Brussels Bombing

The European wave of terrorism from ISIS, which started with the two episodes in Paris last year, has shifted to Brussels, the centre of the European Union.  This week Belgium was put under enormous stress with the attack in Brussels on Tuesday 22nd March, and there but for the grace of God go the rest of Europe (not forgetting terrorist attacks in other parts of the world).  The continuing anxiety about these attacks has led some proponents of Brexit to claim that the U.K. would be safer out of Europe (not my view).

31 lives were lost, and 340 people injured: a large scale disaster, and the worst in Belgium’s history. 40 different nationalities were involved.

Belgium Chart

We do not have a time for the chart of Belgium (4 October 1830) but the chart has a definite emphasis on the Venusian signs of Libra and Taurus (its Moonsign).  The Sun is in Libra, which seems a balanced sign for hosting a conglomerate such as the European Union.  In earlier centuries, Belgium was a significant centre for art and culture, which are Venus ruled.


The attacks took place first at the airport, and then in the Metro about an hour later, so there are two charts available.  Uranus is exactly square the Belgium Neptune at the moment, which indicates great confusion.  The chart of the first bombing, at Zaventem airport, shows Pluto (bombing) exactly at the Midheaven.  The attacks occurred close to Wednesday’s Jupiter-Saturn square (impasse) and lunar eclipse.

Second Paris Bombing

The spotlight first moved to Brussels at the time of the second Paris shootings last November.  It was established that the perpetrators had made their base in a quarter of Brussels called Molenbeek.

Salem Abdeslam

Efforts to find the mastermind behind the second Paris attacks, Salem Abdeslam, culminated in his arrest on 18th March.

Salem Abdeslam’s chart has a negative triple conjunction of Uranus/Saturn/Neptune in Capricorn.  He has the Warrior Archetype, in Mars conjunct the Sun.  His exact square of Mercury and Neptune may give him skewed mental ideals, and Jupiter opposing Neptune confusion about religion and spirituality.

The Brussels bombings, four days after his arrest, may have been a direct reprisal from ISIS.


Two suicide bombers were identified: the El Bakraoui brothers, both of whose birth dates we have.  Ibrahim, the elder brother, had a brooding mentality of Mercury conjunct closely Pluto in Scorpio, with Uranus the Rebel trine his North Node (karmic mission) and opposing his Chiron.  Ibrahim’s suicide note stated he was stressed out and afraid of ever-lasting eternity.  At the time of the bombing, Uranus was exactly trine his Uranus, emphasizing again that Uranus was important in his chart not only natally but by transit (we do not have his birth time).

Khalid, the younger brother, has a chart which is heavily dominated by Capricorn, with Venus exactly conjunct Uranus (unusual social ideas) in that sign, plus Saturn, Neptune and the Sun.  Like Salem Abdeslam, he has the triple conjunction of Uranus/Saturn/Neptune in Capricorn.  The exact Venus/Uranus conjunction exactly opposes Chiron (so he is at the wounding rather than the healing stage with his Chiron).  At the time he perpetrated the bombing Chiron was exactly sextile his natal Sun, emphasizing just that.

The third bomber may be Faycal Cheffou, an independent journalist, for whom we do not have a birth date.


David Dixon, the British victim, let his family know he had survived the airport bombing, only to die tragically in the Metro bombing.  We do not have his birth date.

A Belgian diplomat (retired) Andre Adam was killed in the bombings, shielding his wife.  He had Sun conjunct Neptune in Virgo in his natal chart, which indicates a character who could sacrifice himself.  At the time he died, Pluto (death) was exactly trine his Sun, and Uranus was exactly trine his natal Mars, Saturn was exactly conjunct his Jupiter, Jupiter exactly conjunct his Neptune, Saturn exactly square his Neptune, and Pluto exactly trine his Neptune.  That is a lot of major aspects!  I feel that for whatever reason his Soul had contracted to leave at this time.

It is likely that we have not heard the last of ISIS in Europe.  Like the Parisians, the population of Brussels are inclined to carry on their lives without being cowed by threats.  So meanwhile we go on asking the same questions: why do the perpetrators find violence necessary, what can we do to bring peace to the Middle East, and when will that happen?

The Observer leader this morning quotes Defence Secretary Michael Fallon: “The fact is, across Europe we do have these mechanisms now for sharing flight information, sharing intelligence about terrorists…swapping data.  We should not be leaving international organisations…On the contrary, we should be coming to the aid of our allies and friends rather than walking out on them.”


The aspects are concentrated in the middle of the week, with the emphasis on Wednesday.

Tuesday (29th) brings a conjunction between Venus and the South Node, promoting karmic work on relationships.  Are old patterns still intruding on present relationships, for instance?  An old friend could turn up in your life.

Wednesday (30th) may start well, with a trine between Mercury and Saturn.  Constructive for dental work for instance, but also good for mental planning and analysis.

Venus then conjuncts Chiron, and this could bring relationship healing if you have been working on it, but if you have been neglecting a relationship some painful issues could crop up.  One theme for this week then is to pay attention to the state of your relationships.

Then in the early afternoon, Mercury squares Pluto, which is difficult information to compute.  Plans which seemed to be going smoothly may suddenly be confronted with difficult negotiations.  Travel, too, may be affected, as well as Education and Health.  Talk of imminent strikes may cause headaches.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus on Thursday (31st), which can go either way.  It can bring brilliant new ideas into your consciousness, or it can disrupt your concentration and make you irritable.  Meditation at the start of the day would help your neurological harmony, and help you to access extraordinary ideas and make the best of this aspect.  Ditch the Starbucks coffee, and sit on your Yoga mat, and your day will run more smoothly, and could even stand out.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – nostalgic relationships
  • Wednesday – some constructive work, more relationship work, and difficult information
  • Thursday – brilliant ideas and/or disrupted concentration or travel