If you survived last week, you should find this one easier.  Not that it doesn’t have its sticky moments, but it should be a step nearer recovery.  Your best bet is to get a head start early in the week, with a golden bunch of aspects.  We start today with a conjunction of Sun and Mercury, traditionally known as “combust”, overflooding the mind.  But if you keep your mind open, you are open to receive inspiration and clarity, the influx of which can arrange and organize themselves in your head into a coherent phrase or saying.  The trine of this conjunction to the Mean North Node also today brings an excellent opportunity to clear out your karma and fulfil your dharma, and re-establish a new healthy patterning.  Venus also enters Virgo today, bringing about a harvest of some sort in your life.  Whatever you do today establishes a karmic and healing pattern which could extend throughout the autumn.  And then in the early hours of tomorrow morning (Monday 21) Venus trines Pluto, which re-establishes relationships in another dimension.  If a relationship needs to be transformed, this is a good time to re-harmonize at a deeper level, with greater awareness and understanding.  If you are not operating in a relationship context, then it is about recognizing a deeper layer of yourself and integrating that self-knowledge, so that you are expressing more authenticity.  All of these aspects have some connection with Virgo, so health and detoxification may be part of your new regime for yourself and any partnership.  Happy 75th Birthday Leonard Cohen, who is recovering from food poisoning.  Tuesday (22) sees a slight dipping of mood with Mercury conjunct Saturn.  You might say to the Inspector who checks your rail ticket “Good morning!” and get the reply “What’s good about it?”  At which point you may start to wonder, check your Customer Service inbox to find a couple of queries…Have you thrown off all those good vibes already from earlier in the week?  They were supposed to last you the whole Autumn, honestly, you must learn to manage your aspects a bit better.  By all means think in practical terms, but that doesn’t have to be negatively.  The Sun also enters Libra on Tuesday, which is the arrival of the Autumn Equinox and worthy of celebration, so bring your harvest to the dinner table and enjoy.  Use up all the veg from your organic box before it goes off, and buy Nigel Slater’s new cookbook “Tender”.  Come into Autumn on a high.  For on Wednesday (23) you may be excused for thinking you are back in last week with all its psychological wrangles and Saturn-Uranus opposition angst.  Maybe you’ll be having flashbacks, with Sun squaring Pluto (did you have a day of mourning in the office for Patrick Swayze?  If so, you will remember him again).  Then Mercury opposes Uranus, and you may have to sort out some documentation or insurance connected to the events of last week, speak out on behalf of the underdog, or simply voice your most contentious views which have been stored and gathering dust in your voice box, and need an airing.  It’s a day when what is inside has to come out, and the consequences taken.  After Wednesday you can have a rest from aspects if you want to, or follow the path of the Moon while it travels through Sagittarius and go into a philosophical reverie.  For weeks I carried Leonard Cohen’s interview from the Observer round with me, it seemed so profound, an interview originally conducted for the Canadian broadcaster CBC.  Every line is a quotable quote, and makes you think about life, but his zen training locks you into a place where you can’t reach a conclusion.  I can’t decide whether it takes you to enlightened thinking or a cul de sac, but it’s a fascinating exercise.  I leave you with one of the least enigmatic or contentious thoughts from Leonard, who has enigmatic Venus conjunct Neptune in Virgo in 12th House: “I don’t think I’ve had a darkest hour compared to the dark hours that so many people are involved in right now.  Large numbers of people are dodging bombs, having their nails pulled out in dungeons, facing starvation, disease.  I mean large numbers of people.  So I think that we’ve really got to be circumspect about how seriously we take our own anxieties today.”