Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Part 2

Kellie Bright

Kellie Bright currently plays the landlady of the Queen Vic in Eastenders, Linda Carter.  Kellie kicked off the whole series with a Tango danced to the tune “You Really Got Me”.  She tells us she is strong willed, stubborn and bossy (she has 5 of her 10 planets in the Fixed signs).  Her dance was greeted by a warm and enthusiastic reception by the judges, Len saying it was “bubbly and fizzy”, and Bruno describing it as “swinging”.  Her birthchart has the Sun conjunct Venus in feminine Cancer, showing beauty and musicality.  She has Moon conjunct Mars – easily triggered emotionally (or am I confusing her with her Linda Carter?), with quick nervous reactions too (Mercury sextile Mars).  Saturn exactly squares her natal Uranus – earthquakes sometimes in her personal life (or am I confusing her with Linda Carter again?).  Added to that Sun/Venus square exactly Pluto – a challenging life and psyche, Saturn square Chiron and Chiron opposite Uranus (healing blocks and crises)!  The Sun in her chart trines the North Node exactly, providing showmanship, and Mars trines Chiron, providing some positive healing energy.

At the beginning of the competition Pluto was opposite her Venus, presenting psychological challenges, which she is no stranger to astrologically.  In fact challenge might be her middle name.

Interesting, then, that she kicked off the whole series with a stunning performance.  At the end of the competition Jupiter will be exactly trine her Jupiter.  She could be bound for the final, if not the glitterball trophy!

She partners Kevin Clifton and I have reported in the past that he has “great natural elegance with several planets in Libra”.    There is also great dexterity, with Mercury sextile Uranus. He has good chemistry with Kelly Bright, disciplined and intelligent with her Saturn sextile his Mercury, and his Saturn trine her Mercury.  In addition, his Pluto sextiles her natal Mars, so they will be able to sizzle in the Latin dances.  At the time of their first dance, Kevin had two major Neptune transits, and may have been tentative in comparison to what we will see later.  I think their performances will be excellent.  At the end of the tournament his transits are not as good as Kellie’s: although he will have Pluto sextile his natal Jupiter and Uranus trine his natal Mars, Pluto will be exactly square his natal Venus which may be upheaval in his personal life, or a stumbling block later in the contest.

Helen George

Call the Midwife star Helen George is thoroughly Geminian: Chiron/North Node, and Mercury/Sun/Venus, in that sign.  Consequently she partakes of all the nimbleness of that sign for her dancing talent.  She also has the dreaminess of Moon in Pisces, and the self-discipline of a close Mars/Saturn conjunction in Scorpio.  Her first dance was a waltz.  She’s a great fan of Darcy Bussell who loved her performance.  Bruno said it was high class, Len said she had elegance and musicality, and even Craig said it had potential.

Like Kellie Bright, she has Sun conjunct Venus (beauty and musicality).  She has the optimism and enthusiasm of a sextile between her Mars and Jupiter, and the balance of Jupiter exactly sextile Saturn.  Her Sun opposes Neptune, adding to the dreaminess:  she can internally inhabit another world, and interpret that in her self-expression.

She has good interior connections between her planets, and a trine of Pluto to her natal Sun means she can be deep and meaningful, but with less angst than Kellie (who is well suited to heavy drama and theatre).

Helen can portray deep relationship effortlessly, with Venus trine exactly Pluto.  It is as though she can pull out a performance from somewhere she may not have even experienced in this lifetime, something she knew in a former life, a lesson well learned.

Her close conjunction of North Node and Chiron hints at a karmic mission which is to do with healing, possibly through acting, or possibly something completely different.  Perhaps she will be very involved in a charity.

At her first performance on Sunday 25th, Jupiter was exactly trine her natal Jupiter, and she really did triumph and impress the judges!  Mars was also exactly trine her natal Neptune, giving energy to her inspiration and bringing out the potential of her dreaminess.  At the time of the final, Saturn will be conjunct her natal Uranus, and something may intervene before she reaches the final, such as an injury or conflicting personal interests.  I will look at this again nearer the time, when I have an exact date for the final.

She partners Aljaz Skorjanec of whom I wrote last year: “Aljaz Skorjanec is an out and out Capricorn with several planets in that sign, but normally fairly lucky with Sun exactly trine Jupiter.”

