I am hoping to make this blog short and sweet, a reflection of the slick planet Mercury as it moves across our skies this week.  It would be useful to have your diary handy, going back to 7 September, when Mercury went retrograde at 6 degrees Libra.  Because as Mercury goes direct this week (Tuesday 29 September), it will revisit some of those aspects you dealt with over the last few weeks.  This will give you a chance to connect to some of the teachings of those aspects and the opportunity to improve on some of your performances.  How have you found this recent retrograde path of Mercury since 7 Sept?  Easier than you thought, or more difficult?  What do you hope for when Mercury eases your communication path this week?  Just trains being on time (in East Anglia, we had some rail strike action, talks, suspense and then relief as more strike action was called off), post arriving (we had some postal strike action here, and it is estimated that millions of letters have been held up, and some may never reach their destination)… While Mercury direct periods are not free of hold-ups and miscommunication (and sometimes Uranus can play up, interfering with the smooth running of our computers, and people may attribute this to Mercury), Mercury direct periods are times that we can catch up at the very least, and sometimes make headway in plans – otherwise nobody would ever get anything done.  As this week belongs to Mercury, it would be good to focus on definite plans to forge ahead with this week which involve paperwork or communication.  This week and early next week hold the best chance of momentum.  For instance, I have a 12-year backlog of paperwork, which I am determined to start to clear.  Strangely enough, that coincides with the Labour Party having come into power, and they hold their Annual Conference this week.  There is no astrological connection.  However, Mercury’s positive turn may be helpful to them, at least in the short term (about a week).  Mercury squared Pluto on 17 September, which may have brought out health problems or deep mental processes.  This aspect will recur on 10 October as Mercury retraces its path, and you may have learned certain pitfalls of communication, such as failing to say things which would have made a difference.  Mercury was conjunct the Sun on 20 September, which I find helps the crystallization of thought.  It came to my notice on that day that (with my 3-month waiting list) I had been working on charts of babies born with the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction and was hearing stories of their being miracle babies, healing parents from the womb, and reviving family fortunes.  Mercury will again become conjunct with the Sun on 5 November, and there may be some inspiration which follows on from the earlier experience of this conjunction.  On 22 September Mercury was conjunct Saturn, which for some entailed some definitive dental work.  I was also trying to seal up matters surrounding my pension, another Saturn-related issue.  When this aspect recurs on 8 October, you may be able to tie up some paperwork in relation to the events of 22 September, if you didn’t let the more dampening mood of Saturn paralyse you into non-action.  If you are having difficulty following the to-and-fro path of this blog, and are handy with graphs, or spreadsheets, then that may help the process.  I am still taking lessons on the basics of Excel.  On 23 September so many people I know were affected by the Mercury opposition to Uranus: either they got something off their chest (sometimes very constructively), or were subjected to someone else doing so.  Even the U.N. was subjected to a lengthy rant, from Colonel Gadaffi.  When this Mercury aspect recurs on 4 October, maybe all the people who ranted will be silent, and listen to those who were on the other side of the fence last time.  That would seem fair when the Sun is in Libra.  I have nearly reached the climax of this convoluted blog…So time for a recap, get going on your filing or whatever you need to catch up on when Mercury goes direct on Tuesday 29.  Then on Thursday 1 October, there is a dynamic aspect of Mercury sextile Mars, which can really get things going for you if you capitalize on the new direction of Mercury.  Teaching also benefits that day, as there is a lively exchange of information.  Make the most of the momentum for the next few days as this aspect hovers, for Mercury sextiles Mars again early on Sunday 4 October and so this period is vital to any success with paperwork or communication in the near future.  If you like to work to a deadline, make that yours.