Charlotte Church

“We want to make them question what they’re doing. This is predominantly to do with the American government but it is a worldwide issue.”

~ Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church has been through many incarnations, on a transformational journey from Voice of an Angel to Social and Climate Activist, via Ladette.  I have been looking at her birthchart to track these themes and Archetypes.

Voice of an Angel

Venus in Pisces epitomizes the epithet “Voice of an Angel”, and additionally with Jupiter, the Sun, Mercury and the Part of Fortune all in Pisces in her 5th House of Creativity and Children, she is thoroughly Piscean and very much a performer.

She found success at the tender age of 11 in 1997, and was undoubtedly outstandingly talented, though I am no vocal judge of how exceptional she was in classical singing, and how much was talent (Sun in Pisces), luck (Sun conjunct Jupiter) or karmic reward (Sun exactly sextile North Node).  She enjoyed worldwide success, selling in excess of 11 million records.

The breakthrough came when Pluto (from her 2nd House of earning capacity) was exactly squaring her natal Sun in 5th House, but at the same time Pluto was changing her life in an exact trine to her natal Midheaven.

She was dubbed Voice (Venus) of an Angel (in Pisces).  Caroline Myss describes the Angel Archetype as providing “a channel through which angels’ presence is palpably manifested”.

Her career trajectory in life is solidly mapped out, depicted by her Midheaven (Career)/I.C. Axis exactly square to her natal Nodal Axis.  The exaltations and challenges of her life would have been carefully scripted pre-birth.  Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, is a sign which symbolically contains everything, like the ocean.  It is an adaptable sign, and represents the evolution of the Soul.

From Angel to Ladette

On the way to the Activist Archetype and towards the end of her classical career, she had her adolescent rebellion.  Thus she unleashed her Inner Rebel (Mercury square exactly Uranus is not afraid to be controversial in speech) which later transformed into the Activist, a more constructive manifestation of her Rebel, previously without a cause.  She left school at 16 and gained a bit of a reputation as a Ladette.

A quote from Frank Clifford in British Entertainers says it all:

“In October 2002 she was thought to be going ‘off the rails’ when caught visiting her DJ boyfriend, defying her mother and…smoking a cigarette!”

I think Frank is implying an ironic shock value, but she was involved in a spoof of TV programme  Ladette to Lady, which was called Lady to Ladette.

When she turned 18, she liberated her financial assets, and declared that she would spend as she pleased.

Failed Pop Star

Eventually she put her energies in a new direction, the pop world.  In 2005, she launched the new branch of her career, but it did not really take off.  Somehow her voice was not as stunning in the new genre, as it had been employed as a child classical singer.

The Chat Show Hostess

Her chat show “The Charlotte Church Show” aired from 2006-8, where she showed her Piscean versatility.  It was a competent undertaking, and more successful than her pop ventures.

The Altruist

Charlotte has her Ascendant in Libra, which equals love of justice and fairness, and Pisces is the sign of charity, empathy and compassion. In 2007 she supported as Patron the charity The Topsy Foundation, which worked with poverty and AIDS in South Africa.

The Mother

She became involved with the Rugby player Gavin Henson, and had two children, a daughter then a son.  Motherhood is an important role of fulfilment in her life, with such a full 5th House, and the Moon on the Midheaven, although her relationship with Gavin did not last.  His Venus in her 4th House of Home and Family enabled this role.  Her daughter Ruby has a healer’s chart (Part of Fortune exactly conjunct Chiron and exactly sextile Jupiter), with talents in both sport (Sun square Mars) and song (Venus at the Midheaven).  There was a great deal of press intrusion in her relationship with Gavin, and she eventually accepted £600,000 damages and testified to the Leveson inquiry.

Enter the Activist

This year we have really seen the emergence of her Inner Activist.  This is an Archetype I associate with Mars and Aries (the Action Hero), and Uranus and Aquarius (The Rebel).  It is possible she took time to get her Mars and Uranus functions under control, because both have difficulty by way of squares in her natal chart, Mars square Venus giving her a passionate nature, and Uranus square Jupiter giving her an addiction to risk.

She has been seen opposing welfare cuts, supporting the left wing Labour leadership contender Jeremy Corbyn, and opposing the drilling for oil by Shell in the Arctic Circle.

On 21st June she took a prominent role in an Anti-Austerity march in London, in which she stated that austerity was “unethical, unfair and unnecessary”.  She warned “the Government will “sell off our schools and our hospitals, and once it is done, it will be very difficult to reverse”.  She found a different, but no less potent voice, that of Piscean compassion.

In July she endorsed Jeremy Corbin, explaining that he is “unconflicted in his political views, and abstemious in his daily life. He is one of the only politicians of note that seems to truly recognise the dire inequality that exists in this country today and actually have a problem with it.”  She now has a new name in the media: “Prosecco Socialist”.

This week she turned out a performance below a London bridge, protesting against the Obama’s new endorsement of Shell for drilling oil in the Arctic.  In an astrological endorsement of her Inner Warrior, Mars was exactly trine her natal Mars.  Jupiter was exactly trine her natal North Node in Taurus, giving a nod of approval to her karmic mission.

In Esoteric Astrology, the Earth rules Sagittarius, the sign which contains both her natal Mars (Activist) and Uranus (Rebel).  The Earth is said to be positioned in the natal chart opposite the Sun.  At this week’s event, when she sang Dinah Washington’s blues song “The Bitter Earth” the Sun and Jupiter were on her natal Earth position.

In the last year or two, her Progressed Sun moved from Pisces to Aries (the Activist), which explains some of the timing of her recent transformation.  She stands on the brink of her Saturn Return in Sagittarius (14th December this year), which is a serious moment of contemplation about the structure of one’s life.  Who knows where the next year will take her…

There are several examples of celebrity females who have gone through a conventional phase, then a wild child phase, then turned to altruism.  Charlotte does at the moment seem to be expressing her Soul values.  Sometimes the personal challenges intervene, and throw a person off track for a while, but for now she seems on track.


There are only three aspects this week, so listen carefully and make the most of them!

On Tuesday (1st), the Sun opposes Neptune, which may bring up a mystery to be solved.  You may be working hard to achieve clarity on an issue in your life, and be torn by compassion.  On the world front, it may be a key day in relation to the fate of the boat migrants across the Mediterranean, as Neptune represent the sea and European leaders are trying to achieve some consensus about what to do about them.  It seems the poorest countries such as Greece seem to be on the coal face of the incoming refugees fleeing barbaric regimes in Africa and the Middle East, and some European countries are more humane than others in their approach to the subject.

The same day, Venus conjuncts Mars, which is a pleasure-orientated combination.  In art or social interaction, the sensuality could hold sway.  If you are being creative, you will enjoy the process.  If on the other hand, you are nursing patients or looking after migrants, you will want to make them as comfortable as possible.  It is a day dedicated to trying to make this earth side experience a heightened one.

On Saturday (5th) the Sun trines Pluto, and all could achieve a meaningful and satisfying interpretation of life’s experiences.  The impetus at the beginning of the week to co-ordinate compassion and practicality, and enjoyment, may have resulted in ideas and moves which enhance the quality and depth of your daily life and interests.  Saturday’s activities and contemplations could see the fulfilment of the puzzles and promises of the early experiences of the week.  It may also see some problem-solving by the powers that be.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – confusion and delights
  • Saturday – profound conclusions