An aspect of my work which I don’t often get round to writing about is past-life therapy.  So I would like to write a little about this, for a change!

There is nothing more satisfying than taking someone back to the source of a problem or pattern which has its origin in a past life.  Sometimes it has an instant benefit, and sometimes it begins a process of unravelling towards a release of the issue, and towards creating new pathways.  The conscious creating of the future is accelerated by using future life progression.

When you read books by prolific authors on past lives, you see the intense interest of the practitioner behind the pages: Brian Weiss’ interest was piqued in his first books such as “Only Love is Real” when he saw how people were brought together from the past, and the emotional impact and psychological benefits of this work.

The recently deceased Dolores Cannon tirelessly worked to uncover historical details, in books such as “Jesus and the Essenes” but was also fascinated by sessions where her clients travelled in space ships to other planets.

The rewards of past life work lie mainly in their therapeutic value, and that can be through non-traumatic ways such as uncovering past life talents and witnessing the bonds of love that unite people through many lifetimes, but as one who studied History at University, the surprise viewing and in some case rewriting of history is one that I especially enjoy.  In the 25 years I have been practising, I have been witness to some magical visions of the past.  I often think that historians and archaeologists are really missing something if they are not past-life therapists.

So today, bear with me while I take you on a time trip through history based on regressions I have been a party to over the years:

Other star systems

Some clients have travelled to other planets in their quest to find parts of themselves.  The time question is very difficult to pinpoint in these cases, but when asked one person said “it was a time before our earth was formed”.  Some of our souls are that old.


I once regressed two friends who had only just met, and they each went to the same scenario in pre-history, seeing it from a slightly different angle.  They were both part of a group of troglodytes (cave dwellers) harassed by creatures which seemed like the flying dinosaurs (Pterodactyls).  Historic knowledge would have it that humans were not around at the time of the dinosaurs, but why else do they capture the imagination of children so strongly?  This session also caused me to marvel at how we have travelled so long with the same group of people.


Many years ago, a group of my friends spontaneously tuned in to a lifetime where we were healers in a Rose Quartz Temple in Atlantis, where we had different healing roles.  The information we each received independently dovetailed into a vivid picture, which we also illustrated in our artwork.  The coming together of a group for its evolution was beautifully documented by Arthur Guirdham in his books about his group who were Cathars at Carcassone.  One of those books is “We Are One Another”, but he also wrote about other incarnations, such as in “The Island” which was about a lifetime involved with the Eleusinian Mystery tradition.  Atlantis of course is regarded as a fable by many.

The Pyramids

One of my most memorable regressions was that of someone who was helping to build the pyramids.  Like the building of Stonehenge, this is one of history’s great mysteries, as in how the stones were moved.  Were they moved by sound, for instance?  This regression memory seemed to endorse one of the theories on the building of the pyramids, that of assistance from the star Sirius, the brightest fixed star in the heavens.


Pompeii has come up more than once in regression, most notably for an elderly lady many years ago who re-lived a lifetime at the destruction of Pompeii.  The remarkable thing about that regression is that she was playing a harp at the time, and with her hands she was actually seen to be playing a harp.  She was as amazed as I was, when we talked about it after the session.  She had previously been told that she had been a Gaul at the time of the Barbarians, so this was a welcome contrast in her view of herself.

The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages is portrayed as a dark time in many ways, conjuring up a picture of the population as ignorant and superstitious.  What has surprised me in taking people back to this era is how much more enlightened they actually seemed.  One woman was an adviser to one of our English Kings, and very attuned to crystals.  Another rode with the Crusaders and seemed to take on the role of a horse whisperer.

Famous Figures

I have come across a few clients who were famous figures, or believe they were.  This is of course very rare, because we cannot all be Cleopatra.  Denise Linn says that if we have a feeling of being, say, a famous King or Queen, then more likely than not we could have been part of their entourage or one of their helpers, such as a lady-in-waiting, and that is why we have such an identification.  I would not, in any case, write about anybody without obtaining their permission.

Spanish Armada

Somehow I seem to have crammed three lifetimes into the 16th Century.  One of those was as a fisherman on Lake Titicaca at the coming of the Conquistadores.  But karmically I was then reincarnated into Spain, where I was conscripted into the Spanish was against the English.  One of my very first past life memories, and a key one for me, was drowning and starving off the English coast in the Spanish Armada.  Past lives can often depict current struggles, such as fear of drowning, and eating disorders.

