“The Tory benches roared their approval and proceedings were halted while Dave lapped up the applause; it isn’t often he scores an outright winner.  He ran the length of the chamber with his arms outstretched, before kicking over the corner flag and sliding to his knees in front of the main entrance to the commons.”

~ John Crace, The Guardian

European Union Deal and Referendum

First Week

A week is a long time in politics.  And four months is a long time to contemplate and debate whether we should be in or out of the European Union, but the gloves are off in the Conservative Party, and the starting gun has been fired for the In-Out battle.  I will attempt to portray all sides of the issue, but have to nail my colours to the mast at the outset: I have always been pro-Europe (though not pro-Euro), for the same reasons that I wanted to keep the Union of Scotland and England together.  As a spiritual principle (and astrologically as a Venusian) I see it as a higher evolutionary way to strive to achieve union, cohesion, inclusiveness, and global peace.  But some of my best friends, and even my mother and mother-in-law want to be out of Europe, and give good reasons for their views.  So the next four months will be filled with interesting conversations.  Project Fear, or Scaremongering, seems to be the main tool of argument on both sides at the moment.  In the country it looks as though the referendum will be close, though polls nearer the time may reveal or conceal more.  Currently the Conservative Party are as much at odds about this issue, as the Labour Party are at odds over Trident.  And there’s a curious mix-and-match quality to politics at the moment, with David Cameron’s hope for Europe being in line with the majority of Labour MPs.  But it is our vote that counts…In my account of the last week, I hope you will find voices from all sides of the argument.

Friday 19th February

Dave’s Deal

Libran David Cameron in his negotiating role finalized his deal with the other EU members on Friday evening, 19th February, and immediately hailed it as a great achievement.  From the view of his birthchart, it was a positive event: Jupiter from Virgo in his natal 12th House of Unconscious was exactly sextile his natal Neptune in Scorpio in his natal 2nd House of Finance, and Saturn from Sagittarius in his natal 3rd House of Communication was exactly sextile his natal Sun in Libra in his 1st House of Personal Achievement.  He had done his best, and he had done what he set out to do.  The deal looks safe but superficial, harmless enough, and face-saving all round.

The impact of the event on the U.K. natal chart is mixed: Saturn sits on the natal Sun/Mercury, so it is about laying down boundaries.  Mars trines the Moon, so there is much heat of emotion around the event.  Neptune is trine the U.K. Jupiter, so some spiritual freedom is gained.  But then it gets complicated: Uranus opposes its natal Saturn, so there is a tearing apart (of opinion).  Neptune conjuncts its Uranus, causing great complication.  Uranus trines its natal Neptune, concentrating the spirit of the nation on the focus of what changes need to be made. And lastly, Neptune squares the U.K. natal Ascendant: confusion reigns.

The impact of the event on the Conservative Party seems more upbeat astrologically than the political picture looks: Jupiter sextiles its Sun, and Chiron trines its Sun.  The chart is set for noon, and if the foundation of the Party took place at noon, the Ascendant would have been rocked by a square from Uranus.

Saturn sextiles the Venus of the European Union chart at this time, so a testing time but constructive in relationships.

Saturday 20th February

The Opposition Within

Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, and Chris Grayling were waiting in the wings almost immediately to declare their commitment to a Brexit.  Are there, I wonder, any Sun sign patterns which make European membership more appealing to some people than others?  I will endeavour to find out.  The results of my survey have been posted in an earlier blog this morning.

For Virgoan Gove, this event will have been anticipated with relish: Jupiter was sextile his natal Mars, Chiron was trine his natal Mars, Mars was sextile his natal Uranus and the North Node was crossing his natal Uranus (time for change, his karmic barometer told him). He declares Britain would be “freer, fairer and better off outside the EU“.  His wife Sarah Vine, writing in the Daily Mail, revealed it was an agonizing decision for him to go against his friend David Cameron, but his transits at the moment are quite ebullient.

Aries Iain Duncan Smith was up for a fight, with Mars trine his Mercury.  His immediate statements were directly out of the textbook of Project Fear.  He thinks that staying in the EU exposes Britain to more terrorism. David Cameron in contrast claims that EU membership is necessary to fight terrorism.

