The Syrian Question

There is a meeting of the United Nations in New York today, aimed at reaching solutions for global poverty.  Alon Ben-Meir of New York University says: “The UNGA annual meeting, which is now in progress, offers the US, Russia, and Iran a momentous opportunity to come up with a solution, which is absolutely within reach if they only will it.”

I don’t agree with David Cameron that we can wait to solve the migrant crisis until we have solved the Syrian problem, as he said before the body of little Aylan Kurdi was washed up on a beach.  We have waited 4 years for a solution, and one is not in sight.  But I do agree that the inhospitable, barbaric conditions of some North African and Middle Eastern countries is the cause of the desperation to migrate.  And I do agree with Jeremy Corbyn that our actions in the past have had a contributory cause to some of the conditions the people find themselves in.  Migrants are not just coming from Syria, they are coming from Iraq (a country Bush and Blair interfered in) and Afghanistan (ditto).  We also intervened in Libya (before we decided not to intervene in Syria).  The Arab Spring rebellions seem largely not to have worked, in that chaos has ensued, and ISIL have mushroomed in these places.  Not that the tyrannies that preceded the Arab Spring were just.  Saudia Arabia still has a strict regime, but does not consider its role to be one of assisting refugees, not even with their vast luxurious tent facilities.  Saudia Arabia was this week the scene of a major disaster of pilgrims killed in the Hajj.  And then there is Iran, recently involved in a treaty with the U.S. over its nuclear facility – with many unsure whether they can be trusted, but the treaty does mean a shift in the power balance of the territories.  I have looked at some of these issues before in past blogs, but feel it is time to take another overview.

This week, Russia signalled its support of Bashar Al Assad of Syria, by sending reinforcements.  Though we are at war with ISIL, who are fighting in Syria against Assad and against the rebels who rose in the Syrian Spring, we are by no means in favour of Assad’s repressive regime.  David Cameron has said an agreement can only be reached if Assad steps down. Turkey, once a key hope as a peace broker in the area, has now become more radical.  And a peace process with Israel is further away, now that Israel is determined to batten down its hatches and isolate itself among all the instability around it. One thing is for sure, and that is we are not going to have stable regimes in those areas in the near future, enough to stop the migrations.

I can’t hope to disentangle the issues of all these countries and their interactions, but will take an updated look at the astrology of some of their charts.


I wrote about the chart of Syria in 2011:

“The natal chart for Syria shows a combination of Mars conjunct Uranus volatility and North Node conjunct Pluto shadow side of power.”

And of its current transits, I wrote earlier this month:

“Currently, Jupiter is exactly square Syria’s Mars/Uranus, possibly depicting the sudden mass emigration of its populace, who cannot take any more of ISIL or President Assad [and the other conflict groups such as Al Nusra]…

And Pluto is exactly square Syria’s Ascendant on the 4th House cusp, maybe the lowest point at which it could sink.

Neptune (the sea, and photographs) in Pisces is exactly quincunx the Syrian natal North Node/Pluto conjunction (loss of life) in its 10th House of Reputation.”

Looking at the transits for today and tomorrow (the period of the Lunar Eclipse), the Full Moon and its opposition with the Sun keys exactly into Syria’s natal Neptune (the ability to cause confusion) in its 12th House of Isolation.  It may be a good time to try and tackle, and disentangle, some of the complexity of its issues.

According to Alon Ben-Meir: “The search for a solution to Syria’s civil war and the unfolding tragedy of the Syrian refugees can be found only by defeating ISIS while simultaneously formulating a political solution to prevent the complete disintegration of the country.”


President Bashar Al Assad, whose father before him was tyrannical and not averse to bloodshed, has his Sun in Virgo conjunct the anarchic Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the mid-1960s.

He is currently undergoing his Chiron Return, which means he either has to find his Inner Healer, or deal with dis-ease.  His natal Chiron is opposite his anarchic triple conjunction in Virgo, and the internal havoc must be having an effect on him.


The chart of Russia has a complex but opportunistic trine between Jupiter and a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.  Capricorn is a sign I have always associated with Russia, not least for the symbolism of the struggle with its unremitting extreme climate.  Russia also has an exact conjunction of Venus and Pluto in 4th House, which can have a divisive effect.  There are power issues depicted (Sun exactly square Midheaven), too, in its chart.  The current eclipse sees Russia in belligerent mood, with Mars on its Moon, Uranus trine its Mars, Chiron square its Mars, and Pluto on its Uranus.


