U.K. Politics

So…Parliament voted 397 to 223 in favour of Syrian airstrikes last Wednesday, after an intense day’s debating.  Those of us who are disappointed in the result, will somehow need to divert our spiritual energies into concentrating on an overall peace and the minimization of damage to innocent civilians in Syria.

It has been an eventful week in U.K. Politics, and though I don’t usually write on a similar subject from one week to another, I now apologize for the monotony of doing so this week.  And I also apologize to my overseas readers for concentrating on the U.K. two weeks in a row.

David Cameron

David Cameron is able to celebrate his first 10 years as leader of the Conservative Party with a war.  A moment of success bestowed on him by a transit of Jupiter on his natal Uranus, and Jupiter sextile his natal Neptune, transits I wrote about last week.  His chart has many links with that of the Conservative Party, possibly accounting for his longevity in the post.  To pick just two: the Conservative Party Venus (social culture) trines his natal Jupiter (success), conjuring the upholding of the elitism integral to Conservatism, I would venture.  David Cameron’s Pluto exactly sextile the Conservative Party Sun ensures a deep and enduring connection and contribution to the Party politics.

Hilary Benn

A defining moment in the proceedings in Parliament on Wednesday was Hilary Benn’s pro-war speech, summing up the mood in Parliament.  Up to now Hilary Benn’s career has been undistinguished though steady, and his character described as quiet and low key.  He has often been contrasted with his fiesty and philosophical father, and this is the first time he had displayed any oratorial flair approaching that of his much more unconventional father.

Hilary Benn may not have displayed it before this week, but there is plenty of fire in his chart: a Leo Moon, and a Sagittarian Sun and Ascendant.  His habitual reticence may be down to Mercury (communication) and Venus (social skills) being placed in Scorpio, and that may also be the source of the sting in the tail which he delivered this week (a long quiet festering, then the revealing of his true feelings).

At the time of his “finest hour” the Saturn-Neptune square was exactly contacting his natal Mercury (speech) in Scorpio.  The Saturn-Neptune combination itself describes a long term secrecy of intention, so it is very apt that this was unveiled at that moment.  It reveals, in his anger and impassioned speech, that a great deal of resentment had been building up.

The Leader of his Party, sitting next to him, unsurprisingly looked shocked.  Some say he should re-shuffle his cabinet and remove “dissenters” such as Tony Benn.  But I feel that he should stick to his open democratic principles, and keep his enemies close!

Tony Benn

In my obituary of Hilary Benn’s father Tony, in March 2014, I observed:

“Mars bisects an exact trine between his Moon and Venus, which made him a warrior for peace, such as in C.N.D. and his presidency of the “Stop The War” coalition.”

Tony had a fiery triple trine in Fire signs, of Venus trine his Moon, the Sun trine his North Node, and Chiron trine his Neptune.  He was very proud of his son, despite the differences in their ideology.

Tony Benn’s power of oratory is to some extent due to his Mercury (speech) trine his natal Part of Fortune (philosophy of being).  But his passion is also contained in his Moon sextile Mars, an aspect which Hilary has directly inherited.  What is more, Mars was sextile Hilary’s Moon at the time of his legendary speech, returning to its natal position, firing him up.

Jeremy Corbyn

There is a karmic triangle of personalities here: Jeremy in spirit was a soul mate of Tony Benn, and now finds himself side by side on the Labour front bench with his son Hilary.  These three have travelled and interacted together before!  Within the relationship of the father and the son, there is evidence of both kinship (trined Uranuses) and clashes (Tony Benn’s Chiron square Hilary’s Uranus) and resentment (Tony Benn’s Saturn square exactly Hilary’s Moon).  The strong father-son karmic bond is shown by Hilary Benn’s Moon conjunct Tony’s North Node.

The depth of relationship between Tony Benn and Jeremy Corbyn is shown by Jeremy’s Pluto being trine Tony Benn’s Sun; the karmic connection with Hilary is shown by Hilary’s Jupiter sextile Jeremy’s North Node.  Jeremy would be wise to keep him on side, as there is potential for them to work together constructively, despite their disagreements (Jeremy’s Pluto squaring Hilary’s Mercury).

Hilary Benn’s act of defiance, which some call treachery (but democracy rules O.K.) has been compared to Geoffrey Howe’s speech denouncing Margaret Thatcher.  That took place under a trine of transiting Pluto to Geoffrey Howe’s Pluto, a moment of personal empowerment for him borne of a much more long term incubation period.

Better news for Jeremy

Jeremy was able to pick himself up and dust himself down a day or two later after the embarrassment of “losing” (actually the Greens and the SNP and the majority of his own Party voted with him, and there was much public sympathy for staying out of the war).  A by-election victory by newcomer Jim McMahon in Oldham West and Royton, restored some Labour self-esteem, and brought hope that the public have not given up on Jeremy’s new politics.

Who is this young man who has come to the aid of the Party?  Jim McMahon has a quiet humility and conscientiousness about his chart: Sun/Mercury in Cancer, Moon/Chiron in Taurus and Mars/Saturn in Virgo.  He interviewed well when pressed on the significance of his win for Jeremy Corbyn by the hounding press.  All is not lost.


Mars, Uranus and Pluto ensure a lively week for us!  You might recognize the signs of that already, with a sextile between the Sun and Mars this morning.  You may have woken with vim and vigour, or a sense of urgency to seize the day.  You may have a gargantuan project for the day or mountain to climb, which may need all hands on deck.  Try to achieve this as early as possible.  Rally your Pantomime crew for that all important rehearsal!

This evening Mars squares Pluto and warring factions could prove intractable.  I believe last week’s shootings in San Bernardino were caused at least in part by this upcoming harsh square.  It forms part of a T-square at the moment with Uranus, which completes its work on Friday.  The early implications of our entry into the Syrian war may also be seen by this evening, e.g. accidental killings of our own allied forces could happen as well as the killing of innocent civilians, or there may be disputes between allies.  In your own personal life, do all you can to smooth down the energies or divert them constructively in any disputes.

Tuesday (8th) brings a square between Mercury and the Nodal Axis: karma of thought is in operation.  Group communication and its integrity will be called to account.  Examine your thoughts.

Wednesday (9th) is lifted by a trine between the Sun and Uranus: a new broom sweeping clean, ushering new ideas and fresh energy.  You can see higher possibilities and new ways of doing things, much needed in this challenging week.

With the Sun squaring Chiron ever new puzzles could confront you, e.g. someone may have moved the goalposts.  Don’t forget to tune into the available higher wisdom of the trine that day if you need extra inspiration.

On Thursday (10th) Mercury enters Capricorn bringing the collective mental focus to the practical and sensible, a sobering up in part from Mercury’s stay in Sagittarius.  This is reinforced by the long stay presence of Saturn in Sagittarius.  Ideas will need a solid foundation, you come to realize.

Friday (11th) is mixed: it begins in the early hours with an incident-prone Mars opposite Uranus (the other leg of the T-square), so if you were up late on Thursday, take care not to slip on your hot water bottle as you climb into bed.

There follows a trine between Venus and Neptune at 6.13 a.m., bringing sweet dreams on waking.  Begin your day with a song, or even a dance.  Yoga enthusiasts can gracefully salute the sun.

At this point, you may be able to successfully leave the physical or mental angst of the week behind, letting go of what is not needed in that respect.  Plan a constructive day, for a New Moon at 19 degrees Sagittarius occurs at 10.29 a.m.  Go for your highest aspirations!

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – energy and friction
  • Tuesday – karma of communication
  • Wednesday – new ideas and healing crises
  • Thursday – practical pathways
  • Friday – mixed blessings