Labour Party Leadership

Fitting in an extra blog this week, as I promised to look at the overall candidacy for the Labour Leadership Election ahead of the start of the vote, on Friday 14th August.

As I have already written about Yvette Cooper and Jeremy Corbyn there isn’t too much to say, but this is the first time I have researched Andy Burnham and Liz Kendall.

Andy Burnham

Andy must be very disconcerted the way things have turned out.  He was almost a dead cert for the Labour Leadership at the outset, and along came the unpredictable Jeremy Corbyn from the outside lane of the race who is now streets ahead.  He must be thinking – what happened there?

He comes across as a competent and sincere man, but has not captured the public imagination – perhaps he is a little safe and dull?  He was born on a New Moon (Sun conjunct Moon) in the prosaic sign of Capricorn, which is strongly politically motivated.  He is a decent chap, with Venus conjunct this combination, and his heart is no doubt in a good place.  He also has his Mercury in Capricorn: a methodical, practical, systematic type of thinker.  6 of his 10 planets are in Earth signs, so he is grounded and realistic.

He does have an imaginative side, with North Node conjunct Mars in Pisces, normally the Warrior Archetype conjunction but softened by its appearance in Pisces.  He is a Warrior, but does not like to confront directly.  If he was to challenge David Cameron at Question Time, he would do so, but fall short of the killer instinct (not that I approve of violence, just sayin’).  His Mars also sextiles his Sun exactly, and he has 5 of his 10 planets in Cardinal signs, so he has energy and would see himself as a leader.

The Piscean sensitivity also extends to his mental faculties, as his Capricorn mind (Mercury) sextiles closely Neptune, the planet of imagination.  So this is a balance in his make up, between the practical and the imaginative.  His Mercury also trines closely his natal Pluto, giving him depth of thought as well.  In addition, Neptune trines his natal Chiron, so he could also bring the party together in a healing way.

Yvette Cooper

I wrote before the General Election:

“Yvette is married to Ed Balls, and has been touted as a possible future leader of the Labour Party.  She has an outstanding chart, with great leadership and healing skills (Chiron conjunct the North Node – a healing karmic mission, and Neptune trine her North Node).  She can be mentally combative and possibly irritable, with Mercury square Mars.  Like her husband she has a diffident but loyal conjunction of Venus and Saturn.  But Jupiter is exactly conjunct Uranus (the Inner Entrepreneur) and works well with groups.  Her Pisces Sun trines its ruling planet Neptune, so somewhere she is tuned in with the Cosmos”.

She would be my second choice after (you’ve guessed it) Jeremy Corbyn.  Yes I am one of the idealistic youth voting for him, or a communist or Tory voter, as the media would have it!  She represents the hope of being the first female leader outside the Tory Party.  She has found her voice this week, distinguishing herself from Andy and Liz, and having overtaken Andy in the stakes.  In a brilliant piece of political analysis, and sharp observation, she has identified 9 ways in which David Cameron has broken his election pledges since his election.  They are (courtesy of the Guardian):

Cuts in child tax credits, cuts to child benefit, cancellation of rail electrification plans, downgrading in the number of affordable new homes to be built, delaying a decision on a new airport, delaying the introduction of tax free childcare from 2015 to 2017, shelving a pledge to give public officials three days off work to take part in volunteering, delaying the social care cap until 2020, and reversing the pledge for greater government transparency.  I like her style, and the fact that she would have the backing of her husband seasoned politician Ed Balls.

Liz Kendall

Liz Kendall is a Blairite, and as such is not doing very well in the race currently.  Immediately after the election, the New Labour faction were eager to blame Ed Miliband for deserting the “progressive” movement.  Ed was stuck between a rock and a hard place, wanting to go further left and express his real beliefs, but hamstrung by New Labour, and in the end this combination was not convincing.

Time has shown that New Labour is not what people really want.  It is too much like Toryism, and also tainted by the Iraq War.  Liz desperately wants to lead the Labour Party, and say the right things, so that Labour can win the next election, but in doing so she is not able to find her heart and speak from it.  There is no doubt she has been a good local M.P. and she states she is utterly committed to the Labour Party and always will be.  But, like the Labour Party, she is trying to find her identity at the moment.

