Mercury opposite Pluto today may start for some the build up of tension towards the Full Moon on Friday, especially if you are by habit susceptible. Our valiant Moon Researchers (Moonpod for short) are still beavering away trying to make sense of why some people are and some people aren’t sometimes or always. Back to the Now, emotion versus reason may be tearing you apart, so you may need to expand your vision to see the whole picture today. Mercury enters Cancer on Tuesday (29th) and you may then be able to see how reason and emotion fit together to create that bigger picture. There’s an unusual dearth of major aspects during the week itself, but if you are preoccupied with the reason/emotion dichotomy that may be enough to keep you busy. You can apply it to anything, if you get bored. Work yourself up to a lather by Friday’s Full Moon, or find ways to chill out (attend the Singers Inspired Concert perhaps), go into deep spiritual retreat, watch the Apprentice and its re-run, listen to your new Rufus Wainwright CD (“Reach for the Stars”), and you will be ready for what (in the absence of any competition) is the astrological event of the week. So come Friday (1st June) you’ll be ready to understand the significance of the Full Moon, particularly as it applies in the signs affected (Moon in Sagittarius opposing Sun in Gemini) and the houses affected if you know your birthchart. You may want to use the Alice Bailey keynote for Moon in Sagittarius: “I see the goal. I reach that goal and then I see another.” On a more global scale, there may be a media frenzy that day (maybe peaking the night before), or a denouement of understanding about a situation. And someone, somewhere, will announce the book deal. That’s all Folks!