Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch

Jerry Hall and Rupert Murdoch, who married on Friday and were blessed in a Church ceremony yesterday (at St. Brides, known as the “journalists’ Church”), would seem a bizarre pairing.  It might be intriguing to have a look at their synastry (astrological compatibility).  Is it a match made in heaven?

Jerry Hall

Birth Chart (No birthtime)

Statuesque blonde Jerry has  the Sun in Cancer and Moon in Aries.  She has 0 Earth Planets in her chart.  She has a very powerful Pluto, positioned exactly trine the Galactic Centre.  Jupiter conjuncts this Pluto, and Venus sextiles the conjunction, drawing her to powerful men, but she also has her own power.  Her Venus sextiles Jupiter, which brings up the Socialite Archetype.  In addition, she has Venus trine Neptune, associated with beauty and modelling (a Supermodel, no less).  She has Jupiter sextile closely her Neptune, so would be confident of her own spirituality and connection with the Universe.

Relationship History

She was associated with Roxy Music’s Bryan Ferry before she became involved with Mick Jagger.  Bryan Ferry had a karmic link with Jerry, having his natal Moon exactly conjunct her South Node in Gemini.  Bryan has a charismatic Jupiter/Chiron/Neptune conjunction in Libra.

Jerry was partnered with Mick Jagger for 22 years: the unofficial status of their wedding in Bali was used by Mick in the divorce wrangle – the ceremony does not make an impression on Jerry’s chart, but does have significance in Mick’s transits, though that is all water under the bridge now.  They had four children together, but his infidelity was the cited cause of the break up.

Mick Jagger is the Archetypal Performer with 5 of his 10 planets in Leo.  He has Jupiter conjunct closely Pluto, like Jerry: they were a power couple.  He was destined for success, with Uranus exactly trine his natal Midheaven (Careerpoint).   In their Synastry, with his Saturn on her Mercury, he may have undermined her mentally. Her Mars opposed his Venus (an attraction). Her Jupiter was conjunct his Chiron – she would have helped  him in his healing. Her Uranus was conjunct his Sun, a sparky and telepathic connection.

Rupert Murdoch

Birth Chart (has birthtime)

Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch has  the Sun in Pisces in 3rd House of Newspapers, with Mercury and I.C. also in that House.  His Sun is trine closely with Pluto, one marker of power.  He has a strong focus of Capricorn (Ambition and administrative ability) in his chart, with his Ascendant in that sign, Saturn in that sign in his 1st House, and the Sun closely sextile Saturn: a great deal of control in his make up.

His Moon is in Sagittarius unaspected, and in the 12th House, so there are some locked away emotions.

His North Node is conjunct Uranus in Aries in 4th House – suggesting that the empire of the mogul is part of his karmic mission.  He is quoted as saying he is a libertarian:  “What does libertarian mean? As much individual responsibility as possible, as little government as possible, as few rules as possible. But I’m not saying it should be taken to the absolute limit.”  This correlates with his Uranus/North Node karmic mission, but conflicts with his Saturnian need for control.

With his Part of Fortune in the 10th House of Career and Social Status, Murdoch is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world.  Tony Abbott, former prime minister of Australia is quoted as saying that Murdoch “arguably has had more impact on the wider world than any other living Australian.”

His Relationship History

With Jupiter, Pluto and Mars in his 7th House of Marriage, Rupert Murdoch has had 4 marriages, and 6 children.

His third wife, Wendi Deng, made her impression on the news when she threw a punch at an intruder at the phone hacking enquiry.  The intruder was attempting to throw a pie in Rupert’s face.  Mars was squaring Rupert’s Sun at the time (the danger of having a pie thrown in his face) and Wendi had Pluto squaring her Nodal Axis at the time, bringing about the drama.

Wendi has the entrepreneurial conjunct of Jupiter and Uranus exact in her chart.  She also has the Warrior Archetype (Sun closely sextile Mars).  She has a mixed set of interaspects with Rupert: on the plus side, her Sun trined exactly Rupert’s North Node, which is karmic, and they did have two children together.  However, her Pluto squared his Moon, which would have made emotional security difficult to attain within the relationship, for him.

The relationship between Wendi and Rupert unravelled partly due to his mistrust of her relationship with Tony Blair.  Certainly Wendi and Tony had an enthusiastic spark, with her Jupiter exactly trine Tony Blair’s Mars, but it is not known how much basis there was for Rupert’s anxiety.