I wrote about his chart in 2012:

“In his natal chart Putin has the power-hungry aspect of Jupiter square Pluto.  His natal Mars (Inner Warrior) is at the galactic centre, magnifying his power and emphasizing warriorship.  His South Node is in Leo, indicating that he would be accustomed to power in past lives.”

The transits at this time are not so favourable for Putin getting his own way.  Saturn blocks him with an opposition to his Moon, and the North Node trines his natal Moon which means he should be accountable to karmic law.

Over to Alon Ben-Meir again: “Putin was and remains determined to safeguard Russia’s interests in Syria by preserving the Assad regime, which remains central to his strategy. As he has done in the past, Putin will continue to block any solution to the Syrian crisis unless it is done on his terms.”


In its natal chart, Turkey has an exact conjunction of Mercury and Saturn in Libra in the 4th House, which points to a need for reason and strictness in the rulership within its own country.  It has 5 of its 10 planets in Water signs, so there is a great deal of emotionality in the national character.  Its greatest strength is a trine between Uranus and Pluto, a power which has great potential.  At this point in time, Neptune in Pisces on the cusp of Turkey’s 9th House of Foreign Relations, trines its Ascendant.  Internationally, it may be playing a sensitive role.


I wrote of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish president, in June 2013: “He has Sun, Mercury and Venus in Pisces so can encompass a range of political ideas, and has a basically flexible nature (with 3 other planets also in flexible signs).  This flexibility will have helped him stay in power for so long.”  Neptune is currently on Erdogan’s Sun in Pisces, which is trine Turkey’s Ascendant: there is a fine spiritual link between him and his country.  However, people may be trying to guess at the moment at his own intentions.


The 1979 chart of Iran, which represents the departure of the Shah, has links with its traditions in the Sun’s position in Aries, a sign I associate with ancient Persia in Karmic Astrology through Zoroastrianism.  Mercury conjuncts Mars in this chart, so sharp words can come forth from its leaders, but this conjunction placed in Pisces means that the words could be couched in confusing terms.  Mercury is trine closely its Jupiter, and that reflects its rich cultural tradition.  Chiron is at the Midheaven, so its political upheavals can be quite painful for the populace.  Currently, Neptune squares its Moon and opposes its Saturn, so there is a similar pattern to Turkey at the moment, in that it is hiding or keeping quiet in some ways.


I dedicated a blog to the ruler Hassan Rouhani in September 2013:

“A focal point of his chart is an exact conjunction of Venus and Neptune in Libra, the sign of diplomacy and sweet words.  He certainly knows the truth of what he is saying, and has many years of experience in Iranian politics making him a shrewd realist. In another life, with that conjunction, he could have been an inspiring musician.…He has a forceful chart, with Mars also trine Pluto.  Saturn closely trines his North Node, so although it has taken him a while to rise to this position he has a sense of responsibility, and leadership.  He does not have a sinister chart, though an innocent chart may be used to sinister ends.”

Rouhani’s own transits at the moment are much more dramatic than Iran’s.  He has Pluto square his Venus (which could be a personal upheaval), Uranus trine his natal Mars, and Chiron square his Mars.

Here is Alon Ben-Meir’s perspective: “Iran is also in a position to prevent any solution to Syria’s civil war unless its strategic interest is guarded. Regardless of the extent of the destruction that has been inflicted in Syria, Tehran will continue to support Assad to the last Syrian soldier.”


The chart of Israel has Sun in Taurus, very strong-willed, with Midheaven, Moon, Pluto, Saturn and Mars in Leo in the 10th House: a reputation for pride and strength. There is a great deal of fire and energy in the chart, and an exact trine between Mars and Jupiter underlines this.  Mars is also strong by virtue of being sextile its Ascendant.  So there is certainly a strong “Inner Warrior”.  Its troubles are reflected in its chart by a conjunction of Saturn and Pluto, Chiron in the 1st House, and Pluto closely squaring its Nodal Axis (karma by the spades).  Current transits are keeping its head down, but for a square between transiting Jupiter and its Mercury, so there may be some attempt to be upbeat in its dissemination of information.


Binyamin Nethanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, is a Libran, with some wide but powerful conjunctions in his chart:

He has Venus conjunct Chiron, so in his personal life has some unorthodox solutions to personal problems.  He has Moon conjunct Neptune, which may have been misused in manipulation, as its potential is emotional sensitivity.  He has a ruthless conjunction of Mars and Pluto, which is wide, but evident in his attitude to life.  Tellingly, Neptune is exactly conjunct the South Node, which shows that subterfuge is a habit he has brought through from past lives.  Crucially, he manipulated the last election by exploiting fear over Iran.  Currently he has Uranus opposite his Moon, and Saturn on his Ascendant, so he is sitting uncomfortably, possibly awaiting the next phase of U.N. policy.

