Strictly Come Dancing 2015 – Part 3

Please note I do not have Anita Rani’s birth date – maybe she is holding the winning transits!


In Jamelia’s chart, enthusiasm abounds, with Jupiter closely trine Mars.  She also has an exact conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn, so she can be contrary or her decisions can be finely balanced.  The Jupiter/Saturn conjunction sextiles her North Node, so she can be very focussed about her path in life.  Mars is also exactly trine Saturn, so she has good co-ordination, and Mercury exactly sextile Uranus gives very quick mental reactions.  Her musical side comes from Venus conjunct Neptune, providing some musical inspiration.  Her life is not without a sense of crisis, with Chiron exactly squaring the Nodal Axis.

Partnered with Tristan McManus

Tristan MacManus has his Sun on the cusp of Cancer and Leo.  He has three planets in musical Libra, which includes a passionate exact conjunction of Mars and Pluto, which might land him in trouble at times.  He is enthusiastic as well as passionate and energetic, with Jupiter closely square his Sun.  He is also sociable, with his Venus closely trine Jupiter, and Jupiter loosely conjunct Mars.  His Sun exactly trines Uranus, so he is capable of some original choreography, and Mercury also trines his Uranus, so he is quick-thinking too.  Mars sextile exactly his natal Neptune is the aspect which shows genius in dance, and sensitivity in movement.  He is also a good teacher, with Mercury sextile his natal Chiron, and may have or develop an interest in alternative medicine.

Jamelia was super-excited when they were partnered.  Their Mercuries are opposite each other exactly so they can learn and communicate a great deal together.  Her Pluto is exactly conjunct his Mars, which brings about excitement, and a hint of danger.  Sparks, positive and negative, can fly between them.  Their Plutos are exactly conjunct, so they understand each other on the level of being peers in their generation.  Pluto is currently trine Jamelia’s natal Chiron, so she may be saved for the time being.  The North Node is currently sextile Tristan’s Mercury, so he may have some karmic credit.  At the end of the tournament Saturn sextiles Jamelia’s Jupiter/Saturn conjunction, so she could nail it.  But Tristan has Uranus opposite Saturn, so they may not last the tournament: perhaps there is too much fire between them.

Kirsty Gallacher

Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher is another ambitious Capricorn, but with Saturn exactly opposite her Sun, she can doubt herself at times.  She has much energy and drive from Mars trine Pluto, which undoubtedly feeds her interest in sport (she comes from a sporting background).  Her Jupiter/Chiron conjunction can give her a knack for problem-solving generally in life, but Mercury square Uranus in her chart can be heavy on the nerves – that may be one of her problems on the dance floor.  This weekend she has the North Node trine her Sun, so may not face the chop!  Uranus is on her natal Jupiter, so the element of the unexpected may swing her way.  Plus more support from the Universe comes from Neptune trine her natal Uranus.  At the end of the tournament she will be enjoying the general ambiance, with the North Node on her Venus, but more likely as a spectator.

Partnered with Brendan Cole

Brendan is still my favourite among the professionals!  In 2013 I wrote: “Her [Sophie Ellis-Bextor] partner Brendan Cole has not been so lucky or enthusiastic since the first series of Strictly, when he won the contest with Natasha Kaplinsky.  His “bad boy” image funnily enough comes from his conjunction of the Sun and Chiron, which wants to do things his way – in the past it got him into hot water with the judges.”  Mars is currently trine Brendan’s Mercury this weekend, so he will come out fighting!  Uranus is transiting his Venus, so he may display considerable artistic ingenuity.  Chiron trines his natal Mars and Jupiter sextiles his natal Mars, so his energy will be flowing well.  But Uranus squares his natal Mars, so that may produce a fly in the ointment, and the fly in the ointment carries on through the rest of the series.

Katie Derham

Katie Derham is a news presenter, a fitting career for the sign of Gemini.  The Sun in Gemini exactly trines her Jupiter, so this enhances her curiosity and talent for broadcasting and communication.  Her Mercury trines Uranus, so she likes to be inventive and bring something fresh to each piece of work she does.  She made a wonderful start in the competition, and her natal Venus trines Neptune (befitting one who presents the Last Night of the Proms) showing not a modicum of dance skill, but it transpires that she is not so nifty with the Latin dances, so her scores are very up and down.  Venus trine Neptune is more suited to the soft flow of the traditional dances, such as the waltz. Currently she has Jupiter trine her natal Saturn, Saturn sextile her natal Uranus and Neptune conjunct her natal North Node.  I think the public will keep her in the contest.  For the end of the contest, Saturn will be trine her natal Chiron, and Neptune square her Mercury.  She could make the semi-final, I think.

