A new world order was ushered in on November 4 last year when President Obama was elected by the American people desiring real change, on the very day of the first Saturn-Uranus opposition.  If there is such a thing as a world horoscope, this was a defining moment in relation to it.  There are 5 passes altogether for this stand-off between two planetary giants: a duel between Saturn which holds the structure until the time is right for Uranian liberation.  The second pass of the opposition took place in early February, during the honeymoon period when the freshly-twice-sworn-in President of the United States was establishing his new position.  Saturn-Uranus tussles were happening all over the globe, but what of our own politics in the U.K. in relation to this opposition?  Our Prime Minister Gordon Brown was trying to take the lead (his Ascendant in Aries) on the world economy (a Pluto in Capricorn issue) and climate change (one of the issues of Saturn in Virgo), and convening world leaders to this end (the triple conjunction of Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron in his 11th House).  In this respect he has done better than within home territory.  He has often reacted to internal political crises with the confusion of an introvert in an extrovert role, who has Sun in Pisces in the 12th House of the Unconscious.  Perhaps he has too much emotional baggage from his relationship with Tony Blair to be able to express himself with the freshness and integrity of Barack Obama (representing Uranus, with his Aquarian Ascendant) who had replaced the old order as represented by George Bush Jr. (in the Saturn corner).  American Astrologers are agreed, and rightly so, for it is as plain as day, that the current pass of the Uranus-Saturn opposition represents Obama’s thrust to bring in a new health care system.  It represents the human right to health, without which quality of life cannot be lived, and protection for those in poverty.  For Saturn is in Virgo (the sign of basic physical health and healing, general practice in community health) and Uranus in Pisces (the sign of compassion, mental health, chronic health conditions and palliative care).  There does not need to be a comparison with the National Health Service in the U.K. for that is a national treasure on which we have relied, and often taken for granted, a real responsible and committed Saturn Institution.  The detractors in our Conservative Party who are allied with negative forces in the U.S. should be given short shrift in accordance with their dubious motives.  What Gordon Brown should be concentrating on, as Saturn now re-opposes Uranus on Tuesday 15 September, is bolstering and honouring our National Health Service.  The resources within it are so overstretched, for example in the fact that we need all hands to the pump and yet young doctors are faced with a shortage of job vacancies.  What Obama is trying to create is new and will serve the American people in the 21st Century.  Gordon Brown, on this side of the pond, needs to match that in dignifying our own National Health Service.  And in our own personal lives, the Saturn-Uranus opposition across the Virgo-Pisces polarity highlights the need to look after our own physical and mental well-being.  Put your health first.