Fixed Stars of the Week

The twelve zodiac signs, which we work with in traditional astrology as the backdrop to our constantly moving planets, are just twelve out of a vast number of fixed constellations, and within those constellations are myriads of stars, known as the fixed stars.  So as the Sun moves through Aquarius this week, it aligns with some of those fixed stars.  Ancient sources saw many of these stars in a negative light, associating them with fearful events, with a few exceptions.  I like to think that modern Astrologers see them in a more positive light, though with challenges in our modern world such as the Syrian war and the Zika virus, there is still much to engender fear.

There are three Fixed Stars to take into account this week: Nashira, Sadalsud and Deneb Algedi.  Two are in the constellation of Capricorn, and one in the constellation of Aquarius. All three are third magnitude stars. You may feel a connection with them at any part of the week, though I have tried to narrow the timing down to a particular day.


Nashira and Deneb Algedi are both found in the tail of the Capricorn goat.

“Starlight Elixirs” by Michael Smulkis and Fred Rubenfeld writes about this star:

“At the present time this star is good to utilize when you wish to have the ability to see the whole picture of what is happening on Earth: politically, economically, and geophysically”.

This might be useful when you are contemplating the state of the world this week.


Sadalsud is the Beta star in the constellation of Aquarius, and prominent in that constellation.

Vivian Robson states that traditionally the star is associated with trouble and disgrace.  However the Arabic name “Sadalsud” means “Luckiest of the Lucky”.  Take your pick.

There are a few interesting considerations presented by Smulkis and Rubenfeld:

“This star can create peacefulness in the interaction amongst all women and men by increasing the female part of their understanding….  This star may eventually be able to work with these energies in large groups”.

This chimes with the androgynous theme of Aquarius, and its group consciousness.

For those working with the chakras it is notable that:

“There is some strengthening of the root chakra…A conduit of energy can open between the root chakra and the throat chakra.”

Deneb Algedi

According to Bernadette Brady, Ebertin links the star with “wisdom and integrity, and adds that the person influenced by it will be a legal advisor or counsellor”.

The emphasis put forward by Smulkis and Rubenfeld is about making predictions based on cycles and the law of possibilities:

“The individuals who work with this are Astrologers, Economists, and Historians… Individuals working with the stock market for attempting to predict trends might do well by utilization of this star or elixir.”

So if any element of your work involves these processes, your inspiration may be enhanced.

“The spirit, the understanding of life, and the understanding of these cycles as applied to all of humanity with themselves perhaps as an example are much more important than the monies involved.”

For those who like their info a little more far out (as I do):

“Entities from this star system were able to project some ideas of practical form and wisdom into the Atlantean culture.  Much of these ideas were rejected by the Atlantean culture but still remained as possibilities for people to work with later.”


Today there may be more friction lingering after the possible spats of yesterday, with Sun square Mars.  However, there is scope for resolution and the balance of the sexes later with a sextile between Venus and Mars.  Whether you are from Venus or from Mars, you should find such balance by the end of the day.

Tomorrow, the mellow mood continues, with a New Moon at 19 degrees Aquarius.  Idealistic attitudes and projects on behalf of the betterment of society can thrive, so it is a good day to initiate something which promotes the greatest good of the greatest number.  You can start by getting together with a like minded friend.

Tuesday (9th) provides a chance to consolidate the balance of Sunday afternoon, and the new initiatives of Monday, as Mars trines Chiron.  You can channel healing energy smoothly and effectively.

Wednesday (10th) is a positive day astrologically.  Venus trines Jupiter, so socially that is as good as you can get.  Good will and humour will get you everywhere.

Venus then goes on to trine the North Node, so love and karma go hand in hand very sweetly.  Karmic doors will open hearts, and open hearts will open karmic doors.

This is the day when Fixed Star Nashira may have maximum impact.  If you are worrying about the state of the world, or fixated on one issue, stand back and look at the bigger picture and try to find another perspective.

It is also the day of the proposed Junior Doctors’ strike.  Ironically, my mother has a scheduled operation that very day, that apparently is to go ahead because it will be performed by a Consultant.  So I am grateful that at least the general aspects of the day are well disposed.  Also ironically, one of my daughters will be acting as Consultant (not in the same field!) and therefore will be working.  Jeremy Hunt appeared on the Andrew Marr show this morning, but did not explain how he is going to produce the extra workforce for his plans, nor why he has allowed the National Health Service to fall apart to this distressing level.

Friday (12th) is the day when Sadalsud and Deneb Algedi come into focus.

This will give you a chance to evaluate whether Sadalsud brings “trouble and disgrace” or “the luckiest of the lucky” circumstances.

As with Sunday’s Venus sextile Mars, balancing male and female energies will be strengthened.  You may be able to build on those bridges.

If any aspect of your work touches on predicting outcomes based on cycles, then you will enjoy the benefits of the star Deneb Algedi.  One for me, I feel.

More positive vibes on Saturday (13th) when Mercury enters Aquarius: also good for predicting outcomes based on cycles, or any other type of forward thinking and vision.  You may have put in the hard work with Mercury in Capricorn, and can pull it all together with Mercury in Aquarius.  Mercury stays in Aquarius until 5th March, so it is a good period to tune into future life progression, telepathy and other star systems.

This aspect does not occur until 22.43 Hrs on Saturday evening, and so you may still feel in Mercury-Capricorn mode most of the day.  Sixteen minutes later, at nearly midnight (22.59 Hrs in the U.K.) Mars sextiles Jupiter, and ideas really take flight.  Even if you are an early morning bird, you might consider becoming a Night Owl just for the night, in order to make the most of this influx of mental energy and the ability to channel it productively.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – sparks, then harmony and passion
  • Tomorrow – new initiatives with friends and groups
  • Tuesday – healing energy
  • Wednesday – love and social success, some karmic grace; (w)holism
  • Friday – lucky for some; second guessing
  • Saturday – forward vision; ideas take flight if you stay up late