Aries Chris Grayling, however, is feeling blocked and frustrated, with Saturn squaring his natal Mars.  He says that the EU is disastrous for Britain.  Grayling urged a “careful, considered and mature  approach in the debate” and expressed concern about the state of friendships after the referendum.  He may have been expressing the fear and anxiety around his transit.

Sunday 21st February

Referendum Date, and Boris enters the fray

David Cameron declared the date of the referendum to be 23rd June 2016.  How does the picture look for that day?  Very late the night before Mercury squares Jupiter, so excitement will be high!  So will information overload.  On the following day, there is a fortuitous conjunction between the Mean North Node and Jupiter in Virgo, which may mean the right decision will be made karmically (whatever that is).

Mars will be trine David Cameron’s Chiron: his desire to heal the nation will be fired up!  Do his opponents’ transits reveal what the fates have in store?

Michael Gove will have Saturn trine his Saturn (stability) and Mars sextile his Uranus (excitement), so he will take the result well.

Iain Duncan Smith will have Mars squaring his Pluto, and may feel crushed to the point of being ready for a career change.

Grayling will be philosophical, with Jupiter opposite his Mars, and Saturn trine his Sun.

On the day of the referendum, the U.K. chart receives a trine from Saturn to its natal Chiron (Cameron fixing broken Britain?) and Jupiter squaring its natal Mercury (again, information overload).

Saturn trines the European Union chart Uranus on the day of the referendum, which implies to me that “plus ca change, plus la meme chose”!  Seriously, it implies that a proposed change may be averted.


Boris Johnson, or Bojo as he is now known, decided to tantalize his fans by leaving some time for the matter to simmer before making his theatrical declaration of being for a Brexit, and chose Sunday (when people might be more receptive?).  At the time of the deal, Geminian Boris declared he was confused and undecided.  But Uranus was sextile his natal Mercury, indicating more that he was excited by an opportunity, I would have thought, and waiting for the right moment to spring it on the public.  He lends colour to the tired trio of Gove, Duncan Smith and Grayling, and with a new haircut to make him look less like Donald Trump, he heads the group.  The media speculate whether his move is designed to put him on a better footing for leading the country, but he must know it is a gamble either way.  Sarah Helm in the Guardian yesterday was adamant that his decision was “ruthless calculation”.

So fast forward to 23rd June, and what do his prospects look like?  Astrologically, quite good, actually: Jupiter/North Node trine his Jupiter, and Pluto trines his Jupiter, forming a Grand Trine.  Moreover, Jupiter/North Node sextile his natal Neptune.  His personal standing looks good, but Saturn squares his natal Pluto and Neptune opposes his natal Pluto, so something is bothering him, at the same time.

Is it all in the timing?

Boris texted Dave at 4.40 pm with his decision, minutes before declaring to the media.  Was Dave even looking at his phone at the time, I wonder?  Was there possibly an astrological reason for this exact timing?  At the time of his text, perhaps not quite so important to him, the Ascendant was 25 degrees Leo, which does not especially impact his chart, but by the time he was facing the cameras for the showbiz opportunity (Leo rising) the Ascendant was 27 degrees Leo, exactly sextile his natal Moon in Libra.

Dave’s response was: “I have no other agenda than what is best for our country”.

Monday 22nd February

They have their say in Parliament

The M.Ps had their chance to stand up and declare their views in Parliament.  One of those was Geminian Leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, whose words resonated with my own views:

“In the 21st century we as a country, as a continent and as a human race face huge challenges:

How to tackle climate change. How to address the overweening power of global corporations and ensure they pay fair taxes. About how to tackle cyber-crime and terrorism. About how we trade fairly and protect jobs and pay in an era of globalisation. How we address the causes of the huge refugee movements across the world. How we adapt to a world where people of all countries move more frequently to live, work and retire..

All of these issues are serious and pressing, and self-evidently require international co-operation. The European Union will be a vital part of how we, as a country, meet these challenges.”

Since he was elected Leader last September, the media have focussed on the divisions within the Labour Party.  Curiously, the Labour Party is not so divided on the issue of the European Union.

His personal transits on 23rd June are not memorable; but he is on the same side of the issue as David Cameron.  The Nodal Axis squares Jeremy’s natal Mercury, Jupiter squares his natal Venus, and Saturn sextiles his natal Neptune (he may feel both tension and relief).

214 of Labour’s 231 MPs want to stay in the EU.  The Labour Party is experiencing positive changes at the moment, according to the Astrology, with Uranus sextile its Sun and trine its North Node.  At the time of the referendum, transits to the Labour Party chart are mixed and confused, though.

