I’d rather be a rebel than a slave” ~ from the film “Suffragette”

The film “Suffragette” will be released tomorrow in the U.K (23rd October in the U.S.), and stars Meryl Streep and Carey Mulligan among others.  It has been a long time in production (since April 2011) but is timely as this year, top Hollywood actresses have been highlighting sexism within the industry. Emmeline’s great granddaughter Helen Pankhurst is a lecturer in Women’s studies, and emphasizes there is much further to go for feminism.  It is the first film to gain permission to film inside parliament.

Emmeline Pankhurst

Emmeline Pankhurst, whose name is synonymous with female emancipation, is born under the female sign of Cancer.  The sign of Cancer is traditionally associated with female roles in life, such as the home, family, and motherhood, but since the 20th Century is often strong in the charts of women involved with women’s liberation.  She believed she was born on Bastille Day, though her birth certificate has her birth recorded for the day after, but she identified with the symbolism of that revolutionary event.  With the Sun trine Mars, she also has the chart of a warrior.  So Sun in Cancer trine Mars + Moon (women) sextile Mars = female warrior.  Mars was also exactly at the top of her chart squaring her Ascendant, so warriorship was visible as her life’s work.

She had a close conjunction of Mercury and Saturn, which gave her a great deal of mental focus, Mercury sextile Uranus conferring original thought, and Saturn sextile Uranus giving her great strength.  The Sun and Mercury trine Neptune in her chart was inspirational.  Jupiter at the I.C. gave her a foundation of confidence, and Jupiter squaring her Nodal Axis meant she was willing to take risks.  She died on June 14th 1928, shortly before all women over the age of 21 were granted the vote on 2nd July (when Saturn reached her Midheaven).  Pluto was sextile her natal Moon, and Neptune was conjunct her natal Venus, at the time she died – her personal job was done in relation to improving the lot of women. There are very strong and positive transits to her chart this week: Mars trine her Pluto (power to her elbow: there is still more to be done), Uranus sextile her Ascendant (a breakthrough) and Neptune sextile her Pluto (a profound gift of the spirit).

Emily Wilding Davison

Emily Davison was a suffragette who died when she threw herself in front of George V’s horse at the 1913 Derby.  Emily was a Libran, presumably motivated by a deep desire for justice and equality.  With Jupiter exactly trine Neptune, she was very idealistic.  She is known historically for an act of self-sacrifice, and had Neptune at the Midheaven (as well as Pisces on the cusp of the 8th House of Death).  Uranus was sextile exactly her North Node (karmic mission as a revolutionary).  At the time of the event, Jupiter (horse) was square her Mercury, and Neptune was square her Neptune (depicting her martyrdom).  It is not clear whether Emily’s act of sacrifice was deliberate, but the effect was the same in terms of how she is remembered.

Meryl Streep

Ordinarily, you can often see important roles mirrored in an actor’s chart, but Meryl Streep, who plays Emmeline Pankhurst (almost a cameo role) in the film, is no ordinary actor or actress.  She has had so many award nominations, has 2 Academy Awards, and has played some extraordinary and varied women, including Margaret Thatcher.  But what she does have in her chart, which is very telling, is the Sun in Cancer at 0 degrees of that sign: the essence of womanhood.  Her female planets (Moon and Venus) are in harmony with each other, in a sextile.  Her Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus, so she is a good role model for female emancipation too.  And, like Emmeline Pankhurst, she has Saturn sextile Uranus (strength).  Her emotional range and depth are shown by an exact square between Moon and Pluto – some of that depth coming from the loss of a partner early in life.

Carey Mulligan

In the film, Carey Mulligan plays a larger role as a young mother (laundry worker Maud Watts) who is inspired by Emmeline Pankhurst.  The focal point of Carey’s chart is a close conjunction of the Sun (otherwise unaspected) with Chiron in Gemini, so Carey would very much live on her nerves but often with healing outcomes.  She has the Moon (feminism) trine her natal North Node (part of her karmic mission).  She also has the Inner Entrepreneur (Jupiter exactly sextile Uranus) and with Mars trine Jupiter, she would have been very enthusiastic about the role, and indeed suggested Meryl for the role of Emmeline.  Like Emmeline, she has Jupiter exactly square the Nodal Axis (a risk taker), and her close opposition of Mercury with Saturn reflects Emmeline’s Mercury/Saturn conjunction, so she may share values and character trait with the founder of the suffragette movement.

