It’s all good news this week…which is why it’s a good time to smoothly slip in an advance blog about Saturn’s upcoming entry into Libra.  You should have seen me this morning, ushering in today’s Libran New Moon which was at 5.33 a.m. here in the U.K.  I was a charicature of myself: starting a new journal, taking a homeopathic remedy which had been resisted for 6 weeks, re-framing a mandala, and reading through the Libra section of “Esoteric Astrology” by Alice Bailey.  Insomnia can be fun.  So you may want to change the energy and move some furniture today, while making your Libra New Moon wishes on relationships, art, music and justice.  You may also want to reorganize the Libran parts of your psyche.  If you have Libra emphasized in your chart you will recognize that two Archetypes which are prevalent with Libra are the Rescuer (all too willing to act on behalf of the other, even if it is only becoming what the other wants them to be), and the conditioned aspect of the Inner Child.  This month’s edition of Psychologies Magazine has a useful article about the rescuer within by Sasha Blake.  She writes that “the motives of the selfless rescuer differ hugely from those of the selfish rescuer”.  She quotes Professor Bornstein of Adelphi University in the U.S. in pointing out that “the motive underlying the selfish rescuer’s behaviour is the urge to control through creating indebtedness.  It’s the difference between fostering autonomy, or creating dependency.”  The article distinguishes 4 types of rescuers and recommends (among other wise offerings) “Build independent self-worth, redirect your energies positively to focus on you.”  You have to read it…Meanwhile, Felicity Cook’s recent blog “The Compliant Child” on her voicedbodymind website speaks eloquently for the Libra inner child.  Let’s get further into this week where there isn’t a cloud in the sky…By Tuesday 20th the results of your New Moon rituals will convince you that it’s safe to make a business transaction or two, and that your head can emerge briefly from the credit crunch parapet and take advantage of the day’s Mercury trine Jupiter.  If you have a unique selling point, now is the time to sell it.  On Friday 23rd there is a less material but more health-giving trine of Mercury with Chiron: the homeopathic remedy you took recently will start to kick in, and you may be able to articulate the why and the how.  Also that day the Sun enters Scorpio, and from the point of Libra balance we decide to take on more meaningful challenges.  With Saturn about to enter Libra too, we are starting to re-evaluate what we need from modern art.  A new kind of art and artist may come to the fore.  Pluto is currently opposite Damien Hirst’s Venus, just at the time that his influence seems to have peaked.   Saturday 24 October brings a sextile between Sun and Pluto and a trine between Mercury and Neptune for our entertainment.  Under Sun sextile Pluto we can do some profitable re-evaluation of our lives.  If we are performers, our gigs will be superpowered.  Under Mercury trine Neptune we can allow ourselves to feel impressions more sensitively, and understand more complex mental theories.  Channelling is smoother, too.  The big question of course this week is whether the 18-year old Libra twins will survive X-Factor.   They may not have the X-Factor, but they may have the John Sargeant or Kate Garraway factor, plus a spooky but fascinating karmic mission of North Node sandwiched between Neptune/Uranus.  Next time they are on screen, take a look at their karmic missions.   I do a lot of channel-hopping on a Saturday evening back and forth from Strictly Come Dancing to X-Factor, and am mesmerized by Phil Tufnell’s cheerfulness.  In an effort to discover what he is on, I found three very tight conjunctions in his birth chart: Uranus/Pluto (anarchic punk energy), Chiron/Venus (romantic poignancy) and Mars/Sun (say no more).