Tuesday 23rd February

The Opposition Within

Nadine Dorries MP (an Outer) called for David Cameron to resign if the referendum result is for Britain to leave the EU.  David Cameron’s transits for 23rd June would make this resignation  unlikely.

Wednesday 24th February

Legal Query and A Diversion

Michael Gove tried to imply the European deal was not legally watertight, and could be overturned by a European Court.  That day he was feeling brave, with the Chiron trine to his natal Mars exact.  I think he has underlying emotional issues with Dave who removed him from the prestigious top Education job as he was so unpopular.  These two best buddies have a close relationship, but a wild exaggerated karma with Michael Gove’s Nodal Axis exactly square Dave’s Jupiter: Michael Gove was essential to David’s success, but only up to a point, beyond which the friendship became an embarrassment.

A diversion from Europe at Prime Minister’s Questions in Parliament.  The Junior Doctors’ association had arranged more strikes, and Jeremy Corbyn brought up the subject.  David Cameron made a jibe about Jeremy Corbyn’s dress sense (including an instruction to do up his tie), and Jeremy Corbyn responded by reminding him that what mattered was the NHS.  Description of the week goes to John Crace of the Guardian, whose tongue in cheek word picture (heading this blog) captured David Cameron’s inelegant cock-a-hoop reaction to his own vicious attack.  A digression, I know, but this week has been all about Dave, and this image is indelibly etched on my sensibilities.

Thursday 25th February

More Scaremongering

On Thursday, both sides seized upon migrant numbers.  It is true that the issue of migrants and refugees is concerning to many of our population, and there is much divergence of opinion about policy and its relation to the consequences of staying or leaving Europe.

Keeping up the fear pressure, Dave warned workers that Brexit would put their jobs in danger.

Friday 26th February

Spotlight on Howard and Osborne; Dave’s fury

Michael Howard declared he was for Brexit, in a Daily Telegraph article.  He it was who was described as having “something of the night” about him, by Ann Widdecombe, many years ago, when he was Home Secretary.  That “something of the night” was his Sun in Cancer, Moon rulership, because Cancerians are often Night Owls…

“I have not reached this conclusion without much heart searching” he revealed. Neptune was square his Jupiter, therefore he was indeed more genuinely confused than Boris (astrologically speaking).  The confusion is spiritual.

But his words in the Daily Telegraph are not confused:

Referring to Dave’s deal he stated “It is not his fault that those efforts met with failure. It is the fault of those EU leaders so mesmerised by their outdated ambition to create a country called Europe that they cannot contemplate any loosening of the ties which bind member states.” He said the U.K. should have self belief and national self confidence.

George Osborne warned this was not the time economically to risk coming out of Europe, and Laura Kuenssberg interviewing him in Shanghai asked him why then they had advocated a referendum.


It was also revealed that David Cameron railed at Boris Johnson even before the deal had been done, and this morning’s news (Sunday) actually revealed that a swear word was used.  It is worth looking at the relationship between Dave and Boris which goes right back to Etonian schooldays.  They may well be part of the same Soul group (members of which are often here to test each other).  They have strong ties in their charts, with positive links between their Air planets, but the most contentious is Dave’s Pluto exactly square Boris’ Mercury: Boris’ arguments bring out Dave’s deepest emotions.

Saturday 27th February

More Counterarguments

Michael Howard’s contention that an OUT vote by Britons would force EU leaders to renegotiate was sharply rebutted by David Cameron.

George Osborne came under criticism for linking our economic future to the issue of the possible break from the EU (as if it could be irrelevant?).  He is reported to have said that leaving would bring about “a profound economic shock.”

Natalie Noguayrede writing in the Guardian yesterday reminded us of the need to keep working for consensus:  Talking about the refugee crisis, she explained “This is what happens when Europeans start giving up on working towards consensus: what you get is chaos, and nobody gets closer to finding solutions.”

Sunday 28th February

Iain Duncan Smith was interviewed by Andrew Marr this morning, and tried to redress the negative emphasis of this week’s campaigning, promoting himself as an optimist about Britain’s chances of making it alone after leaving Europe. “Britain is a great country”, he asserted. Angela Eagle (for Labour) on the same couch argued that she too was optimistic about Britain’s strength within the EU.