Oriental Lifetimes

Lifetimes in territories such as China, Japan and Tibet are useful to relive as they help us to connect our right brain to our left brain thinking.  The Western rational left brain type of thinking still dominates in Europe and the U.S.  But oriental philosophies and religions such as Buddhism encourage the stimulation and orientation of the right brain, more open thinking.  When we come into contact with that in this lifetime, if we start off with the rational approach, it can set us on a wider spiritual path.


I have had a succession of people who spent years trudging across Russia in the snow at the end of the 19th Century, including myself!  Of course there was more to it, in each case.  But my husband, who almost never remembers his dreams, and doesn’t remember any past lives, once memorably dreamed of trudging through snow in a place called Novosibirsk in Russia!  Maybe you too have trudged through Russian snow.  I always keep a blanket in my regression room for these instances, as people actually feel the cold when they are reliving such a climate.

20th Century Wars

The devastation of the two World Wars of the 20th Century and the Holocaust were often the immediate previous lifetimes for people coming for regression, and so very pertinent, as we are taking up where we left off in those lessons.  One of the most moving I encountered was a regression of a woman whose genuine love for her comrades and their love for her was a tangible force, and continues today in her work with communities.

Well that concludes our time trip today, which I hope has stimulated interest and memory for you.  It is a subject which I would like to expand in a book one day.


Both aspects for today occur in the evening, so if you are reading this blog today, you won’t miss them and you will be able to prepare for them!

The first is Venus conjunct Jupiter, just after 8 pm in the U.K., which make a bright pairing in the heavens and in our psyche.  It is a conjunction of hope and vision and unconditional love.  Anything you can dream of you can make your reality, is the feeling it gives out.  So wish upon a conjunction tonight!

If you are doing the wishing exercise, best make it within a 3-hour window, because at nearly 11 pm, Mercury opposes Uranus, which is the spanner in the works, but remember that the spanner may not be in the works of your wishing exercise.  In other words, it may not affect what you believe in, so allow your vision free rein.  The fault of the Mercury-Uranus connection will lie in communication.  Words may be controversial, and travel may be disrupted.  If you are trying to communicate your vision, it may be too soon.  If you are travelling by public transport – well who tries to travel on public transport on a Sunday evening (unless you are a shift worker, in which case, my sympathies).  A Sunday evening meditation may be a better alternative, calming the storm, than watching the television and imbibing the electrical and other vibes.  I will be on my weekly phone call with a regular Light Buddy, and could get my wires crossed, especially as her specialist subject is Telepathy (but with the Masters of Light).  Our conversations sometimes take a strange turn, if she is tuning into them and I am talking to her – there seem to be several beings on the line at once.

So today may provide us with much food for thought and nourishment for the Soul.  Good preparation for Tuesday (27th) when we have a Full Moon and Supermoon (when the Moon is close to the Earth).  The term Supermoon was coined by Astrologer Richard Nolle 30 years ago.

On Tuesday the Moon will be at 3 degrees Taurus, opposite the Sun in Scorpio.  I find the Taurus-Moon, Scorpio-Sun Full Moon one of the most powerful calendar events of its type, because Taurus and Scorpio are so strong in their feelings.  You can’t fail to feel on this Full Moon!  Moon in Taurus grounds us in the way we feel about our possessions, the Earth, and the Arts.  Others may be representing other, equal and opposite feelings, as represented by the Sun in Scorpio and the mysteries of the life cycle.  The aim is to encompass both, and feel the oneness of all.  Only then can you feel the peace which is beyond polarity.

This week really is a spiritual journey, because on Friday (30th) the Sun trines Neptune, so all you have worked with from Sunday to Friday can take you on the next level of your spiritual journey.  You may need to shed some baggage along the way in order to take that step, for Neptune does not need mobile phones and laptops among other trappings of modern day life.  It would be a good day to take a fast from such things.  Discover the core and essence of your being, and allow yourself to experience that for a day.  If you can’t spare a whole day, then at least take a minute’s silence at 21.06 Hrs to savour this aspect.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – True Love, and mental disruption
  • Tuesday – intense feeling
  • Friday – sublime spirituality