Paris Shootings – Part 2

Just when you thought it was safe to hop on the Eurostar and spend a weekend in Paris, things got a whole lot worse, and the prospect seems further away.  There can’t be many people who didn’t spend the weekend thinking about the people of Paris, and racking their brains for the solution to the worldwide problem of ISIS/ISIL/Islamic State.

For myself, I cannot imagine that this is what Mohammed had in mind as the founder of Islam. Islam, in common with Christianity and Judaism, has at its heart the Ten Commandments, notably among which lies the injunction “Thou Shalt Not Kill”.

What attracts young people to such an existence of incessently fighting?  Is it the glorification of violence in film?  Or is it because we have created such an unpalatable society which has alienated them?

And poor Paris, why them, twice in one year?  Is it because the French have banned the burka, and been proactive in the war in Syria?  In January, the magazine which was targeted had been actively provoking a reaction with their anti-Islamic cartoons.  But this latest spree of brutality does not have such a direct cause.

I am not in favour of airstrikes in Syria, but I am a pacifist.  Neither do I think there is any prospect of getting ISIS around the negotiating table.  So I am at a complete loss as to the way forward in terms of the international community’s response.

The Parisians marched in solidarity in January, but are prevented from doing so this morning, urged to stay at home safe.  But I think Francois Hollande has shown great statesmanship in what must be a heartstoppingly difficult assignment for him.

So this morning, I will just take a look at the aspects around this issue, and compare with those in January, and issues which came up in my original blog then.

The Chart of the Massacre

What stands out to me in the chart of the massacre was the conjunction of the North Node and Mars (the way of the Warrior) at the I.C. at the foot of the chart.  The I.C. (Latin: imum coelum) stands for the sense of security and groundedness of a person, or in this case humanity.  So it is a shaking of that sense of security which was brought to it by Mars conjunct the North Node.

The Transits for France

Why France?  The North Node/Mars/I.C. conjunction was by transit conjunct the French Sun, which is at 29 degrees Virgo.  The North Node was at 28 degrees Virgo, and Mars was at 0 degrees Libra, so France’s Sun was sandwiched between the two, and exactly conjunct the I.C. at 29 degrees Virgo.  Mars takes 2 years to travel around the chart, and will be in that particular position again in two years, but not in conjunction with the North Node.

Francois Hollande

We have a birth time for Francois Hollande, which is crucial because some of the pertinent transits are to his Moon, which moves significantly during the course of a day, and so its position needs to be precise when considering transits.  Uranus was in this latest event exactly square his Moon, causing great personal shock.  Chiron was sextile his Moon, causing crisis but also bringing out his Inner Healer.  Uranus squares his Jupiter, so that would take him out of any complacency if he had any.  And Chiron trines his natal Jupiter, so again his Inner Healer comes to the fore.

The Chart of ISIS

Profiting from the potential of “success” from the Jupiter-Mercury sextile on Friday evening, ISIS came out with a “win”; their plans were not discovered by intelligence services, and their three teams carried out their missions.  The Jupiter-Mercury sextile keyed into their chart exactly, with Jupiter exactly on the Sun in their chart!  Their finest hour, and one of humanity’s worst.

Comparisons with the first Paris Shootings

Here is the astrological analysis from my original blog:

“Mars squares the Mars of the French chart, while Jupiter conflagrates the whole issue of Liberty by a conjunction with its Uranus (Revolution) and an opposition to its Pluto.  A natal Uranus-Pluto opposition at the time of the French chart (the time of the Revolution) highlights the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, but in such a way as to keep them simmering and evolving.”

Note that Mars was prominent in its involvement then as well as now.  Mars is often a trigger, but there are wider forces at work in such an event, and the nearest confrontation we have in the larger planets is an approaching square of Saturn and Neptune, due to become exact on November 26th, though it has been simmering for some time.  Saturn and Neptune together bring a sense of futility and depressing paralysis, which is descriptive of the present inability to make any coherent sense of what, if anything, can be done by the international community.

While we deliberate, we have to go inwards to our vision of a world of peace and harmony, and what the world could be, and work from there.

Astrology Seminar

I attended an astrology seminar in London yesterday; a welcome distraction from the events in the outside world.  It was organized by the Centre for Psychological Astrology, and was based around the theme of our scripts in early childhood.  This is an important subject for me because a great proportion of my work is the preparation of baby charts, so I now feel I can approach this work in a more conscious way than ever before.  I know 3 babies who were born this week, and have already prepared one of their charts because the baby was on my waiting list during pregnancy.  I became acquainted too with the solar arc method, long overdue.  The lecture was given by Frank Clifford, a talented Astrologer who it seems achieved a great reputation at a young age, and has published several books.  It made a nice change for me to be in a roomful of astrological minds in dialogue, where often I am just talking to myself!  The last time I attended a workshop at the Centre of Psychological Astrology was nearly 30 years ago, in 1986, where I made a lifelong friend (you know who you are!)


Our aspect journey begins on Tuesday (17th) with the Sun conjunct Mercury in Scorpio, which has the potential for achieving some brilliant mental focussing.  It is a day when you may be able to see into the heart of things, a talent many Scorpios possess naturally.  Whatever your plans for that day, be it academic work, ladies who lunch, or early Christmas shopping, it will end up with that satisfying glow of a job well done.

More welcome news on Wednesday (18th), when Neptune is Stationary prior to turning direct.  If you have had a sense that your spiritual path lately has been on an upward struggle, smoother times are to come.  Some of the kinks along that path may be ironed out for you to proceed with more serenity.

Friday’s (20th) news is not bad either, in that Mercury enters Sagittarius.  Something may turn your mind on to an upward swing: some good news, or just a new way of looking at things.  Mercury in Scorpio may have had you focussing on the gloom, but you may be able to look forward again now, or at least tackle the Christmas shopping list.  There may be something you have been putting off, and you have the energy to begin now.

Sadly, the upwardly mobile aspects of the week are disrupted on Saturday (21st) with a square between Venus and Pluto.  We may have been able to raise our vibration for a few days, but have to deal with the realities of heartaches that have arisen lately, such as the aftermath of the Paris bombing.  There are likely to be many burials taking place in Paris, bringing memories of beautiful people who lost their lives, and re-visiting the trauma of last Friday.  Television and social media will ensure we all share in the experience of their grief, and the continual debate of how humanity can move forward, intensify the light and dissolve the darkness.

Next week: Sagittarian Animal Totems and Archetypes

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – deep focus
  • Wednesday – spiritual re-orientation
  • Friday – optimism
  • Saturday – coming to terms