Alan Johnston, representing the In Campaign for Labour, appeared on Andrew Neil’s Sunday Politics television show this morning.  He made some good points: That currently we pay no tariffs to export into Europe; that within Europe we have established protection for workers, consumers and the environment; that we would lose a lot of the good will from Europe “if we wrench ourselves away”, and that we have the best of both worlds if we stay.

Alan Johnston is a Taurean, with his Sun closely allied to the Pleiades.  He came across as committed, well-informed and confident.  The Labour/In Campaign is safe in his hands.  He was also interviewed, without a tie, in yesterday’s Guardian: “I’m as much on the frontline as I want to be, and it’s an issue I really care about.  I was asked to do it, but I thought it would be difficult to stay out of the fight on this.”

Nigel Farage

I should of course have started this blog with Aries Nigel Farage, for it was fear of Farage and UKIP which originally drove David Cameron to set himself the task of renegotiation and referendum.  So Dave’s Deal was the starting gun which Nigel has been dreaming of, the chance to get out of Europe.  At the time of the deal, Pluto was exactly sextile Nigel’s Neptune, a really Big Deal in his life.  Nigel says our membership of the EU is “seriously imperilling our security”.  When the dust has settled on the referendum, Nigel may no longer have such a compelling role in U.K. politics.  So this is an important occasion for him.

On 23rd June, like Boris, Saturn squares his natal Pluto and Neptune opposes his natal Pluto and there may be some sadness involved.  But Pluto will still be sextile his natal Neptune and the North Node will be sextile his Neptune too, so he will be at peace with his own mission, win or lose.  He won’t have any regrets.

The Guardian warns that if we vote to stay in: “UKIP may well die and be replaced by a new more populist right wing party under a different leadership”.  What started out as BNP and National Front could morph again…

I promise not to write again about this subject next week.  In the meantime, do share your views under comments, so that those of us who are trying to make up our minds can fairly hear both sides of the argument.


 The Sun is conjunct Neptune today.  Confused?  You will be…lost among the various arguments, loyalties and disloyalties of the current European debate.  Depending on where this conjunction falls in  your chart (9 degrees Pisces) you may feel a sense of overwhelm, your mind beset by a cloud of vague impressions.  The fog may start to clear after 15.47 Hrs in the U.K., which is the time of the conjunction.

In the early hours of Tuesday (1st March) Venus sextiles Saturn, so you may be clear and have a sense of reality at least about where you stand with your relationship(s), and how you actually feel.  Those of you girls who took the opportunity to propose the day before, on the extra day of the leap year, will certainly know where you stand!  If the answer was no, you might feel a sense of relief, if you had been pressured into the gesture by the leap day.

In the early hours of Thursday (3rd) you may have a change of heart, with Venus sextile Uranus.  Those of you who were turned down may suddenly have a brainwave, or heartwave, and decide to give it another try, and not to take no or yes for an answer!  The rest of us may feel a sense of liberation in relationships, e.g. partners may be more allowing of departure from existing patterns.  You might change your regular coffee bar for a more exciting venue, for instance.  If romance is not your priority, you may come upon new money-making schemes or new artistic pathways.

In the early hours of Saturday (5th) morning – we may all be Night Owls this week – we could be a little irritable or ratty (possibly from having stayed up a few nights to catch the aspects) with a square between Mars and Mercury.  Communications are not likely to be smooth (sorry for the scaremongering), words may be hastily said over the breakfast table (visualize marmalade on toast, croissants, or porridge here), and your cycling trip may be marred by a puncture.  Don’t expect a smooth ride.

By mid-morning there is a definite change of vibe, as Mercury enters Pisces.  You might have been zipping along, on your bike, providing the tyre didn’t puncture, and suddenly you see an engaging picturesque vista, such as a clear mountain lake, and dismount.  You could be lost in a rapturous gaze timelessly…

Well, what a weekend that may turn out to be!  You start the week, as you finish it, all warm and fuzzy, or at least fuzzy.  There may be some warmth over the issue of the bicycle puncture, or words uttered in haste at the beginning of the day.  But the dreamer in you will be coming out to play on Saturday, and who knows where that might lead…?

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – dreams and illusions
  • Tuesday – commitment and loyalty
  • Thursday – new relationships or feelings
  • Saturday – minor incidents, then a blurring of focus


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