Partnered with Anton du Beke

It is a matter to be celebrated that Anton du Beke finally has a partner with whom he can take part in the competition!  Len observed in the first week that Anton could realize that Strictly goes on until Christmas.  I don’t recall that I have ever written anything about Anton, because he has never progressed very far with his previous partners.  Anton has Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, which makes him very responsive to his partners personally.  But his Sun trine Saturn has a very traditional and formal side.  And contrasting with that he has the rebellious Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Virgo.  So a quirky, contradictory character.  He has contributed a great deal to the fun in Strictly over the years.  His major link with Katie is that her Chiron is exactly trine his Mercury, so she has a key to his mind.  Neptune is currently trine his natal Mars, so he is moving well these days, and Jupiter is transiting his natal Uranus-Pluto conjunction so he is riding high in many ways.  By the end of the contest, Uranus squares his natal Jupiter, so he will do well but it is not likely to be the year he wins Strictly.

Georgia May Foote

Coronation Street actress Georgia May Foote is holding her own very well in the contest.  Judging by her chart, she is a much deeper and more complex character than she appears, with Sun square Pluto and Neptune conjunct Uranus. In her Halloween dance to “Ghostbusters” yesterday, she maintained an impressive speed, and in her chart energy and speed is highlighted (Mars trine Mercury, and Mars exactly sextile Jupiter).  Paradoxically, in week one, Craig said she needed more stamina.  Venus sextile exactly Neptune gives her a talent for dance.  She is doing well, and her current transit of Jupiter opposite her Venus isn’t doing her any harm.  At the end of the tournament Mars will be trine her Sun, she will maintain her energy, but it will square her Chiron, so there may be a slight health issue.  Another contender for the semi-final, but not necessarily the final.

Partnered with Giovanni Pernice

Newcomer to Strictly, professional Giovanni Pernice is a Virgoan perfectionist, with pin-up looks from Venus square Mars, and Mars sextile Jupiter energy to match Georgia’s.  He is capable of great precision (Mercury closely trine Saturn), and inspiration (Sun exactly trine Neptune), so he has the whole package!  In addition, Jupiter is on his South Node, so he brings good karma through from the past.  I think he and Georgia are well matched.  Her chart taps into his inspiration, with her Uranus trine his Sun, and her Uranus conjunct his Neptune.  Currently, he is working hard, with Chiron opposite his Mercury (a little mental strain, there) and Saturn trine his Jupiter.  His transit picture confirms that of Georgia’s at the end, a little lacklustre for the final prize.

At this stage, I feel that either Peter Andre or Helen George will win, but I may revise that nearer the time!


Mercury enters Scorpio tomorrow, increasing mental determination; perhaps you have let opportunities slip away during Mercury’s stay in Libra (since 27th August). In the office, you may be persevering in recent initiatives, such as the drive for a paperless office. Dig deep mentally, and take a forensic look at what needs changing in the office, your environment, or if you know which house 0 degrees Scorpio occupies in your chart, apply accordingly.  If you started clearing clutter when the Sun was in Virgo, you’ll be taking a deep approach to it now.

Sweet dreams Monday night/Tuesday (3rd) morning for 1.10 a.m. (in the U.K.) brings a conjunction between Venus and Mars at 24 degrees Virgo.  A relationship may be blossoming and your emotional life may seem rosy.  It’s definitely a time to gather the roses, smell the roses, strew rose petals on your pillow or pathway or in the bath.  Take pleasure in the minutiae of life, with this conjunction in Virgo.

On another level, there is a struggle brewing, an opposition between Jupiter and Chiron, so you need to stay awake to the bigger picture while you are taking pleasure in the minutiae of life. The Universe is asking you to multi-task on Tuesday.  There may be healing required, so brush up on your first aid, or Reiki symbols. The tussle may be between control (Jupiter in the sign of Virgo) and surrender (Chiron in Pisces), but balance is the optimum aim.

When you feel you have successfully negotiated the power struggle (within or without) the rest of the week should be plain sailing. The Sun sextile Pluto (Friday 6th) could see you deep sea diving into your own soul, rolling in the deep.  Psychological work reaps rewards for you and others, especially in the early hours.  At lunchtime, Mercury trines Neptune and ensures the ease of inspiration to record deep thoughts in poetry or by other means.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tomorrow – thinking deeper
  • Tuesday – sensuality and healing tension
  • Friday – deep experience, and inspired thought