Abi Morgan

Abi Morgan is the writer of the screenplay for the film “Suffragette”, and has distinguished herself as a writer in the past, notably for the screenplay of “The Iron Lady”.  Sadly we do not have a birth date for Abi Morgan.

Sarah Gavron

Sarah Gavron is the film’s Director.  In her chart, she has a very empowering Pluto, which trines her Mercury, Venus and Mars.  Her Moon is in Libra, the sign of justice, fairness and equality.  She also has a defined element of responsibility within her karmic mission (Saturn closely sextile her North Node).  There is a strong sense of a Soul Contract with Emmeline Pankhurst, because they have their North Nodes conjunct in Pisces, and Sarah’s Saturn sextiles them.

Helena Bonham Carter

Helena Bonham Carter, a unique actress, has played, among other very varied roles, the Queen Mother in ”The King’s Speech”.  She is strongly Geminian (and likes variety), with the Sun and Mercury (its ruler) exactly conjunct in that sign.  She is also a bit of a warrior, with the North Node conjunct her Mars at the end of Taurus.  She has the Rebel conjunction of Uranus exact with Pluto in Virgo (a child of the mid-60s), and the serious side shown by Saturn conjunct Chiron in Pisces.  So she has quite a range in her character, as well as her roles.  In the film, she plays an activist who is a pharmacist and munitions expert, Edith Ellyn, a fictitious character who is an amalgam of more than one suffragette.  One of the women on whom the character is based is Edith New, who was on hunger strike in prison.

Natalie Press

Natalie Press plays Emily Davison, who has a very fitting chart for an actress: Sun conjunct North Node in Leo.  Her Soul expression and karmic mission are on the same page.  She is also quite a warrior, with Mars conjunct Pluto sextile the Sun and North Node.  Mars conjunct Pluto can put itself in danger, which reflects the fate of her character in the film.  There is a dramatic karmic link between her and the character she plays in that Emily’s Pluto is exactly square Emily’s Nodal Axis.  Natalie also has Neptune exactly trine the North Node, so her life of stardom looks very promising.  I think she will go far.  Peter Bradshaw, writing in the Guardian suggests: “Press is an excellent, underused performer: maybe her Davison could have occupied a greater part of the film”.  It looks like this film will have an important impact in her life path, as Neptune is trine her Venus at this time (artistic perfection) and Uranus is opposite her natal Pluto (dramatic life changes).

Anne-Marie Duff

Anne-Marie Duff plays a friend of Maud Watts, Violet, who draws Maud into the movement.  Anne-Marie has a reputation for playing gritty characters, and has the tough conjunction of Mars and Pluto, like Natalie Press, as well as the Moon in gritty Capricorn.  She also has the Sun in Libra desire for equality and fairness (that Libran theme again), conjunct Uranus the Rebel.  She is able to convey subtlety or ambiguity of feeling, with Venus conjunct Neptune.  She has an idealistic karmic mission (North Node on the cusp between Aquarius and Pisces) and holds it all together with an exact trine between Mars and Saturn.  She was interviewed on the Andrew Marr show this morning and was eloquent, and articulated the film’s dilemmas very well (Mercury in Libra).

Women’s Vote

The chart for women over 21 receiving the vote sees four planets in the female sign of Cancer, with the Sun exactly conjunct Venus in that sign (dignity for all women).  Uranus was exactly sextile the North Node (karmic change).

Chart of the Film

The film is being launched at an impactful moment astrologically: Jupiter is trine Pluto, a powerful agent of change, and the Sun opposes Uranus (an explosive expression of the Rebel).  We need those deep and powerful aspects to recognize the changes we need, the benefits of change, and the methods of change.  A good moment to pick for its message to hit home, but also a moment that reflects synchronistically the nature and purpose of the film.


