Tuesday 29 September 2009

13.13 Hrs Mercury goes stationary, prior to direct: I suddenly find myself able to think outside a box my mind has been in for some time, like waking up from a long sleep.  I see my way to catching up with jobs which have been stuck for some time.  Some part of my energy seems linked with Mercury, and not just my mind.  Because the things I had stalled at when Mercury was retrograde, I found I literally did not have the right energy to do, until now.  I’ve always been able to sense the timing of Saturn (Old Father Time), the sense of “the time is not yet right, it needs perfecting” and knowing when it is right to leap in.  I am not a Mercurial type astrologically, neither have I specialized in the study of Mercury, as have those Astrologers who have written books on the subject.  But today I am getting a new sense of Mercury as it connects with the wider mind, in life and psyche.  This may be a by-product of having blogged about it last week, that I am noticing more.  Something else is happening, something nagging at the back of my mind.  Part of my mind which has been clear or inactive suddenly has something tugging, like not having cleared an old desk somewhere, or opening up an old email account and finding an important old email in it.  Talking of email, we are having to change our passwords with our Virgin email accounts today (my hubby and I), and I wonder what will happen tomorrow when they change their email system over to the Google mail platform.  Seems like this is Mercury awareness week, and may have to do a separate blog.

Wednesday 30 September 2009

Dream: I have two karmic astrology clients, a man and a woman.  Was able to tell them a bit about their past lives connected with Earth healing.

9.00 Hrs: Going back to this tugging at the back of my mind, I am intuiting that it feels like the reptilian brain (not as in David Icke, but as in Chris Griscom who defines it as: “animalistic part of ourselves that warns us of danger, such as radiation or chemical poisoning in the environment”).  It is different from the intuition itself, which arrives in the Crown chakra from above, and which I equate with Uranus and Neptune.  And it’s different from gut instinct which comes from the Solar Plexus.  I must consult with a Neuro-anatomist.  I have also realized that this surfacing or resurfacing of the reptilian brain is connected with the tsunami(s) and earthquake(s) happening yesterday and today in the Pacific Ring of Fire.  No email function today…having to explain (until I wonder if I protest too much and am in denial) to enquirers who ask why it is happening when Mercury has gone direct, that this reorganization by Virgin is a classic manifestation of the  current Saturn-Uranus opposition.  Mercury rules the act of communication in general and the old fashioned forms especially, while it is Uranus that represents technology, IT and TV (today all Freeview owners are having to re-tune to receive their digital channels, that also is creating havoc).  As I blogged last year, Richard Branson has been in his Second Saturn-in-Virgo Return year.  But I wonder if someone told him it would be all right to go ahead with this re-organization when Mercury was direct…

Thursday 1 October 2009

An old friend of mine said it had been a weird day for phone calls – she had received two phone calls from people she hadn’t spoken to in years.  Still no emails today.  Hubby has them back, but he is the primary account holder.  He spent two hours on the phone to Virgin tonight, while I was doing astrological consultation.

Friday 2 October 2009

Human Design blogger Kim Gould writes today on her blog (I can hardly believe this):

“The Gate of Oppression (Mercury is there now) is a place where our “mind” connects with our reptilian brain and says…These are the things I know about struggling to survive on this planet.”

In the evening went to see Joan Baez in Concert in Cambridge, legendary balladeer, still in beautiful voice.  We were completely transported back to the 1960s.  Being transported back in memory is more a process of Moon and Neptune, but in defence of this digression, the link of my mind (Mercury) took me there.  All I had to do was close my eyes.  No planet functions in complete isolation.

Saturday 3 October 2009

Dream: An Aquarian friend said: “It’s about time we had a chat.  Tell me what’s going on in the heavens.”  I replied: “If we don’t embrace the joy (the Jupiter-Neptune-Chiron conjunction) as well as the need for change (Pluto in Capricorn, Saturn opposite Uranus) then we would not be able to keep hope alive”

Hmm…spoken like a Sagittarian

9.15 Hrs: After another phonecall to Virgin, hubby reports back: “No hope this morning.  They say all secondary account holders are not able to access their accounts.  They have just looked at yours, and it is going round in a loop…”