Saudia Arabia

There is an aloofness in the Saudi Arabian chart, with a religious flavour, as described by Jupiter exactly conjunct Neptune in Virgo in the 9th House.  This reflects its untouchability at the moment, with no country challenging its exploits in the Middle East, or its lack of assistance to the refugees.  At the same time it has a commanding conjunction of the Sun to its Midheaven in 10th House, reflecting its oil-related dominance in the world.  This is strengthened by an exact trine with Saturn, and the creation of a Grand Trine with Chiron in Taurus.  Currently, Chiron squares its Ascendant on the 4th House cusp, which may be connected with the shattering losses at Mecca and the Hajj recently.  But Saturn also trines its natal Mars at the moment, so it is still keeping a lid on some of its action and policies.

Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

This new ruler of Saudi Arabia, since January, has his Neptune exactly conjunct the South Node of Saudia Arabia, showing the strong genetic lineage with its royal family, and karmic link with the country, ruling by divine right.  He is a hard headed Capricorn, with the North Node conjunct his Sun in Capricorn, born to rule.  There is no reason to see that he would step out of the status quo that has governed his country for decades.  He has Venus trine exactly Pluto, and would fight for those he loves.  And how do the stars look in relation to him at the moment?  In one word, resolute.  Mars is trine his Uranus, and Uranus sextile his Mars, plus Pluto is on his North Node.  He is in no mood to compromise, though karma could work against him.

Transits to United Kingdom and United States

At this point in time, Jupiter is opposite the United Kingdom Uranus, which can bring sudden changes.  Pluto opposes the United States Sun, which is an aspect of upheaval.  For its leaders personally, Chiron opposes David Cameron’s natal Pluto, stirring him deeply, while Barack Obama has a good set of personal transits: Mars sextile his natal Venus, Saturn sextile his Jupiter, and the North Node trine his Jupiter (he may be able to be more productive than usual).


In the early hours of tomorrow morning (2.50 a.m. in the U.K.) There is a Full Moon, a Lunar Eclipse and Supermoon.  The position of the Moon will be 4 degrees Aries.  Eclipses, particularly if they fall in a crucial position of one’s chart, can affect life over the following 6 month period, even if nothing appears to be happening at the time of the actual eclipse.  The Moon in Aries describes the emotional need to fulfil one’s own goals.  It opposes the Sun in Libra, which represents the need for fulfillment in partnership, often necessitating negotiation and compromise.  These represent the two opposing forces at this time, which may prey on your mind and keep you awake tonight!  Do you do the right thing for yourself, or for your significant other?  Or perhaps you have conflicting needs within your own psyche and current lifestyle.  I am sure Shakespeare described the dilemma better in one of his plays.

On Wednesday (30th) lunchtime, the Sun conjuncts Mercury in Libra at 7 degrees.  This is a bull’s eye of concentration in the middle of the week, so you can aim for results at that time.  If you have legal or artistic aims and projects, there will be a succinct moment when all can come together, and be expressed perfectly.

There are no aspects in the second half of the week, but two fixed stars in the constellation of Virgo are aligned with our Sun.  You can give them a whirl, if you like!

Fixed Stars

On Thursday 1st – Friday 2nd October Vindiematrix and Porrima can assist you.

According to Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld, when considering Vindiematrix:

“People who work together can gradually discover a common goal.  You may find that there are resistances and struggles with accepting that goal as your own.  For instance: ‘It isn’t what I thought of myself, but what the group thought of.” Or, ‘If I work with this, will I be tied to this group?’ By utilizing this star, you may discover the ideas that formed the initial inspiration.”

And for Porrima:

“The use of these stars can create a powerful balancing of the ability to be effective in the world, combined with the ability to learn.  The awareness of this balance within individuals for the purpose of learning can affect left and right brain balance, but generally will be around apprenticeship and working with other people for learning new information and new ideas from them.  Utilization of this star provides a deep learning as if there is an apprenticeship, a companionship, an absorption, a oneness, and then a release so that the learning takes place in a powerful transfer.”

That is interesting for me, because I am going on a course next Friday (which I will write about next week).

Past Lives

Porrima also has some interesting past life information: “In Atlantis this binary star was utilized for the development of crystalline technologies for the receptivity and transfer of information into a crystal and then into a person.  This was done utilizing  the light from this binary, the elixir, but most importantly by journeying to Porrima in one’s mind.”  You may find that interesting if you work with crystals.

The week in bullet points:

  • Monday – a turning point
  • Wednesday – a focal point
  • Thursday and Friday – group work, and learning