In the early hours of this morning, Venus was square Saturn, and with a sigh you may have had to let go of something or someone, or a cherished belief you were clinging on to.

This paves the way for the freedom to fully express the amazing and powerful trine which happens close to midnight, in the U.K.  At 23.51 Hrs, Jupiter trines Pluto, a fortuitous combination of astrological giants (I refuse to call Pluto a dwarf planet!).  This trine is a powerful agent for change, whether used consciously or unconsciously.  Some may ignore astrology totally, and change will happen anyway.  Some will choose to have an early night, and experience shifts in their dream state, or dreams whose significance they cannot shake.  Others, poised and attuned astrologically, may consciously play with the power of Pluto and the optimism of Jupiter, and dare to acknowledge their dreams.  In the words of Bake Off winner Nadiya this week (dubbed the best acceptance speech by the Guardian):

“I’m never gonna put boundaries on myself ever again. I’m never gonna say I can’t do it. I’m never gonna say ‘maybe’. I’m never gonna say, ‘I don’t think I can.’ I can and I will”

That’s the spirit of Jupiter trine Pluto!

What do we then have in the early hours of tomorrow morning?  Sun opposite Uranus, the breakaway actions of the rebel, determined to bring about change.  This aspect is potentially destructive, but is trumped in power by the Jupiter trine Pluto, whose vision may keep it on a constructive pathway.  For some, it will be throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but keeping an eye on the greater vision of Jupiter trine Pluto can keep it a rebellion that does not get out of hand, hurt anyone, throw eggs or spit in their faces (which is an issue currently being debated in relation to social demonstration).  How far to go?  What would Mahatma Gandhi do?

To sum up: Something you do today or tomorrow could have far reaching effects, most likely on the positive side.

Moving on to Tuesday (13th), in the early hours of the morning (00.06 Hrs, to be precise) there is a New Moon in Libra at 19 degrees.  This affords a fresh start in relationships and the Arts.  It is a good day for designing and composing, and exhibiting your craft.

After breakfast, Mercury sextiles Saturn so it is also a good day for making and honouring contracts, making plans and setting the foundation of ideas.  Tuesday is a good day to consolidate practically the outrageous energies and ideas from the beginning of the week, and by the end of the day you should have something to show for your efforts this week.

Friday (16th) can also be constructive, if a little volatile.  It’s a high energy day, courtesy of Mars trine Pluto.  A show of force may be in evidence, but there is a potential for constructive release of energy.  Again, there will always be those who misuse the strength of this aspect, and respect for others must always be involved in asserting your own case.  It is easy for some to go too far.

Saturday (17th) begins in the early hours with an opposition between Venus and Neptune, the possibility of misunderstanding in relationships or misreading feelings.  You may go to bed with an emotional puzzle on your mind, to woo or not to woo.  Consign the question to your subconscious mind, and drift into a dream which explains it all clearly.  The dream may deepen your understanding, and even raise more questions in doing so.  Sleep, if you can get it, will help the digestion of this aspect.  You should awake in harmony with your finer feelings, and be able to put that into practice throughout the day.

By the evening, your way will be clear to enjoy a conjunction of Mars and Jupiter at 14 degrees Virgo.  You’ll feel full of enthusiasm for the evening’s activities, and ecologically inspired projects.  Networking for work purposes would also succeed, e.g. an office outing for a special occasion.  This conjunction is still trine Pluto, so a chance to impress the powers-that-be if you are not the powers-that-be, and impress the employees if you are part of the Establishment.  If you are a member of the elite, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is if you agree we need a fairer society.

Future Lives

I attended the Advanced Future Life Practitioner Course with Anne Jirsch last weekend, which was immensely inspiring.  I can now offer more services under this banner, which I will shortly add to my Future Lives page.  Among these processes are “Meeting your Future Self”, “Viewing your Future Home” and “Meeting your Loved One in a Future Life”.  I find working with the future empowering and creative.

Next Week: Scorpio Animal Totems and Archetypes

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – letting go, then empowerment!
  • Tomorrow – the rebel lets rip
  • Tuesday – new avenues, and sensible contracts
  • Friday – high energy
  • Saturday – early puzzlement, late enthusiasm