In writing my last two blogs on the subject of Mercury, I hope to have cleared the ground for this blog and any Mercury references I may make.  Today started with a Full Moon in Aries, and self-will rules.  This Full Moon is saying: “I will do what I want to do”.  Your stroppy teeenager archetype may have caused you to have a lie-in despite household rules, but it’s in order to process your own emotions, and to arrive at a knowledge of what is right for you regardless of what is going on around you.  Mercury also sextiled Mars this morning, more or less a continuum of the last few days of feverish Mercurial activity.  I have detailed this in my Journal blog just now, which concludes with my emails going round in a loop.  Update: the problem is still not fixed.  The smooth emulsion of Mercury going direct from this point becomes more complex because the aspects it now makes (which in last week’s blog were shown to be revisitations of recent aspects) are more difficult.  So that may take the shine off this Mercury direct period (if you have experienced it as shine).  The change comes now because today we have the re-run of Mercury opposite Uranus.  This highlights the connections and differences between these two planets, which rule the lower mind and higher mind respectively, communication and technology respectively.  The trickster aspect of Mercury comes to the fore as it opposes Uranus which is the spanner in the works (both Coyote energy in Native American language) and this could disrupt any newfound awareness or settlements.  But the further ruminations which arise could also result in insight around these processes.  So it is an uncomfortable process which could result in important conclusions.  Tomorrow (Monday 5 October) Mars trines Uranus which is a better day for technology and engineers.  In terms of profundity this aspect is middle of the road, it carries neither the fleetingness of Mercury sextile Mars nor the semi-permanence of Saturn opposite Uranus.  Therefore technological matters may be repaired, but it may turn out to be a temporary fix.  If you are deciding to change your internet provider, to give a random instance, hold fire for a few days to see whether matters do improve or whether the situation really is insoluble.  For there is a test in relation to communication and health matters on Thursday (8 October).  Mercury conjuncts Saturn which is a revisitation of old examinations and tests concerning these issues.  It is a time when, if resolutions are not looking likely, you may decide to cut your losses.  It is certainly a time when you are likely to make decisions, but not necessarily a favourable time to do so unless you are very pragmatic, because you may be doing so for negative reasons.  I would advise holding on if you can, and look at the spirit behind the form.  On Friday 9th Mars in Cancer conjuncts the South Node, and action may be unavoidable, possibly for karmic reasons.  Family issues may come out into the open on that day, due to a family member reacting to overwhelm.  Also on that day Venus opposes Uranus, and that too may disrupt relationships.  In the UK this happens in the evening, so it may be more emotionally charged than if it were happening in the light of day.  If your relationship is already on the blink, it is not a time to put extra pressure on it.  If it is about to pass the point of no return, then look for more enlightened ways to look at or conduct your relationship.  Uranus is the ruler of Aquarius, and Aquarius gives rise to newer forms of relationship.  Saturday (10 October) morning looks more hopeful, with Sun trine Jupiter.  This may join two areas of your life in happy harmony, depending on where they fall in your chart.  You may see a way through a particular problem, or even enjoy a spot of luck if you are a lottery flutterer.  This is not a reason to buy a ticket if you are not in the habit of doing so, as the evening (and results time) brings a square between Mercury and Pluto (another difficult revisitation).  Saturday night out could find you listening to a sob story, and Saturday night in could find you listening to your own.   But if you need to have deep conversations with yourself or others, this is the right time to have them, and all things must pass (including intermediate Mercury aspects).