Government in Crisis

The last couple of months have not been good for Cameron, Osborne and Co.  How damaging to the Conservative government is the current wave of crises?

European Referendum Campaign

The European Referendum campaign split the Conservative Party in late February.  Up until the European Referendum campaign, the media were hard on the case of the Labour Party, and the various schisms over issues such as Trident.  When the European Referendum campaigns were under way, the schism in the Conservative Party was too obvious to ignore, and attention shifted.

From my blog 28th February 2016:

“Libran David Cameron in his negotiating role finalized his deal with the other EU members …  From the view of his birthchart, it was a positive event: Jupiter from Virgo in his natal 12th House of Unconscious was exactly sextile his natal Neptune in Scorpio in his natal 2nd House of Finance…  He had done his best, and he had done what he set out to do.  The deal looks safe but superficial, harmless enough, and face-saving all round.

The impact of the event on the U.K. natal chart is mixed: Saturn sits on the natal Sun/Mercury, so it is about laying down boundaries.  Mars trines the Moon, so there is much heat of emotion around the event…

The impact of the event on the Conservative Party seems more upbeat astrologically than the political picture looks: Jupiter sextiles its Sun, and Chiron trines its Sun.  The chart is set for noon, and if the foundation of the Party took place at noon, the Ascendant would have been rocked by a square from Uranus.

Saturn sextiles the Venus of the European Union chart at this time, so a testing time but constructive in relationships.”

Iain Duncan Smith, Michael Gove, Chris Grayling and Boris Johnson declared themselves for Brexit, for various individual reasons, and the Conservative Party was at war with itself.

Budget – 16th March 2016

Mid-March saw a controversial budget, and subsequent forced climbdown by the Chancellor, and calls for his resignation.

George Osborne

George Osborne has got away with several Austerity budgets, but this one proved a step too far, and was damaging to his hopes of being the next Prime Minister.  The Teflon coated duo of Cameron and Osborne were beginning to lose their coating.

Iain Duncan Smith

It was straightaway spotted that the budget was patently unfair, giving to the rich in tax cuts, and taking from the poor in more proposed welfare and disability cuts.  But it was not until two days later, when Iain Duncan Smith resigned for these very reasons (having ironically been the perpetrator of much misery and suffering for the poorest in our society) that George Osborne’s financial policies lost all credibility in many more eyes.

At the time of the budget, there were a couple of difficult transits to the United Kingdom chart: Pluto squaring its Saturn, and Neptune on its Uranus.  The Conservative Party was experiencing a Mars Return (a fight on its hands), and Uranus square its natal Ascendant (a schism within the ranks).  In the few days that followed, George Osborne faced calls to resign: Pluto was trine his natal Moon, but he did not resign (of course).

Iain Duncan Smith was having a Geoffrey Howe moment.  When Geoffrey Howe resigned and famously challenged Margaret Thatcher, his Pluto was trine exactly his Pluto, it was an act of self-empowerment.  For Iain Duncan Smith, Uranus was exactly transiting his natal Sun, bringing out his Inner Rebel, so he was freeing himself.  For him, it was all about Uranus, because Uranus was also squaring his Nodal Axis and squaring his own natal Uranus.  It was almost an act of self-alienation, with the exact squares from Uranus, and indeed he was distancing himself from his own past!  But it undoubtedly reflected badly on the Conservative government, and their policies.

Mossack Fonseca

Then this week, the Prime Minister prevaricated about telling the whole truth about his finances, following the revelations of the Panama offshore scheme (a worldwide scandal).

The Panamanian lawfirm Mossack Fonseca and Co. were revealed to have provided tax havens for the rich and famous over a long period of time, names were named, and at least one head has rolled (that of the Icelandic Prime Minister).

The revelation occurred last Sunday, 3rd April, and the impact on the U.K. chart does not at first glance seem too damaging.  Although Pluto is square its Saturn, Neptune is trine its Pluto and Jupiter squares its Sun/Mercury.

There must be many an MP in the House of Commons quaking over its implications, and David Cameron quickly came under question because of shares in an account held by his late father’s Company Blairmore.  Whether his hesitation in giving information this week was, as claimed, due to reverence for his late father’s good name, or stalling for time while he thought of a good story, it was acknowledged that he mishandled the situation, and he has now decided to publish his tax returns.  But there have been calls for him to resign this week.  Today the story is about a £200,000 gift from his mother. Again, the damage does not look overly concerning from the astrological picture: Saturn is sextile his natal Sun, and the North Node sextile his natal Neptune.  But Neptune is on the South Node of the Conservative Party chart, forcing more transparency.

Leafletting Campaign

The government was also under fire this week for announcing that a £9m leafletting campaign for U.K. households was about to  be unleashed on behalf of the government’s stand on staying in the E.U.  A petition against this has raised more than 100,000 signatures. Pluto is now supporting him in a trine to Cameron’s North Node.  It has been mooted that if the public vote for Brexit, David Cameron might have to resign, having also nearly lost the Scottish Independence battle during his time in office.

May 5th Election

The polls indicate that Jeremy Corbyn is currently more popular than David Cameron, but will the forthcoming election reflect that?  Come the beginning of May, Saturn will still be protecting Cameron with a sextile to his Sun, and Pluto will still be protecting him with a trine to his natal North Node.  Jupiter will be sextile the Conservative Party Uranus, which may benefit them too.  Jeremy’s transits are more mixed for that time, and the transits to the Labour Party chart are not too encouraging either, so the public backlash from all these events may not register enough to make a real difference.

June 23rd European Referendum

From my February blog:

“Mars will be trine David Cameron’s Chiron: his desire to heal the nation will be fired up!  Do his opponents’ transits reveal what the fates have in store?

Michael Gove will have Saturn trine his Saturn (stability) and Mars sextile his Uranus (excitement), so he will take the result well.

Iain Duncan Smith will have Mars squaring his Pluto, and may feel crushed to the point of being ready for a career change… [written before his resignation].

On the day of the referendum, the U.K. chart receives a trine from Saturn to its natal Chiron (Cameron fixing broken Britain?) and Jupiter squaring its natal Mercury (again, information overload).

Saturn trines the European Union chart Uranus on the day of the referendum, which implies to me that “plus ca change, plus la meme chose”!  Seriously, it implies that a proposed change may be averted.”

Are Cameron and Osborne finally getting their karmic comeuppance, or is this a storm they will ride through unscathed?  From the Astrological picture, they are not dented enough for this to be a turning point, not yet anyway, but I will be watching for that space and time.


There are just three aspects this week, but they’re all good!

We start the week with a sextile between Mercury and Neptune, on Tuesday (12th).  Neptune and Mercury in harmony in this way is a marriage of the mind and the spirit.  It is not always easy to marry the two, except in meditation, yoga, music, and such pursuits, but Tuesday offers an opportunity for this to happen, and for a realignment of your inner knowing.  That’s the morning picture.

The evening picture is a trine between Venus and Mars: Men who are from Mars will get on well with women from Venus, and women from Mars will get on well with men from Venus.  Your own inner female will also harmonize with your inner male, etc.  Those who have this aspect natally can ooze charm.  This is a good aspect for the evening’s socializing.  I will be attending the local Labour party monthly meeting, with my hubby, but I am not yet ready to publish my political diaries.

On Thursday (14th) Mercury trines Jupiter, which is excellent for sales, and the dissemination of information.  Those wishing to get their points across regarding the European referendum may have satisfying results, for instance.  If you are a teacher, or in the travel industry, that day will be particularly good for business.

The week in bullet points:

  • Tuesday – sublime and sensuous
  • Thursday – sparkling communication