Deputy Labour Leader Contest

With the ballot papers about to land on the mat, it is probably time to look at the contenders for Deputy Labour Leader (sorry folks, another fun-filled political blog underway).  If you are undecided, the astrological picture may help guide you (more apologies, this time to the non-Labour population).

Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw is a Virgoan: As the Sun will be in Virgo when the result is announced, that is a plus for him, but I have to say I don’t think he has stood out in the race, his profile has not been as high as it could be.  He also has Mercury, Venus, Pluto and the North Node in Virgo, which is not particularly suited to his former post of Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, but Jupiter moving through his sign this coming year will advance his fortunes in some way, some of those personal.  He is adaptable and versatile, with 7 of his 10 planets in Mutable signs.  He has a keen intelligence (Sun exactly conjunct Mercury in Virgo) and a sensitive spirituality (Sun exactly sextile Neptune).  The latter aspect is reflective of the fact that his father was a former Anglican vicar of Norwich Cathedral.  He may be prone to social gaffes (Venus closely square Jupiter).  But he has an entrepreneurial spirit (Jupiter closely trine Uranus) so might do well in business affairs, he certainly would have an attention to detail.  His Sun is conjunct Pluto, so there may be some heavy issues in his personal life or psychology, but that can sometimes be a strength.  Mercury also exactly conjuncts Pluto, so he would be good at devising profound policies.  He will have trodden the warrior path in past lives (Mars closely square the Nodal Axis) which may equip him for political battles, though the Warrior Path may not be his focus in this lifetime.  We do not have his birth time/Ascendant, but you can see his Sunsign Virgo facially (e.g. the pixie chin).

His transits at the time of the contest results are mixed: Mars transits his natal Uranus, Jupiter transits his natal Sun/Mercury, Jupiter sextiles his natal Neptune, but Saturn squares his natal Chiron.  If Jupiter alone guaranteed success, he would do very well, but there seems to be some shock there too.

Stella Creasy

Stella Creasy is 17 years younger than Ben Bradshaw, born in 1977.  She has a pleasant Sun/Venus conjunction in Aries, but a non-aggressive Mars in Pisces.  Her Sun/Venus reflects her father’s professional training as an opera singer.  Mars trines Uranus, so she is dynamic, sparky and energetic and can get things done.  Saturn squares Uranus exactly in her chart, so her personal life may be subject to the occasional earthquake.  Her Sun trines Neptune exactly, so she has sensitivity and spirituality.  Her Venus additionally is exactly trine Neptune, so she may have artistic talents and interests, and though she was formerly a Shadow Business Minister, she might have done well under Arts and Culture.  I wonder if as an Aries she would be happy in a Deputy rather than a leadership role, but of course if she got the job she would be leading in her own area and department.  She has an unaspected Nodal Axis, so may have a fairly unfettered karma.  Chiron conjunct her Mercury may produce mental conundrums, but also a possible aptitude for problem-solving.  Though she has transiting Pluto sextile her natal Mars at the time of the contest result (putting up a good fight) Pluto also exactly squares her natal Pluto, which denotes tough circumstances.

Angela Eagle

Angela Eagle (one of twins with politician Maria Eagle) is an Aquarian: motivated by social causes.  She has Sun conjunct Chiron (a desire to heal), Jupiter exactly conjunct Saturn (can seen both sides of a story) and North Node conjunct Pluto (a meaningful karmic mission).  She is of a similar age to Ben Bradshaw.  Her Sun/Chiron/Mercury trines Mars, so she has plenty of mental and spiritual energy.  Mercury opposes Pluto exactly in her chart, so she may sometimes be subject to mental strain.  These two planets run along the Nodal Axis, so she has a Teacher Soul Lineage from past lifetimes, which informs her desire to make a difference this time round.  Jupiter conjuncts her natal Pluto at the time of the election result and so contacts her Nodal Axis: this could be a turning tide in her life, and although Jupiter opposes her natal Mercury that may just indicate extra work coming her way through being successfully elected.

