Jeremy Corbyn

I was waiting until just prior to the ballot on 14th August to blog the Labour Leadership Contest, but Jeremy Corbyn’s rise and rise has so dominated the news this week, that he is going to get a blog all to himself.

In an extraordinary sequence of events since the election, Jeremy got himself on the ballot, by the skin of his teeth, and has since proved the most popular candidate of the four.  His candidacy is proving very controversial, with the acting leader Harriet Harman being urged to pull the plug on his runaway success on the grounds that it is too left wing and could result in a Labour defeat in the 2020.  What an incredible turn of events!

I joined the Labour party in the wake of the election result, feeling I had been far too complacent for too long, and am overjoyed to find there is a candidate to vote for who thinks almost exactly as I do.  And I think many of those voting for him feel the same, and they are not all communists or conservatives paying £3 to vote in order to secure a Labour defeat in 2020.

My own feeling is that he represents the values I would like to see in society, such as looking after the poor.  We have become such a cynical society, and some idealism would not go amiss.  In fact, society might even like it, and decide that it works for them in the years to come, as hopefully the destructiveness of the Conservative policies come to be seen for what they are.

Jeremy Corbyn was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show this morning, and I felt respectfully so (Andrew can be quite aggressive at times).  Jeremy was relaxed throughout, and that was because he was being himself, not having to tread on political eggshells.  His authenticity shone through, plus he has a sense of humour.  He has even been found to have spent the least in expenses during the scandal of 2009 – that is the sort of politician we need. He is also vegetarian and teetotal.

His Birthchart

Sun in Gemini Jeremy Corbyn has 6 of his 10 planets in Air signs, so is a Thinker.  He has 0 Water planets, which reinforces the tendency to reason, although he is not without passion with his Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus.  In true Gemini fashion, he presents very logical cases for what some see as controversial policies.  His speaking talent is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus by 1 degree in Gemini, with a sextile to Pluto giving that depth.  Mercury-Venus also trines Neptune, which gives him his idealism and the ability to put this across.  He is very grounded, with an exact sextile between Uranus (the Rebel) and Saturn (Authority), and can balance these forces well.  His Sun is trine Jupiter, which helps promote a buoyant outlook.  His Sun opposes Chiron, so he has to maintain a balance in his health.  Authenticity is part of his karmic mission, with North Node in Aries.  We do not have his birth time, but know his Part of Fortune is in the 12th House, so he has a quiet sense of inner security.


Ballot:  At the time he secured enough votes to get himself on to the ballot, which he only just managed, Saturn from Scorpio was exactly square his natal Saturn in late Leo – a real sense of struggle.

Now:  As things stand now, he is riding the crest of a wave.  Earlier this month it became clear that he was overtaking the other three candidates for the Labour leadership, and transiting Jupiter was trine his natal North Node in Aries, which suggests karmic reward for authenticity.  The Aries connection is interesting because political commentator and author of “Chavs” and “The Establishment” Owen Jones is a vocal supporter of Jeremy, and is Aries.  And Tony Benn with whom he worked in the early 1980s was an Aries.  Both of them espouse similar values and straight talking, so it is a tribute to Aries which doesn’t often get much praise.  Young people especially are responding to this breath of fresh air.

14 Aug: When the voting starts, Jupiter will be on Jeremy Corbyn’s Saturn, so factors and traits which have held him back in the past may be unblocked.  This transit peaks about 3 days before, but that is close enough to be a hopeful sign for him.

12 Sept:  At the time of the announcement of the leadership winner, he has some challenging aspects.  Saturn squares his natal Saturn again, which is a hurdle he overcame when he got on to the ballot.  Jupiter squares his natal Chiron, so his Inner Healer will be stretched: he might be overdoing things physically, and need extra pacing.  A word about his age (65): in the 20th Century politicians who wore their statesmanlike wisdom and experience proudly tended to be of that age group – it is only recently that we have not had seasoned politicians in power.  Lastly, Pluto squares his natal Neptune at that time, a challenge psychologically to encompass a greater public service.  If he did win, and was allowed to win, it would indeed be a challenging time for him.

Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn has served the Labour Party for decades, and been an assiduous public servant in his Islington constituency since 1983.  He has good connections with the Labour Party chart: Mercury trine its Mercury – true to its original intellectual ideas; his Neptune trine its natal Mars – shared idealism and passion; his Chiron on its Jupiter (potentially a healing, though currently seen as crisis);  his North Node sextile exactly its Neptune (his karmic mission fulfilling its idealism) and his Pluto sextile exactly its Pluto (deep commitment and shared psychological truths).

I will include and update Jeremy when I write about the candidates as a whole in a couple of weeks’ time.


The aspects appear at the beginning and end of the week, so I have included some Fixed Star influences for the middle.

Today, Mars trines Chiron, so it is a good day for initiating some healing.  It is a healing day for Aries folk, and for getting good energy flowing generally.

However, Uranus turns retrograde, so electricity and I.T. matters are still very unpredictable, after the Mars-Uranus square of last week.  There will be things we need to re-assess, as a result of unpredictable occurrences which point out where we have been unaware.  Uranus remains retrograde until Christmas, so there is a lot to re-assess, and it is probably not a good Christmas for presenting electrical goods!  So the next half of the year is about learning about the loopholes you have ignored.  We all have blind spots (one of mine is technology itself) and it is good to make more effort (note to myself) to understand those things we neglect.

Moving on to Tuesday (28th) and the first of our Fixed Stars, the Praesape Cluster in Cancer: Bernadette Brady links it historically to stormy weather patterns.

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld gives the following interpretation:

“The primary energy here is in assisting individuals to fully accept loss, to release it, and to understand the great gifts of what one does not need any longer.  This is a way of surrender and trust in the God-force.  At a deeper level, most people will discover that a sense of what is needed created in them, as well as a sense of what is not needed.  Priorities can shift to spiritual levels, so the true God-nature of the priorities emerge.”

The same day the Sun aligns with the Fixed Star N. Asellus.  From the same source:

“With use of this star there is some strengthening in the dream state of the ability to perceive your direction with your family and how things are to work themselves out together.  The ability to nurture others is strengthened.  This star can assist individuals in professions that rely heavily on such nurturing abilities, such as nursing, childcare, or teaching younger children.”

On Thursday (30th) it is the turn of S. Asellus, of which it is written:

“The third chakra is strengthened and the eyesight is somewhat improved.  The ability to correct utilize Vitamin A in the eyes is improved slightly.  This elixir can balance the production of antihistamines and may assist individuals suffering from allergies to animals.”

I am hoping this is true, because my 2nd cataract operation was cancelled on 17th July due to flooding in the hospital, and Thursday is my next projected date.  I was first referred to the hospital for both cataracts last August, so it is almost a year that I have been in this process!

On Friday (31st) there is a Blue Moon (second Full Moon in a month) at 7 degrees Aquarius, a balancing between the integrity of the individual (Sun in Leo) and the group connectivity and wholeness (Moon in Aquarius).  Hopefully on your own journey of integrity and interrelation, you will make a step of progress.  The adjustment at the Full Moon is sometimes uncomfortable, and often involves a compromise.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Healing, but also disruption
  • Tuesday – spiritual priorities and looking after the young
  • Thursday – strengthening of vision
  • Friday – balancing the group and the individual needs