The rhythm of this week’s aspects resembles the quick-step: slow, slow, quick-quick slow, or to be more accurate slow, quick, slow etc. Today you might be grateful for a slow start, in order to absorb the surprises of yesterday’s aspect. Perhaps someone got in touch from the past out of the blue, taking you back decades (if you are old enough to have decades behind you). So tomorrow (Monday 11th) is the first “quick” day, with no fewer than 3 major aspects, all in synch with each other. First off is Sun sextile Mars: the day therefore starts briskly, with a sporting chance for your chosen activity, or your daily grind. Next up is the Sun sextile Saturn: a chance to realistically assess what you have achieved. And at the very end of the day (in UK time) a beautiful summation of the other two aspects in the triangular shape of Mars trine Saturn, bringing a balance between headlong activity and careful planning which spells a job well done. Tuesday (12th) is the next “slow”, so keep checking and balancing, in the afterglow of that trine. If you’re getting into the groove you’ll guess that Wednesday (13th) is action packed (no, not Action Pact, the punk group of the early 80s). Actually eventful may be more true to say than action packed on reflection…Like Monday’s aspects they are both positive and harmoniously linked, but unlike Monday’s there’s more gentleness to the rhythm. If Monday was jazz, today’s a waltz. The Sun trines Neptune in the morning, allowing magic and dreams to come to the fore. In the evening, Mars sextiles Neptune, encouraging that sashay across the dance floor, that movement towards your dreams, the beginning of the beguine. Have a rest Thursday (14th), you might need to soak your feet. Friday (15th) brings the next New Moon, in the sign of Gemini, fostering new projects in the realms of communication. There may be a false start though as Mercury is stationary, all dressed up and nowhere to go before turning retrograde on Saturday (16th), when it might be as well to nurse those blisters at home and avoid the frustration of yet another weekend of engineering works on the rail network. You’ve probably had enough excitement for one week, anyway.