Synastry of Jerry and Rupert

Is it Rupert’s Wealth, Status, Intelligence or Power that has drawn Jerry to him?  They are both water signs (Cancer and Pisces) which indicates an emotional connection.  Their Moons are trine in Fire Signs, furthering their emotional connection. Hall’s Sun sextiles Rupert’s Midheaven closely, so she can support him in the maintenance of his Empire.  His Venus sextiles exactly her North Node, giving them that karmic connection, old flames from a past life most likely. His Jupiter conjuncts exactly her natal Sun, so he will be good for her, too – it has been remarked that Jerry is very joyful in these early days of the relationship.  Their synastry is harmonious, and therefore transits would connect with them both harmoniously in life.

At the time they started dating on 25th October 2015 (it has all happened so fast) Venus was exactly conjunct Jupiter – an aspect I often cite as being conducive to romance.  Neptune was squaring her North Node exactly, bringing the allure of glamour as a Piscean fatefully entered her life.  Mars squared Rupert’s natal Pluto, so the connection would have hit him forcibly. With some significant squares in his transit, he could have been going through a difficult time.  But Chiron trine his Pluto was bringing in some psychological healing.

At the time of their wedding, Neptune is trine her Sun, a sense of peace for her.  Jupiter is sextile his natal Pluto – all power to his elbow: she will probably be good for him.  There is still some mental stress, with Saturn square his Mercury, but Saturn also trines his North Node giving him some karmic stability.  Neptune also trines his natal Jupiter, which is a religious or spiritual experience for him.

Is there a Higher Purpose to the Relationship? Will she have a good influence on him?  His reputation is not of the best.  As a Cancerian, she would have strong family values and bring the essence of the feminine to his life.  The feminine qualities may not have been easily absorbed in his life, with an unaspected Moon and unaspected Venus, and she may be able to provide this chemistry. Although Jerry is not known for altruism or humanitarianism, she may have both.  They will be good for each other, but it would be good to think their influence on the world may be more beneficial as a result of their new found happiness.  They both have Chiron in 5th House which now that their childrearing days are over, has the potential of creativity with a healing purpose.  The relationship may raise their game.


Happy Mother’s Day!

All the aspects occur in the morning this week (in the U.K.), and so they can define the day.  Some are in the early hours, and may influence your dream life.

Mars entered Sagittarius in the early hours of this morning, and its energy and aggression can become positive, constructive and off beat in this sign.  We may feel we have a cause, a purpose, and something to work towards.

We also have the Sun square Saturn today, which may be a heavier influence, and even the sound of defeatism, battling the go ahead influence of Mars entering Sagittarius.  You get to choose!  Those on the upside of the battle may be able to inspire the defeated.

Tomorrow (Monday 7th) the Sun sextiles Pluto, and we have much more steel to perform our tasks.  We have a deep conviction about what we do, which helps further our path this week.

The Sun opposes Jupiter on Tuesday (8th) which gives way to a lighter mood, almost frivolous.  Maybe we need a break from our serious purposes, but Jupiter in opposition to the Sun may go too much the other way, and make light of  something sacred.  Try to keep a balance.

On Wednesday (9th), in the early hours, there is a New Moon and Eclipse at 18 degrees Pisces.  You need to honour your emotions on that day, and give them voice.  Emotional clarity is the aim.  As it is an eclipse, there may be some fear in the collective unconscious.  Try to erase the fear, but also entertain the possibility that a surrender may be required.  The effects of eclipses can take up to six months to manifest.  The oceans of the world are a good meditational focus for the New Moon in Pisces, and supporting any compassionate or charitable movements and efforts.

Friday (11th) brings a conjunction between Mercury and Neptune at 9 degrees Pisces, ensuring that the element of water is still on our minds.  There is the potential for inspiration, but also the potential for self-deception.  Some of the same issues which were current on Wednesday may still be part of your working curriculum, so if you are making headway on Wednesday you could still be on a roll on Friday.  And if you are staying the pace, it is a good day for listening…the messages you hear with your inner ear will take you even further.

Venus enters Pisces on Saturday (12th), which can be an expression of the highest love and Oneness. It is a time conducive to practising unconditional love. It stays in this sign until 5th April.

The week in bullet points:

  • Today – Early oomph, but some working against the grain
  • Tomorrow – deep work
  • Tuesday – levity
  • Wednesday – turning point
  • Friday – mental sensitivity
  • Saturday – unconditional love