-up, but it is possible that he may be toppled before the final; that may be a chance for an unpredictable player in his half of the draw.  He did not do very well at Queens, though that may have been due to his super efforts in the previous tournament.

Women’s Seeds

No. 1 – Serena Williams

Serena seems as unassailable as ever, and if she wins Wimbledon this year, she will bag a record of four grand slams in a row.  The Guardian yesterday hinted that fear of failure and pressure may be her greatest enemy, but the Observer this morning reports her saying she does not feel under that much pressure.  Oh to be so cool!  Are the planets providing any pressure this fortnight for her?  Mars begins squaring her Sun, which may bring out the Warrior in her, and at the same time provides the energy and impetus she needs as it sextiles her natal Ascendant.  Saturn backs her with self-assurance to the hilt, by a trine to her natal North Node (karmic prospects): perhaps a feeling that it is her time to be able to achieve something extra special.  If she wins the four grand slams, she may be on her way to a calendar year grand slam.  That all seems promising, but Jupiter also squares her natal Chiron, so a fall is not impossible.  Her vulnerability to injury is as high as any mere mortal’s: when she stepped on glass just after her 2010 win at Wimbledon her career was threatened – Pluto was exactly square her natal  Sun at the time.  Jupiter square her Chiron is not of the same order though, thankfully.  Looking at the end of the tournament, Jupiter actually sextiles her natal Pluto, which is very helpful for her.  The end of the tournament is not without tension though, with Chiron squaring her Neptune (psychological battle) and Mars square her Saturn (physical discomfort), plus a nice touch of North Node on her Sun (karmic support).  But the Jupiter support to her Pluto happens exactly on 10/11th July, which is at the time of the Ladies’ finals.  That is a strong showing for her.

No. 2 – Petra Kvitova

Reigning Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova must have a strong chance, as No. 2 seed.  We still do not have a birthtime/Ascendant for her, and can go only on the date of her birth.  She worked on herself successfully last year, preparing herself mentally, and presumably will build on that approach.  She is an imaginative Pisces, and can access the level of genius in her play.  Her natal Mercury and Uranus are in exact sextile to each other, which amplifies the Piscean ability to use all parts of the brain and human capacity, and her Mercury closely trines her Chiron so she has great problem-solving ability.  Her natal Sun exactly trines her Pluto, so there is an oceanic depths to her nature, which enables her to access her soul qualities.  At the beginning of Wimbledon, Neptune sextiles her Uranus exactly, giving her the ability to use all that complexity of understanding and nuance of experience.  Neptune also exactly trines her natal Chiron, so her self-awareness (both physical and psychological) will be at a peak and self-healing will happen naturally as she goes along.  Pluto puts pressure on her Neptune by an exact conjunction, but she proved last year she can work well with these planets. Pluto also supports her career profoundly with a sextile to her Midheaven.  She will need a superhuman effort with the conjunction, but she is capable of it and other transits support her well.  At the time of the final, in addition Chiron sextiles her natal Saturn, which is steadying and healing.  Some of the other support will have peaked, but Neptune remains sextile to Uranus.  She certainly has a strong start to Wimbledon, and has the character to go right through, but the transits dwindle a little on her behalf, so she may not quite make the final.

No. 3 – Simona Halep

Last year was the first time I had looked at Simona’s chart, and we still do not have a birth time for her.  I wrote:

“Here is another player I have not investigated before, though I did see her doing well in the French Open.  She is Romanian, and has Neptune conjunct her North Node natally.  This points to spiritual leadership potential, so she may have many followers who do not only follow her for her tennis playing.  She is Libran, one of the commonest Sun signs for tennis skill, because it involves a close monitoring of the person the other side of the net!”

She begins Wimbledon energetically and enthusiastically with Mars sextile her natal Jupiter.  Saturn steadies her nerves with a sextile to her natal Mercury.  Neptune sextiles her natal Uranus, and Pluto conjuncts her Neptune like Petra Kvitova, but I have not had a chance to observe how she deals with the pressure of Pluto.  Pluto exerts extra pressure with a conjunction to her natal North Node (difficult karma, of the make or break variety).  There are some bright aspects for the end of Wimbledon, with the North Node exactly conjunct her Sun (she has a birthday one day away from Serena’s), and Jupiter on her Venus (natal ruler) in competitive Leo which is a transit that speaks of success.  It could be her time.

No. 4 – Maria Sharapova

Despite her years in the public eye, we still do not have a birth time for Maria Sharapova, so can only work with the day of her birth.  I have written:

“Maria has several planets in the energetic sign of Aries, including an exact conjunction between her Mercury and North Node, indicating that to achieve athletic prowess is part of her karmic mission.  This conjunction is 2 degrees away from Jupiter (success) and sextile Mars (extra speed).”

She also has the propensity to a chequered love life, with Venus exactly square Uranus.  But what of this veteran player’s (she is only 28!) prospects at Wimbledon this year?  The beginning looks (largely) good:  Jupiter trine her Saturn, Uranus trine her Saturn (creating a Grand Trine) and Neptune trine her Pluto (very strong psychologically).  However, Neptune squaring her natal Mars could produce some physical vulnerability, or sensitivity off court in her relations with men.  At the end of Wimbledon Mars additionally squares her natal Jupiter which may just add passion to her performance, though minor injury is possible.  If she can cope with some physical vulnerability, other astrological factors are strong for her.  She is coming up for her Saturn Return in a year or two, a time of re-evaluation.  Overall, I feel her aspects are not quite strong enough to take her to the final.


I have great pleasure, dear Readers, in being able to tell you that the aspects this week are overall much better than average!  Wimbledon Week 1 should pass in a serene haze of sunshine and strawberries.

Tomorrow (Monday 29th) Venus trines Uranus and we could see some dynamic play on and off the court.  If you are not playing tennis, your love life could be enhanced by the element of surprise!  Certainly social interactions will be enjoyable and out of the ordinary.

On Wednesday (1st July) we have a beautiful conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, the combination of the “two benefics”.  It is a good day to make a wish!  Some may find financial fortune (it’s a lottery day!) and others romantic engagement.  Whichever House 21 degrees Leo falls in for you, will be blessed.  For example, it falls in my 4th House of Home – and I happen to have a meeting of Light Pod in my home that day, which is likely to be a happy hour or two!

The Sun trines Neptune in the evening, and serenity rules.  There will be a sigh of satisfaction, composed of contentment and spiritual attunement (or I will have a busy Customer Service desk!)

There may be some aggro the next morning though (Thursday 2nd), possibly at the Customer Service desks, with Mars squaring the Nodal Axis.  Karmic scores will need to be settled, and there is no avoiding that.  It is all down to how you deal with assertion (either your own, or others’).  Meditation can ensure that you bring calmness to the table.

At the same time, we have to deal with a Full Moon at 9 degrees Capricorn, so those in authority may be insisting on rules we don’t agree with or wish to break.  For example, the government may be leaning on those in welfare with intolerable pressure…into every week some rain must fall it seems.

By tea time the tension should have subsided and we have a welcoming sextile between Mercury and Uranus.  Brainstorming produces fresh, new and exciting ideas.

And, joy of joy, we end the week on Saturday (4th) on another high note: Mercury sextile Jupiter.  This is good news for travellers, holiday-makers, and business or sales.  New horizons beckon, whether geographical or mental.  Your mind can stretch to accommodate new subjects, and enjoy the ever open field of study and learning.  It is a good time for instance to enroll for a new course.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – social excitement
  • Wednesday – beauty and inspiration
  • Thursday – aggro and tension; followed by a new approach
  • Saturday – ease of movement and openness of mind