At the beginning of the tournament Neptune sextiled his natal Uranus and Mars squared his Pluto, but for their first performance he had different challenges: Jupiter square his Nodal Axis, and Mars opposite his Sun and Saturn square his Sun.  It could be that he finds it a challenge to bring out the complexities of Helen’s talents, though he did a good job.  It may be easier as the tournament progresses.  At the time of the final, Jupiter will be trine his natal Sun, but Pluto will be on his natal Mars, and Chiron will trine his natal Pluto.  It could take him in the final, and Helen with him, but there is some complexity in this journey.  Their chemistry too is contradictory: her Saturn squares his Mercury, which is very exacting for him.  But her Uranus (higher mind) sextiles his natal Mercury (so they can meet on a higher plane!)

Daniel O’Donnell

Irish singer Daniel O’Donnell’s first dance was a waltz, to the tune of “When Irish Eyes are Smiling”.  He received good comments from the judges: Len said he had the best footwork, Bruno said he was prim and proper, and Darcy said he was a gentleman.  In his chart, he has 6 of his 10 planets in Mutable signs, which should make him adaptable.  He is as Sagittarian as Helen George is Geminian (with Venus, Mercury/Sun/Mars all in Sagittarius).

He has the Sun exactly conjunct Mars, and though he makes a great play of being relaxed but has the Inner Warrior somewhere in that make-up, and as it is placed in Sagittarius more specifically he has the Inner Swashbuckling Pirate, but we shall see if one of the dances brings that into play.

He was very light on his feet in that first waltz, which may be a quality of his Mercury conjunct Mars.  Mercury conjunct Mars would also give him the “Inner Critic” Archetype, so another facet of his nature to watch out for.

He’s immensely sociable, as he not only has a satellitium in Sagittarius, but also Venus sextile Jupiter.  In many ways he is conventional, as his Uranus is largely unaspected, though it may show up in more prominence in a full birth chart where his birth time has been obtained.  Paradoxically, he may also be a free spirit, with his Uranus unaspected.

He has Venus square Pluto, like Kellie Bright, so may have suffered great heartache earlier in life.  Like her too, he has Sun exactly trine North Node, conferring stage presence, leadership and showmanship.  His Mars too is exactly trine his Ascendant, so he may have great courage and fortitude too.

At the beginning of the competition Uranus trines his natal Sun, Chiron squares his natal Sun, and Mars trines his Mercury

At his first performance, Jupiter was square his natal Venus, Mars was conjunct his natal Uranus, Saturn squared his natal Uranus, but Jupiter was conjunct his natal Pluto.  He managed to impress Len with the lightness of his footwork.

At the time of the final, Chiron will be square his natal Mercury, and Saturn will be square his natal Pluto, so he is not likely to appear there.

He partners Kristina Rihanoff, who has a fearsome reputation when it comes to the men she partners!  She has recently brought out her memoirs which have had the BBC trembling, by all accounts, entitled “Dancing out of Darkness” to be published in October.  I wrote last year about her: “With the Sun at the very end of Virgo, Kristina is an exquisite perfectionist.  She has the dexterity aspect of Mercury sextile Uranus, like Kevin Clifton.  She also has the ability to get the best out of her partners, with her Jupiter exactly sextile her Chiron.”

She has an extremely compatible interaspect with Daniel for dance: her Mars exactly trine his Neptune, so she can really push out his Inner Dancer!

She had some difficult transits for the beginning of the series, possibly to do with contention about her memoirs.  Some of these were still lurking, but at her first performance Jupiter was trine her natal Uranus, so the performance was well received.  At the end of the tournament her transits are rather flat, so this reinforces the impression that this couple will not go through to the end.

Jay McGuiness

Looking like a younger version of Mick Hucknall, Jay McGuinness is a band member of The Wanted.  His first dance was a cha cha, to the song: “I’ll be There”.  It looked fine to me, but Craig said it lacked showmanship [even though he is a Leo!].  He was very nervous.  He has some talent from drumming, which is down to his planets in Cancer (associated with drums because of rhythm, e.g. Ringo Starr).  For his first performance, Neptune was giving him support with a sextile to his natal Mars, but Pluto was a bit overwhelming with a conjunction to his natal Neptune.  He is trying to take a lot in at the moment (as they all are, but it is more intense for him than most).  There are no major transits showing at the end of the tournament, so he may have left a couple of weeks before the end.