She is a Gemini, like Jeremy Corbyn, but unlike Jeremy who has stayed true to his beliefs over decades, she is more like a reed blown in the wind and wondering where to go.  His intellect is at his core, whereas her Gemini intellect (she also has Mercury in Gemini) shows the vacillating tendency of her beliefs of this placing, its weaker manifestation for the time being, though she may change later in time.

She has Venus exactly conjunct Saturn, which maybe prevents her in life (so far, at least) from easily following her heart, so may be inwardly conflicted, yet to align her head and her heart in balance.  Venus conjunct Saturn can be disappointing in personal affairs, but can also produce tremendous loyalty (as in her loyalty to her Party).

Like Andy, she has the Warrior Archetype in the form of North Node conjunct Mars, in this case exact, and in her case in Aquarius.  This is a much more upfront Inner Warrior than Andy’s.  She is a strong female warrior, and this conjunction being placed in Aquarius means that she would fiercely support and fight on behalf of the underdog.  Her constituents receive good support from her, by all accounts.

She also has Jupiter conjunct Neptune, giving her enormous faith, whether in spiritual terms or in her own abilities.  So it might appear that sometimes she might argue that black is white, or be in denial about political events.  It is generally an asset, this conjunction, and although next to the other candidates she might appear inexperienced, on her own patch she can be inspiring.  Venus opposite Jupiter gives her enthusiasm, and enjoyment of society.  Jupiter opposing exactly her natal Saturn can find her chasing her own tail at times.

She has some leadership capacity (Sun trine North Node), and may do well in future years.

Jeremy Corbyn

I only wrote about Jeremy a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, he has gone from strength to strength, and worked very hard at sell-out performances.  There are alarm bells in several quarters, and some people feel he must be stopped!  But if he were to win the election contest, surely it would be the will of the people…?

Here is a reprise:

“Sun in Gemini Jeremy Corbyn has 6 of his 10 planets in Air signs, so is a Thinker.  He has 0 Water planets, which reinforces the tendency to reason, although he is not without passion with his Moon conjunct Mars in Taurus.  His speaking talent is shown by Mercury conjunct Venus by 1 degree in Gemini, with a sextile to Pluto giving that depth.  Mercury-Venus also trines Neptune, which gives him his idealism and the ability to put this across.  He is very grounded, with an exact sextile between Uranus (the Rebel) and Saturn (Authority), and can balance these forces well.  His Sun is trine Jupiter, which helps promote a buoyant outlook.  His Sun opposes Chiron, so he has to maintain a balance in his health.  Authenticity is part of his karmic mission, with North Node in Aries.  We do not have his birth time, but know his Part of Fortune is in the 12th House, so he has a quiet sense of inner security.”

Overall Prospects

Looking at the transits for the result of the leadership contest, I find:

Andy Burnham has Jupiter opposite his natal Pluto, which sounds like a lot of emotion, and build up, but not such a satisfying result.

For Yvette Cooper, Uranus trines her Neptune, which is complex but could be very satisfying and successful.  It will require a lot of reorganization of her life at that point, if she does win it.

Like Andy, Liz Kendall has Jupiter opposing her natal Pluto, but less acutely.  She may possibly have a sense of anti-climax, or have mentally given up before the event.

I wrote a couple of weeks ago about Jeremy Corbyn’s prospects:

“At the time of the announcement of the leadership winner, he has some challenging aspects.  Saturn squares his natal Saturn again, which is a hurdle he overcame when he got on to the ballot.  Jupiter squares his natal Chiron, so his Inner Healer will be stretched: he might be overdoing things physically, and need extra pacing… Lastly, Pluto squares his natal Neptune at that time, a challenge psychologically to encompass a greater public service.  If he did win, and was allowed to win, it would indeed be a challenging time for him.”

I feel he could be a valuable Opposition leader, opposing some of the brutal cuts of the current regime, and bringing back decent values in our society.

N.B. I hope to look at the Deputy Leadership Contest before the September result