Caroline Flint

Again, I don’t think Caroline Flint has been particularly high profile in this contest, but of all the contenders I am most familiar with her as she has been a regular on Question Time.  I have found her quite sharp and clear in her answers, quite impressive and fairly combative, though maybe lacking a little in gravitas.  Overall, I do like her.  Caroline is a contemporary of Ben Bradshaw and Angela Eagle, and another Virgo.  Therefore she could have a good year ahead, too.  She has a compelling North Node/Venus/Uranus triple conjunction in Leo, which may account for her generally higher media profile.  She also has an exact conjunction of Mercury and Mars in legally minded Libra, which makes her a good debater, able to pick holes in other’s arguments, and combative in speech;  hence the impression I have of her giving sharp and clear answers on question time.  Like Angela Eagle, she has Jupiter conjunct Saturn, though not exact.  The Moon is close by, but we do not have her birth time, so we don’t know how close it is.  Her Sun trines Jupiter exactly, which is a buoyant and successful aspect – she has a good parliamentary record for public office.  However, Saturn squares her Mercury/Mars conjunction, so she may sometimes fight with herself over paperwork – she was once accused of not having read a vital document.  She is doing well though in the contest, currently second to Tom Watson in popularity.  Her transits at the time of the contest result are not distinguished – they are lively but fairly minor, unless she was born at Noon in which case the North Node would be exactly trine her natal Moon, and that might provide a personal triumph or reward.

Tom Watson

Tom Watson, the front runner, has the politician’s Sun Sign, Capricorn.  He could be strident, with Sun exactly square Mars, and may need to polish up his people skills. Venus opposite Jupiter also points to possible social gaucheness. Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces could point to health weaknesses, which hopefully may not interfere with his career path.  His age group is between the older three and the younger one, so maybe he bridges a gap and is more in touch with the middle generation.  His natal Saturn opposes Uranus (the personal earthquake aspect) so he does not have an easy chart, and therefore not an easy path in life or easy relationships particularly.  If he has overcome all these obstacles in his personality, he may have acquired unique skills.  His strengths do lie in an exact sextile between Uranus and Neptune – the ability to grasp and work with complexity and subtlety, and Saturn exactly trine Neptune (the ability to harmoniously bring together practicality and spiritual values).  He too has the Teacher Archetype (Mercury closely trine his natal North Node), and some healing qualities (Chiron closely trine Neptune).  Again, his transits are not so strong at the time of the result, but the North Node is close enough to a trine with his natal Venus and a sextile with his natal Jupiter to indicate there may be some reward for hard work.


With Jupiter, the Sun and Moon all in Virgo, this may favour a result slanted in favour of the Unions.  I think the Unions are not a threat these days, and they do a good job on behalf of workers’ rights, so I do not see this as a negative.  Angela Eagle has the best transits for the result date of 12th September.


Continue basking in yesterday’s Sun/Venus conjunction and Mercury/Pluto trine for a few days: savour any happy outcomes from the weekend’s thoughts and activities.

The first aspect of the week arrives in the middle, on Wednesday (19th) and that is Venus trine Uranus, which could be a real highlight.  Venus is retrograde however, so the social whirl that it brings may not be all plain sailing.  For example, there may be elements of an old relationship which may haunt in the midst of your current bliss.  Taking stock of your karma may help resolve the issue.  Artistic creativity will be original – or will it?  Are you sure you are not plagiarizing something you subconsciously saw once before.  Enjoy the benefits of the day: hopefully any drawbacks will be minor.

If you anticipate a headache this week, it could come from Mercury opposite Chiron on Thursday (20th).  It may be a mental conundrum which you have failed to solve, and comes to a crisis point now where it has to be dealt with.  The trick with Chiron is to look for the solution within the problem.  Do you remember those Magic Eye picture puzzles which were popular a decade or so ago?  The trick was to relax and soft focus the eye, to reveal the true picture.  That may be the technique for dealing with Thursday’s situation.

Sadly, Friday (21st) brings some sort of dampener from Sun square Saturn (I would always elect to end on a bright aspect, but the astrological facts do not always comply).    It is a day when you need to look reality in the face, or perhaps deal with a long standing issue related to low self-esteem or confidence.  Resisting won’t help, but admitting you need help may.  Or maybe you will need to lend a hand to another, who needs a sounding board.  Keep the rescue remedy to hand to avoid someone’s paranoia or depression getting out of hand, and dole it out liberally.  My old friend Sandy always used to say put it in the pet’s drinking water as well for good measure.  Hopefully, the day will be helpful in getting to the root of a problem, before an upturn of the graph or the spiral.

Next Week: Virgo Animal Totems and Archetypes

The week in bullet points:

  • Wednesday – the high life
  • Thursday – mental conundrum
  • Friday – under a cloud