His partner Alioni Vilani has patience and strength, due to her Sun and Moon being in Taurus (she was born on a New Moon), but also has a feisty side from a conjunction of Mercury and Venus in Aries.  She has no Air planets, and is very instinctive and sensuous.  Curiously, Jay also has no Air planets either, so I don’t expect them to be very calculating or in their heads, but will be very much moved by the music.  She has Sun closely trine Jupiter, so she enjoys the competitive element of the game, but Saturn opposes her Sun at the same time, so sometimes she could feel defeated.  The good news is that her Jupiter sextiles her Saturn exactly, so she is very balanced in her approach to life (glass neither half full nor half empty, or both!).  Her Mercury/Venus trines Neptune, so her instinct for dance works well with her mind, co-ordination and musicality.  She had some powerful Pluto aspects for their first performance, which would have given her a confident start.  However, these have tailed off by the end of the tournament, by which time her mind may be elsewhere.

North Node enters Virgo

You may notice a subtle shift in karma has been occurring and culminates at the end of this week when the North Node finally enters Virgo, retrograding from Libra.  Old relationships have been surfacing for resolution.  The karmic tone of the North Node in Libra was diplomacy.

The karmic focus of the next 18 months, with the North Node in Virgo will be health and ecological concerns.  Climate change will come further forward on the global agenda (and about time too).  Its karmic implications will be recognized.

In our personal lives, we will be urged to attend in greater detail to the minutiae of life and its symbolism.

In politics, the protection of the work force by the trade unions may be strengthened in importance, having waned for many years.  Maybe the balance needed to be redressed or re-adjusted slightly.

A push towards scientific research and medical breakthroughs are highly possible under this placing.

Scrupulous ethics and morals may be the order of the day, as old scores are settled and old abuses held to account.

[If you recognize this posting, it was first introduced here 3 weeks ago]


There may be drama on Tuesday (6th) lunchtime as Pluto squares the Sun.  Someone in your circle may have reached the end of their tether.  Acknowledge the depth of their feelings, and go from there (the only way is up).

By the evening there may be some stabilization, as Mercury sextiles Saturn.  A plan may be hatched, or a more rational mindset takes over.

The early hours of Wednesday (7th) morning may bring more paranoia or unstable action, with Mars opposing Neptune.  This may take place during dreamtime, or nightmare time.  It may help in working things through subconsciously.  So Wednesday at breakfast is a good time to pick through your dreams and analyze their meaning.  If you have a breakfast partner, you can chew over your dreams together, over the muesli.

Surely this gets better? You might ask.  Thursday (8th) is quite neutral.  Mercury conjuncts the North Node, which is informative about karma, in this case the direction of karma for humanity as well as your own karmic group or personal karma.  It is also a good time to discuss such matters with interested parties.

In the late afternoon, or early evening, Venus leaves Leo and enters Virgo.  Love of leisure and pleasure give way to a more industrious purpose, or finding work you love, and finding love for the work you do.

Friday (9th) is a positive turning point, with Mercury going direct.  You can breathe a sigh of relief in your communications, as they get the green light.  This may not be instant, i.e. it may take a little while for Mercury to get working on your behalf again, but you may not feel you are treading water in that respect.  I am hoping the vicious attacks on Jeremy Corby in the media in his first 3 weeks as leader may ease off when Mercury goes direct.

Saturday (10th) sees the North Node turn into the sign of Virgo, having hovered at 0 degrees Libra for a while (it moves backwards).  This reinforces the theme of constructive work, in respect to karma.  Thus if you have been hankering after making a hobby into something which pays, you may be able to give it more of a role in your life, whilst cutting down the day job if that is the direction you want to take, e.g. increase the hours of singing in a band and decrease the office temp job hours.  Alternatively you may want to be a part of the growing ecological movement: such work directions will be encouraged by this placement of the North Node.

Future Life

Those who have been following my personal story, will understand my excitement in doing the Advanced Future Life Practitioner course with Anne Jirsch this weekend.  If you haven’t, then please look at my Future Life page, and Future Life category for more information.  I hope that I will be able to provide an improved service in this aspect of my work after this week.  To use a phrase I haven’t used previously, “Woo Hoo”!  There may be a blog in it.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – heavy emotion; sobering up
  • Wednesday – emotional confusion
  • Thursday – karmic information; artistic industry
  • Friday – communication ban lifted
  • Saturday – karmic shift